6 Things That Should Be Considered Before You Drink Kahlua White

Kahlua is a coffee-flavored liqueur that has been around since 1938. Made from rum and Arabica coffee, Kahlua is originally from Mexico and claimed to be the world’s most favored and popular coffee liqueur. Almost every bar and pub from around the world has a good stock of Kahlua in its store room because of its amazing flexibility to be mixed with other ingredients and make delicious cocktails. A few years after its invention, Kahlua started to appear with flavors like vanilla, chili chocolate, salted caramel, mint mocha, matcha, cinnamon spice, and pumpkin spice. The company also released the ‘ready-to-drink’ label that consists of White Russian, Vanilla White Russian, Mudslide, and Kahlua with Milk. All packed in bottles for the consumers’ convenience.

However, some people still choose to mix their own Kahlua cocktails instead of having the bottled ones. One of the most popular Kahlua mix is White Russian or Kahlua White which is made from Kahlua, Vodka and heavy cream. It is said to be one of the best cocktails in the world. But is it safe for everyone? Here are 6 things you should consider before drinking Kahlua White.

1. Double Dosage of Alcohol

A bottle of Kahlua alone has 20% volume of alcohol, when mixed into the Kahlua White, the volume increases to 24% which can be quite potent for some people. It is advised to take the cocktail easy even though the cream and melted ice may tone down the strength of the spirit. If you don’t know how much your body can take alcohol dosage, try and do the tolerance test.

How to perform an alcohol tolerance test? First of all, you should have it in a safe environment, most likely at home and better with a sober companion. Have a glass of the drink of your choice – a Kahlua White, in this case – and see how your body would react to it. If you start reaching the influenced stage where you feel emotional instability, loss of judgement, and impaired balance, then you know that White Kahlua just might be too strong for you.

2. Lactose Intolerance

Since dairy is a mandatory ingredient in a glass of Kahlua White, you should be careful with it if you are lactose intolerant. The most common symptoms of this type of intolerance are: stomach pain and bloating, diarrhea, gas in the tummy, constipation, and headaches. If you still want to have the cocktail, there is a vegan option which includes soy or almond milk instead of the animal’s which is a safer option.

3. Preparation Hygiene

Kahlua White has a bad reputation for causing stomach pain, not only for those with lactose intolerance. What causes this? The cream or milk that is not properly refrigerated or cleanly handled while being mixed can develop bacteria which is obviously bad for the digestive system. You can argue by saying that it is hard to make sure the two points above are covered while you’re at the bar or restaurant. Then you can choose places with good hygiene reputation, or just simply don’t order a Kahlua White while you’re dining out and stick with the option of making the cocktail on your own at home – if you are so inclined.

4. Get to Know Your Bartender

If the point above – about mixing your own Kahlua White – sounds like too much to handle and you choose to just trust a bartender to mix one for you, then you should sit at the bar. Find one with good reviews especially about the bartenders. An experienced and professional drink mixer is always well-trained and having a good knowledge of science about both drinks and chemistry. Trustworthy bartenders understand how different tastes work together, and – most importantly – they won’t make a toxic combination. They will also make sure their customers are well taken care of by not letting them go over the roof while drinking. Sit at the bar and talk with them, they would gladly let you know about their crafts.

5. Kahlua Can Go Bad

Before you mix your own Kahlua White at home, make sure to sniff on the Kahlua first because it can actually go bad. To detect if it has gone bad, you can tell by the loss of coffee aroma from the liqueur. Kahlua can catch bacteria too, if not stored properly. Sour or off odor from the bottle is a good pointer to tell that your Kahlua is supposed to be poured into the drain instead of a glass.

Know how to store your bottles of Kahlua properly by keeping them in a cool, dark place and away from heat or direct sunlight. Putting them in the refrigerator is also a good idea even though it’s not going to affect the shelf life. Another thing you should remember is to make sure the bottles are tightly sealed since the ingredients are prone to getting spoiled by bacteria. This measure will also prevent the alcohol content from getting evaporated or oxidized. Do not put Kahlua in the freezer because it will affect the taste especially when used for a cocktail mix.

6. Caffeine and Alcohol May Not Be a Good Idea

You might have read things about what these two can do to your body. Yes, of course everything can be quite dangerous when consumed over the limit. But, you should strongly consider drinking a glass of Kahlua White if you are aware that your body is proven not to be able to handle caffeine because it is also there in the mixture of Kahlua as it is made from Arabica coffee beans extract. A glass of Kahlua White might get you to be too excited and harm you heart.

If you were feeling like having a glass of Kahlua White cocktail but now have decided to refrain from it because of the 6 things you should consider above, we hope this article has brought a little help to your table.

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