Russian Vocabularies of Direction for Где and Куда

In Russian language, there are two questions to ask the place: где and куда. Do you already know the difference between the questions? If you already know the uses and the difference between these questions, let’s continue learning and memorizing vocabularies of direction for где and куда. The vocabulary is divided into place, direction, and […]

The Difference of Любить and Нравиться

When learning a new language, many people can easily remember the vocabulary associated with feelings, such as love and like. There are two verbs in the Russian language that have a similar meaning concerning these feelings. Those verbs are любить and нравиться. Then, what’s the difference between любить and нравиться? Can these words be used […]

Gender of Nouns In Russian Language

How is your progress in learning Russian language? If you learn Russian yourself, you can check out the 7 best way to learn Russian for free or 14 best way to learn it online. Talking about the gender of a noun, many languages in the world have a gender for a noun. One of them is Russian. It’s […]

30 Slang Words in Russian language

Every language has slang words. We can use these words when we are talking with someone at informal situation. Actually, you don’t need to know slang words to speak very well in the new language. But, if you want to speak naturally like a native speaker, learn slang words can be a good idea. So, […]

50 most popular Russian names for girls

When we first meet someone, this is the first question that we often hear. “Как вас зовут?” (Kak vas zovut?) “What is your name?” Name is very important and becomes self-identity. If we didn’t have names, it will be difficult to call each other, right? As we know, different countries have different kinds of names. […]

Country Names in Russian Language – Including Nationalities and Language

Country is a region which defined as the land of birth of a person, language, and nationalities.  Country is also an independent territory and has a set of rules or systems that valid to each individual in which those individual lives as well as to form a sovereign state. Each country becomes a place for […]

Colors in Russian Language – Forms and Explanations

Color is perception of human vision. This perception of color derives from stimulation of human eye and finally described through color categories as we know until now. Colors in Russian language known as Цвета, in Russian, colors has it’s own utterance but has forms as adjective. Before we further to adjective forms of colors in Russian, […]

150 Basic Russian Words for Beginners

Language is identity for every nation. Every language has it’s own unique and power through it’s meaning and understanding. Russian has many words and uniquely it also has 6 cases known as Пaдеж (Padjezh), it is grammatical system that form a sentence as well telling you about what a word doing in a sentence.  At this […]