Are You Good Enough With Fast Tactics And Strategies? Play Blitzkrieg!

Fast tactic and strategy games are the best ways to have fun and sharpen your ability to make decisions you love to flaunt. Whether or not you are planning the assault without loopholes or finding the most efficient supply chain or simply running to survive, it is important to be able to strategize.

Whether you are dealing with a game depicting political intrigue, war, or economic simulation, you will eventually come to realize that Rome was neither built nor conquered in a day, much like in the real world. Patience is the key and it is required in almost all matters of strategy games. You cannot just waltz onstage and obtain world domination over the span of a week.

Great plans take time and schemes need opportune circumstances before being brought to fruition. The fastest path to success is also the fastest path to failure; if you do not have patience in your nature, you will lose coming out.

So, why do people play such game if they cannot get that immediate success that they are all so accustomed to in real life? The answer is simple. That is not how the universe works. You ripe what you sow and results are born from commitment and hard work.

Therefore, when your scheme bears fruits, not only do you feel a sense of completion, but it can also be a reminder that patience and effort can go a long way.

In this article, we will learn one of most popular strategy games called Blitzkrieg. Blitzkrieg comes in two different forms; board game and video game. Are you good enough with fast tactics and strategies? Play Blitzkrieg!

History of Blitzkrieg

According to the history, Blitzkrieg is a German term for lightning war. It is a military tactic meant to invoke disorganization among enemy forces through the use of locally concentrated firepower and mobile forces. It results to short military campaigns which limits the expenditure of artillery and preserves human lives.

The tactic was first applied to Poland and a year later, it was used against the Soviet Union. Blitzkrieg supposedly took the Wehrmacht to the gates of Moscow in the span of six months. Some historians insist that it was only Adolf Hitler’s incompetent interference that tipped the war’s balance against Germany.

Blitzkrieg Board Game

Blitzkrieg is a popular board game with printed cardboard pieces, usually played on a hard map board. The map board is made with hard paper stock that is the same as one would find with a play board in Monopoly.

What is printed on the Blitzkrieg map board is a map that shapes like a hexagonal grid and terrain for land, cities, beaches, rivers, mountains, roads, desert, and borders. There are also some charts for the combat results table and a die for random outcomes.

The cardboard pieces in the Blitzkrieg represent huge military units. There are brigades, squadrons, divisions, and air wings. The military units have different types that represent infantry, rangers, airborne, armor, fighters, shock artillery, and bombers.

The good thing about Blitzkrieg board game is that it uses a system that is like most other hex games. So, once you learn about a game, the learning curve of game similar to it is not as steep.

Blitzkrieg board game consists of three levels of game; the basic game (easiest), the advanced game (all the complicated rules), and the tournament (fast play with advanced rules). The basic game only happens on the land which means there are no naval invasions and is the best starter tool for noobs.

The basic game has an oversimplified combat results table while the advanced game has special unit abilities, air war and strategic bombing, supply restrictions, naval invasions, special desert supply restrictions, commando raids, et cetera.

Blitzkrieg Video Game

Blitzkrieg video game will take you back to the field of bloody battle of World War II, giving you control over the armies of the Soviets, the Allies, and the Nazis. Introduced with the game, the producer also adds an adaptive AI game character named Boris which gives the game all the more unique experience, unlike what you will find in your average tactic and strategy game.

Although seemingly not for everyone, Blitzkrieg video game gives hardcore tactic and strategy fans something to really dig their teeth into with an abundant set of tools to take on any enemy they may come across. The game also gives you a lot of options to take on your targets in any way you wish.

I have rounded up a plenty of reasons as to why you should play Blitzkrieg video game in order to quench your thirst for tactic and strategy games. You may also check video games based on Russia and video games based on Soviet Union.

  • Flexible campaign structure that gives you freedom to choose the standard difficulty and level settings
  • Historically accurate storyline where you can lead the Allies, the Nazis or the Soviets through actual World War II battles in real time
  • Mission and Resource editors let you make new chapters, campaigns, and missions as well as totally modify the game units and environments
  • Realistically rendered 3D terrain including various objects and buildings
  • Command a lot of types of military vehicles and equipments and also different infantry units that interact realistically based on their actual physical characteristics and properties
  • You can build bridges, lay mines, , dig trenches and pits, resupply and repair units, and call in air support when needed
  • Battles feature various seasons, weather conditions, and climate zones that affect the game play

As a training game as well as tactic and strategy games, Blitzkrieg is not such a bad thing because it can even give a noob some confidence to strategize. So, what are you waiting for? Are you good enough with fast tactics and strategies? Play Blitzkrieg! Hopefully, you will have so much fun in the process.

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