3 Most Popular Soviet Female Writers

Writers are considered as intellectual people with good imagination and capability of observing and telling stories. It is not an easy job because it also requires a very high focus and a bunch of reading. Writing is indeed a difficult thing to do but at the same time, it is also rewarding. Writers can touch […]

Get To Know The Role of Russian Women in Soviet Military

Russian women were involved in military life during the Soviet era. The regime started with a threat of World War I soon after the Russian Revolution happened. Russia was urgently in need of capable soldiers, so women were encouraged to take arms to defend their motherland. It was deemed necessary. Although the number of women […]

8 Facts of Women in Soviet Union

If Russian History isn’t extensive already, history of Women in Russia could make a topic worth writing a separate book to. History of women in Russia varies from era to era, and it differs too based on social status. One thing in common about Russian women throughout history is that they’re strong, formidable, and they’re not […]