Can We Go Around Moscow by Renting a Car?

Travelling has become more and more convenient these days. Tourists get to choose all kinds of transportations to get to places. The options are even wider in big cities like Moscow, Russia. Travelers can choose to use public transport such as metro (subway), taxi, tram, or bus. Some people, though, feel like going around Moscow with a rented car can give them more freedom and flexibility. Is it possible though?

Renting a Car to Tour Moscow

Moscow is a city fanned by the memory of great historical events, bright and talented people and large-scale cultural achievements. For guests and residents of the capital, seeking to learn the secrets of history and get acquainted with the geography of the city, many bus excursion routes are offered. But not everyone likes trips in a big company of strangers. Some people prefer to make comfortable walks around Moscow by car.

Excursions by car allow you to get acquainted with the main attractions of the capital in a short period of time. Therefore, for those who have never been to the capital, it is better to start with its main significant corners, historical places and famous architectural monuments on a sightseeing tour. You can independently make an excursion route, and then rent a car for quick and comfortable transportation to different parts of Moscow. You can also consider renting a car with a driver to further increase your level of comfort. Car rentals in Moscow offer a lot of selections based on routes, destinations, travelling time, and so on. So your comfort is definitely put forward in their books.

Trip around Moscow by Car

Any tour of Moscow, not excluding the car, as a rule, begins with a visit to significant places such as the Red Square. The majestic St. Basil’s Cathedral will linger in the memory of every tourist for a long time, as well as the mausoleum of V.I. Lenin and the History Museum. Visiting the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Novodevichy Convent, also the building of Moscow State University is interesting to every traveler.

A car ride allows you to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the embankments, and admire the sparkling overflows of the waters of the Moscow River. Driving along the New Arbat, you can see the White House; Moscow City International Business Center, whose skyscrapers pierce the sky. Not less mysterious, as well as scary-mystical, are the Stalinist high-rise buildings.

The observation deck on the Sparrow Hills allows you to enjoy stunning panoramic views of the capital, including avenues, streets, parks, and boulevards. From its height, the legendary and praised by many poets Old Arbat is clearly visible. The memorial complex on Poklonnaya Hill and the Arc de Triomphe are included in all excursion routes in Moscow. Traveling by car along Kutuzovsky Prospekt, Novy Arbat, Pushkinskaya Square, Tverskaya Street and Manezhnaya Square, tourists get such impressions that last them a long time.

The main sightseeing tour of the capital can be supplemented by car trips along the main thoroughfares of the capital in order to familiarize yourself with historical sites in more details.

Routes You Can Try

Here are several routes around Moscow that you can conveniently travel on a rented car:

1. Kutuzov Avenue

This route is suitable for those residents of the capital who decide to show their favorite city to friends or relatives directly from the windows of their own cars. But, of course, independent travelers can always go through this route on their own. This tour will not take much time, but will become informative and interesting for tourists, especially children. Kutuzovsky Prospekt leads in the number of attractions among other major highways of the city. This government route, directly connecting the Kremlin with Rublevka, is a modern avenue that successfully combines historical monuments from different eras with today’s glass and concrete skyscrapers.

The route can be started from the Novoarbatsky Bridge, from where you can see the Government House of the Russian Federation, otherwise called the White House, which was shot by tanks in the not-so-distant 1993. Across it you can see the famous Stalinist skyscraper; the hotel “Ukraine”. Staying near it, under the canopy of numerous trees you can admire the beautiful view that opens onto the embankments, as well as a better view of the White House and the famous Borodino Bridge. On the opposite bank is another Stalinist skyscraper, in which the Russian Foreign Ministry is located.

2. Car excursions in Moscow at night

At night, the capital becomes especially alluring and mysterious. The widest avenues are illuminated by billions of bright lights, and small streets and alleys, often plunged into twilight. Some tourists, especially in the summertime, prefer car excursions in the night city, trying to capture a completely new angle and unusual lighting in the well-known corners of the capital.

3. Sacred places for lovers

This route offers an unusual excursion for lovers, which combines not only a romantic trip to the legendary places of Moscow, but also the opportunity to make a wish or conduct a ceremony for love and loyalty. Even skeptics will want to hear gentle words or a declaration of love in a sacred place where happiness overflows the soul, where you want to sing and love for life, where it is impossible to answer no.

You will see the places where the events of love stories of famous people took place: hear about the only love of Sophia (sister of Peter I), the love triangle of Vladimir Mayakovsky and the couple Brik, the morganatic marriage of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna and Alexei Razumovsky, passionate love of young Peter I and more. It is imperative to come on an excursion in a good mood and comfortable shoes, have ribbons, coins, and felt-tip pen with you.

Going around Moscow on a rented car definitely gives you more flexibility. No rushing, no tight schedule, and you can arrange your own itinerary. This is something every tourist should try.

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