What Makes Russian Name Specific and Familiar?

People give certain names to their children for various reasons such as to honor someone like a favored relative or famous person; maybe like your uncle Michael or late president John F. Kennedy because the name itself translates to something special, to provide a sense of uniqueness in the world or to be frivolous as […]

The Structure of Russian Names

If you have heard the Russian name for several times, whether from your Russian friends, the movies or books you have watched or read, you will be familiar with it. Maybe you already know that the full name of Russian is divided into three parts, these are the given name (имя), patronymic (фамилия), and surname […]

50 most popular Russian names for boys

In the previous posts, we learn new vocabularies related to the Country names in Russian language – including nationalities and language, and also most popular Russian names for girls . Now, let’s talk about the popular Russia names for boys. You can see the list of 50 popular Russian names for boys below: 50 popular Russian names for […]

50 most popular Russian names for girls

When we first meet someone, this is the first question that we often hear. “Как вас зовут?” (Kak vas zovut?) “What is your name?” Name is very important and becomes self-identity. If we didn’t have names, it will be difficult to call each other, right? As we know, different countries have different kinds of names. […]