How Russian Students Celebrate Tatiana Day

How Russian Students Celebrate Tatiana Day – If you are a student or you have the name Tatiana, January 25 becomes your day in Russia. On that date, Russia celebrated Tatiana Day, also called student days. Tatiana Day becomes most interesting winter festival in Russia. You can watch various events during Tatiana Day. The name Tatiana in Orthodox Christianity means a holy person. Tatian is the name of a saint who protects you. Tatiana Day was a memorial day in which Saint Tatiana from Rome was tortured, and died with her head cut off. The death of Saint Tatiana was due to his strong belief in religion. Santo Tatiana lived and died in the third century.

In addition to commemorating the death of Santo Tatiana, Tatiana Day was also held to commemorate the signing of a decree by Queen Elizabeth regarding the establishment of the first university in Russia, namely Moscow State University on 25 January 1755 ago. Both of these caused Santo Tatiana to be a protector of all students in Russia and Tatiana Day was also known as the student day.

Tatiana Day, most interesting winter festival in Russia, is also a form of the significance of religion and education in Russia. January 25 also coincides with the end of the exam and the beginning of the winter holiday. Therefore, January 25 is the right date for all students to make a celebration.

Past Tatiana Day Celebration

When it was first established, Tatiana Day was only celebrated by students from rich families and nobles. They will eat in the most luxurious restaurant together. Then in 1884, Tatiana Day was celebrated with various festivities such as an alcoholic feast. When Tatiana Day also all the students performed their own rituals such as waving school books, shouting the word “Khalyava, priiti!” (Give me freedom!) To passersby then the person will answer “Uzhe v puti!” (Your freedom is on the way!).

Tatiana Day was only designated as a national holiday in Russia in 2005. On that day all students can attend various events, visit tourist attractions in the winter, and enjoy various discounts that apply at Tatiana Day.

Present Tatiana Day Celebration

Actually the celebration of Tatiana Day at this time is similar to the celebration of Tatiana Day in ancient times. However, today Tatiana Day can be celebrated by students from various walks of life. If you are still confused in celebrating Tatiana Day, here’s the how Russian students celebrate Tatiana Day:

1. VDNKH Park

VDNKH Park is the first recommendation place for those who want to celebrate Tatiana Day. When Tatiana Day arrives, all students will play skating, tubing, and visit the exhibition in the VDNKH park. The exhibition usually provides various discounts, especially for you, a student and owner of the name Tatiana. Regular skating is done from 5 to 10 nights. If you want to play skate, you will be charged a fee. But for you the owner of the name Tatiana, you can play skate for free.

The “Robostation” exhibition will also be held to celebrate Tatiana Day. The exhibition will be in Pavilion 2. For you a student, you will get a discount of 10% just by showing a student card.

2. News Agency on Sergei Kiselyov/Moskva

The second place that is recommended for you to celebrate Tatiana Day is the News Agency on Sergei Kiselyov/Moskva. There is an exciting activity that will be held there. The activity was in the form of hunting people who would call “I Love You, Moscow”. You can hunt the sentence through 30 routes spread in Moscow, one Russian student-friendly cities. During the hunt students will study the history of Tatiana Day and the world of education in Russia. This activity is more interesting because a very exciting gift is to surround the city of Moscow, Russian student-friendly cities, by helicopter. The winner chosen is in the form of a team.

3. Gorky Park

Almost all parks in Russia will celebrate Tatiana Day, including in Gorky Park. In this park all students and owners of the name Tatiana can play skates with a discount of 50%. In addition there are also various restaurants in all parks that will give a discount of as much as 10% to students in Russia and the owner of the name Tatiana. Some of the restaurants in Gorky Park include Greka Gyros, Lucky Souvlaki, What’s Up Dog, Glowsubs, Black Star and Café Coffee and Waffles.

In addition to these places, you can celebrate Tatiana Day by baking bread with the shape of the sun. Then the bread will be eaten by all family members so that everyone will feel the warmth. In the morning, farmer girls will go to the river to clean the dust that sticks to the carpet of their homes and hang it on the fence of the house. After all activities have been carried out, the award event was the closing of Tatiana Day. Awards will be given to several students at Tatiana Night. The award ceremony was also accompanied by a very beautiful fireworks display.

The following are important things you should know if you want to celebrate Tatiana Day in Russia. Know some of the vocabulary that is often used at the Tatiana program, so you won’t be confused when you want to talk to other people:

  • Ученик (uchenik) – “Student” [masc.]
  • Январь (yanvar ‘) -” January “
  • Общежитие (apshchezhytiye) – “Dormitory”
  • Университет (universitet) – “University”
  • Студент (student) – “Student University”
  • Студентка (studentka) – “University students” [female]
  • День российского студенчества (Den ‘rassiyskava studenchestva) – “Russian Student Day”
  • Вечеринка (vecherinka) – “Party”
  • Выходной (vykhadnoy) – “Holiday”
  • 25 января (25 Yanvarya) – “January 25”
  • Татьянин день (Tat’yanin den ’) -” Tatiana Day “
  • Однокурсник (adnakursnik) – “Classmate” [masc.]
  • Oднокурсница (adnakursnitsa) – “Classmate” [fem.]

So much information about things that are usually done during the Tatiana Day celebration in Russia. If you join in celebrating Tatiana Day, you can simultaneously learn Russian culture. When you celebrate Tatiana Day in Moscow, you will see the beauty of Moscow and realize that Moscow is a Russian student-friendly cities.

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