Baba Yaga – The Russian Folktale Witch

Baba Yaga is a Russian folktale character closely associated with the boogeyman, or the forest witch in Western myths. Baba Yaga sometimes appears as one person, and other times triplets bearing similar names, appearance, and personality, with different roles ranging from a fairy tale donor (a character who gives tasks to the hero) to an […]

4 Benefits of Learning Russian From an Early Age

Have you ever thought about when you have an ability to speaking your mother language? It is impossible to remember, right? Or you do remember it? Learning new language is just the same as learning any kind of study field. There will be times when you do want to end it. On the other way, […]

5 Reasons why you must learn Russian Now

Can you imagine when all people can communicate each other easily and freely? Does it already happen? Yeah, but, there are still some barriers that prevent them to do that. One of them is the language. Yup! People have their own language. But, thanks to technology, we now can communicate to others in such different […]

4 Tips To Learn Russian Language Effectively

Hi! How’s the Russian? Still got it right? But, where’s Will? You took care of it, right? If it is not, then there will be a problem. Yup! The big one! Some researches result that learning new habits needs 21 days at least to make it a new habit. It makes, without a really good […]

Get closer to Russian Language with music

Having the most favorite tune is always the best way to learn Russian. The idea of “Music is universal language” can never lie. Moreover, it can be used to improve the ability in learning Russian. One stuck will be always stuck. Just like the song in your head. Even for Russian language. Music is the […]