How Is The Role Of Russia For The Advancement On The Latest Technology?

Every country in this whole world has its role in doing a certain development in a certain field. For example, if we want to talk about the country that set a good example in the high education system, we can learn the most from Finland. The government of Finland considers education as the right of its people that must be fulfilled. That is why this country provides free higher education for the Finnish. If you are thinking about going to Finland to continue your study, you do not have to be a worry. Even though you are still going to pay for it, it will cost you much less than studying in other countries.

There is a different role model when we are talking about the transportation system. The city of London with its London Underground is one of the most famous transportation systems in the world. The “tube” carries countless people daily. The London Underground features 270 stations and one of the busiest in the Waterloo Station. 50,000 people are using this station every day. You can only imagine how many people there are that riding the tube from all those stations!

Besides London, Berlin is also another great example of how to manage the public transportation system. This particular system of Berlin is famous for its reliability and coverage. It is guaranteed how extremely easy it is to go around Berlin without riding on private transportation. The Berlins have the U-Bahn, the underground transportation system, and the S-Bahn, the transportation system mostly covered the city center and environs area. So, the next time you are visiting Berlin, trying its public transportation is a must!

Besides the field of education and public transportation, there is also another field that has important parts in everybody’s life. This is one is technology. As time goes by, we can see that our lives depend on technology. Even the examples of great public transportation system mentioned above will not sustain if they are not complemented with advanced technology.

Among many countries who contribute to technology advancement, Russia is one of them. So, how is the role of Russia for the advancement of the latest technology? Let’s find out about that.

Russia’s Role In The Latest Technology Advancement

  • Russia And The Internet

Technology is very close to the Russians history. For example, Russia is among the very first countries that introduced radio and television. Besides that, Russia also has significant development of its internet. It is even safe to say that at the national level, Russia already reaches the level of digital culture. This is all thanks to the increase of web design studios, software, and web-hosting enterprises with the capability to provide various kinds of services.

The digital culture results in many great effects. One of them is the established of e-commerce giants, Google and Microsoft, branches in Russia. The existence of its Russian branches for sure is one of the many ways where people can see the role of Russia for the advancement of the latest technology. Russia has been a part of making internet-related products and services that are beneficial not only for the people of Russia but also the people all over the world.

  • Russian’s Success In Space Technology

The role of Russia for the advancement of the latest technology is also proved by Russia’s success in the field of space technology. The one that named the founding fathers of modern rocketry and astronautics (along with two other scientists come from French and German) is a Russian namely Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. His work has a major contribution to the success of the Soviet space program.

Nobody forgets the fact that Russia has a major role in space technology. Their satellite, the Sputnik 1, is the first earth-orbiting artificial satellite which was launched in 1957. Another path of space-related history is also set by Russian when Yuri Gagarin is named as the first human who successfully trips into space in 1961.

Russia also has more firsts. Alexei Leonov, a Russians cosmonaut, did the first spacewalk. The record of first space exploration is also held by Russia’s rover, Lunokhod-1. Russia also the one with the first space station, namely Salyut 1. Russians involvement and significant role have led the way of both space exploration and technology in other countries.

The latest technology advancement by the Russians in space technology is the Spektr-R. This is the Russian scientific satellite that initially targeted to hold the mission for 5 years but successfully hold it until 8 years, 1 month and 23 days. This project started in 2011 and ended in 2019.

The main goal of the mission, which was accomplished, is to study astronomical subjects with an angular resolution. This satellite, which had radio telescope on it, has the resolution that is up to a few millionths of a minute arc. Besides the main goal, the mission is also aiming to understand better about some underlying issues of astrophysics and cosmology.

  • Russia’s Lead In Nuclear Technology

Now we have learned that some of the fields which Russia has a major role in are the internet and the space technology. Besides those two, the role or Russia for the advancement of the latest technology can also be seen in the field of nuclear technology. Its latest technology development is in the form of Russia’s nuclear power station barge which launched in 2011.

The floating nuclear power stations are vessels designed by Rosatom, Russia’s nuclear energy corporation. It is targeted to produce the stations in mass so then it can be used to help the issue of power deficiency in cities and towns that go through industrialization.

A similar project has been held before by the United States. They built MH-1A, the first floating nuclear power station, in the 1960s. The difference is the Rosantum project is the first one that is targeted to be mass-produced.

Now we have learned the role of Russia for the advancement of the latest technology. Aren’t their contributions so inspiring? 🙂

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