What Makes Adler Very Interesting To Visit In Winter?

There are many places to visit in Russia. Moscow, its capital city, is where the tourists usually go. There, you can find some tourist attractions such as The Kremlin and the Red Square. For you who enjoy watching some art performances, you can also spend some time at the Ballet At The Bolshoi. In the evening, to spend the rest of the day peacefully while seeing the beautiful sight of Moscow, you can walk around Gorky Park.

Moscow is not the only holiday destination worth to visit in Russia. Some other cities can offer you many great experiences. One of them is Adler. Adler is one of the four city districts in Sochi, Russia. This city indeed has a fascinating view thanks to its being located along the Black Sea coast.

This city, with 76.534 people populated in it, was founded in 1837. At first, this area was not inhabited by Russians. Initially,  it was the Sadz Abkhazian village. Later, the Genoese merchants came and that was when a factory (which is now known as Layso) was constructed. During that time, the upland area of Adler was under the authority of the Sadz princess off Aredba. The name “Adler” was given by the Ottoman Turks who called now-Adler Artiar or Arti.

As one of the cities laying along the Black Sea coast, there must be plenty of interesting things to see and do in Adler. Especially when you travel there during the winter. So, what makes Adler very interesting to visit in winter? Let’s find out

Winter Holiday In Adler

It is true that just like other cities or countries, winter in Adler can be very cold and wet. It is also partly cloudy. But, that does not mean you cannot enjoy your time there. So, here is the reasons for what makes Adler very interesting to visit in winter.

  • Adler Market

What can you do to keep your body warm during winter? You can walk around the city and observe its characteristics. One of the places that are perfect to get this kind of experience is the Adler Market. Here, you will find a lot of local food, spices, and herbs. There are also vegetables and fruits. If you are looking for some snacks, you can also buy some nuts, bread, and cookies at the Adler Market. The prices are relatively cheap, even cheaper than the grocery stores. The merchants will indeed treat you nicely so that you can have a lovely time there.

  • Iceberg Skating Palace

What pops in your mind when you hear the word “winter”? Yes, ice skating. It must be very fun to watch people skating on ice, especially when professionals are the ones performing it. If you want to watch this, you should come to the Iceberg Skating Palace. Here, you can find many shows where you will be mesmerized by the performances of the Olympics athletes. Accompanied by the great light show, it is undoubtfully worth the money.

Besides the ice skating show, you will also find other events, such as concerts and musical shows. This tourist attraction is maintained very well so, during the shows, you will hear a high quality of sound. With the cleanliness of the area which is always maintained very well, comfortable seats, and a wide space of parking area, many tourists state that they will come back to this holiday destination again!

  • Sochi National Park Of The Adler Region

When you are on vacation, you must want to bring home some souvenirs as a reminder of the great memories you had. Souvenir shops are among many spots you can find in the Sochi National Park Of The Adler Region. As the Russians’ version of the Disney Land, this is the place you can spend with the whole family. The first thing you have to remember if you plan to come there is the time. it is best to visit in September. Yes, it is during the wintertime but it is nice and the park would not be too crowded. This means you do not have to spend much time standing in line, waiting for your turn to get into the rides.

The Sochi National Park Of The Adler Region provides you with options of two kinds of tickets, half-day or full-day. You can adjust your schedule with the type of ticket you buy. After buying the ticket, you can ride on as many attractions as you want. Since this is a family activity, you do not need to be worried because this park serves you with rides for wide variations of ages. If you are tired of getting on the ride and want to stroll around for a while, you can walk around the park while enjoying the beautiful light decoration and having some cotton candy.

Now, we know what makes Adler very interesting to visit in winter. Next winter, let’s go there!

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