30 Slang Words in Russian language

Every language has slang words. We can use these words when we are talking with someone at informal situation. Actually, you don’t need to know slang words to speak very well in the new language. But, if you want to speak naturally like a native speaker, learn slang words can be a good idea. So, if you are curious about slang words, you can check out these 30 slang words in Russian language that often used in daily conversation.

30 Slang Words in Russian language

1. Чувак (chuvak) – Dude

2. Круто (kruto) – Cool

3. Стремно (strem-no) – Strange

4. Почемучка (pochemuchka) – a curious person who asks many questions

5. Переподвыподверт (зerepodvypodvert) – something complex

6. Дача (Dacha) – summer cottage

7. Глазомер (Glazomer) – a person who can estimate weight and distances without tools

8. Пороша (porosha) – powdery snow at night

9. Заводила (zavodila)  – a person who can motivate people around them

10. Попутчик (poputnik) – a stranger who traveling the same direction with you

11. Бабки (babki) – money

12. Алкаш (alkash) – alcoholic

13. Баян (bayan) – very old joke

14. Обалденный (obaldennyi) – superb

15. Окéй (okey) – OK

16. Прикольно (prikol’no) – very nice

17. Кайфово (kayfovo) – very good

18. Покедова! (pokedova) – bye!

19. На постой (na postoy) – regular activity

20. Зелёный (zelonyy) – very young

21. Атасный (atasnyy)  – brilliant

22. Споки ноки (spoki noki) – good night.

23. Чуток/Чутка (chutok/chutka) – a little bit

24. Рандомно (randomno) –  random

25. Ага (aga) – yeah/ yup

26. Дофига (dofiga) – many

27. Пардон/Сорри (Pardon/Sorri) – sorry

28. Пасиб(pasib)/Спасибочки! (pasibochki!) – thanks

29. Нафига? (nafiga) – why?

30. Как делишки? (kak delishki) – How’s it going

The example of Russian slang words in the sentence

To start communication in Russian language, there is a common greeting that you can use and remember easily. If you already close to the person you talking to, you can use slang words.

  • Здорово Наша! Как делишки?
    (Zdorovo Nasha! Kak delishki?)
    Hi Nasha, how are you?
  • Это очень круто!
    (Eto ochen’ kruto!)
    That is very cool!
  • Ага! Я знаю его.
    (Aga! ya znayu yego)
    Yup! I know him.
  • У тебя есть с собой бабки?
    (U tebya yest’ s soboy babki?)
    Do you have any money with you?
  • Я только знаю чуток.
    (Ya tol’ko znayu chutok)
    I only know a little bit.
  • Я так кайфово отдохнула в отпуске.
    (Ya tak kayfovo otdokhnula v otpuske)
    I had a really good vacation.
  • Она выглядит обалденно!
    (Ona vyglyadit obaldenno!)
    She looks great!

How many Russian slang words from the list above that you ever heard? Have you ever used it when you talked to your Russian friends? In addition to these slang words, you can also enrich your vocabulary in Russian language by remembering 150 Basic Russian Words for Beginners and learn about colors by visiting forms and explanations about colors in Russian language. If you are still hesitant to learn Russian language because you think this language is difficult, you can find 5 reasons why you should learn Russian here and you can check tips to learn Russian language effectively.

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