Pathologic 2 Game, a Thrilling Adventure of Plague

Every few years, there would always be someone who claims that adventure games are dead. However, adventure games never really died. In fact, they just changed over time. Adventure games can sell millions of copies no matter how classic their storylines are.

What is so interesting about adventure games is that you are free to make multiple choices, allowing a different outcome each time you play. It means that the games can be replayed and offer you the thrill of seeing different scenes unfold.

You can decide how the games can turn out and certainly not limit you to a single choice. You can also inspect anything you may have missed or characters you may have not talked to but wanted to do so again or interact with properties that you did not before.

Adventure games have a lot of advantages, a staple in almost every gamer’s day to day activities.  Not only do they provide you with an outlet to channel your creativity, but it helps build problem-solving skills.

In this article, we will learn more about Pathologic 2 game, a thrilling adventure of plague, a game produced by Russian developer. You may also check video games developed by Russian people. Without further ado, let us just jump right into the topic.

Pathologic 2 Game

Pathologic 2 is a game about an open world survival thriller based in a town which is being consumed by a deadly plague. As a player, you have an obligation to face the realities of a chaotic society as you make difficult choices in what seems like a lose-lose situation.

To make it worse, the plague is not just a disease, so you cannot just save everyone. In this case, you have to get to know it by winning the affection of the locals and closing a deal with allies. Or else, you have to try to carve your own path alone.

You can explore the damned town along with its inhabitants and their traditions. You can fight both the plague along with its victims and try to make a difference before you run out of time.

Your main mission is to figure out who killed your father while fighting the deadly plague. It is really up to you to suspect his mantle of the town’s, Chief Medic. Also, find your alleged twin sister because there is a possibility that she is the one who had brought the deadly plague to the town. Notice that the local kids are hiding something, too. You only have twelve days to ace this game. Go play by rules.

Unbearable Yet Intriguing

Pathologic 2 game is meant to be unbearable, definitely not for everyone, according to Ice Pick Lodge, one who developed this obtuse purgatorial horror game. This game challenges you to survive in a town that is going to go down in history. You may also check video games set in Russia.

Disease, mob justice, paranoia, and paranormal occurrences unfold in real time as you roam around foggy districts and invade peoples’ houses for scraps. Occasionally, you will meet important characters such as a mob boss, faction leaders for bands or a childhood friend.

All in all, it is an exhausting experience. In the world of Pathologic, an egg is not just an egg. In fact, it could be an empty illusion of possible life. Your task is to scoff all these empty illusions of possible life to prevent your hunger bar from maxing out and ultimately killing you.

There are wells spread through the town that can help you quench your thirst every now and then, but exhaustion and disease are the important factors you have to manage all the time. The town has a detailed barter economy and regulations.

You can start to find reliable ways to stock food from kid gangs. But, always remember that the possibility of you dying is always there, at which point the fate will either give you permanent ailments like a health or simply hunger.

Atmospheric Game

Pathologic 2 game is quite an atmospheric game in spite of rigid character models, sparse and repetitive interiors, static faces, and an extremely clumsy first-person combat system.

It is like the game is always pushing back against your will to explore though there are macabre ideas that hide away in every corner of the town like terrifying tree roots that can suck your blood and give you herbs in return.

As a player whose character works a surgeon, you can extract organs from any dead body you meet along the way and then sell them to a particular buyer in exchange for food and medicine. This kind of opportunity opens up during a cycle that also serves as a doomsday clock pushing the town closer to damnation. You may also check towns that are almost forgotten in Russia.

The suffering of the townspeople is reflected in the never-ending torture of ever-hungry survival bars that push you to murder and theft.

The Bottom Line

Even though the way Pathologic 2 game keenly rejects the ideal concept that games should always be satisfying fun factories, there is really no point in seeing the worth in wrapping a good thriller in layers of irritant.

That is why the developer of this game is planning to add difficulty or level options that could make the game a bit less irritating especially for new gamers. Until then, you can put off that scary train ride home unless you are sure you are going to enjoy this kind of challenging vision for the game.

There are a lot of scenes and uncanny things to admire from this game. It is obvious that unlikely many will enjoy this kind of game because Pathologic 2 is frequently terrible since it is built with all these wonderful oddness on top of an adventure game. You may also check video games set in Soviet Union.

However, you still need to give a try to Pathologic 2 game, a thrilling adventure of plague. Who knows you will like the dull-colored, damp place set in the game?

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