4 Greatest Russian Authors for Best Children Books

A famous book will certainly make the author’s name famous. Many books have been published by the greatest authors in the world. The book was published in various types. One of them is a book for children.

Books for children usually have stories that are light, fun, exciting and also have picture illustrations that will make children more interested in reading the book. Many of the books published have been equipped with illustrations that make the book even more interesting.

Then what about Russia? Do you know the name of the greatest Russian author for the best children’s books?

If you don’t know it yet, let’s get to know more about the greatest Russian author for best children books.

All over the world there are many names of authors who are famous for their great work. The authors don’t just make work about young people or adults. They also made books aimed at children. There are also many books for children throughout the world that have been adapted into films and animations.

Children love books that have illustrations or stories that are light but exciting. Likewise, with children in Russia. In Russia, there are many names of authors who are famous for their phenomenal books. Including books that are famous among children. Books for children in Russia have interesting illustrations. The story in the book is often adapted from folklore or local fairy tales of Russia.

To get to know more about the greatest children’s book authors in Russia, this article will discuss about the 4 greatest Russian authors for best children books.

  • Alexander Pushkin

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, or better known as Alexander Pushkin, is a very famous Russian author. Alexander Pushkin wrote for poetry, drama, novels, historical fiction and also fairy tales for children. He was born on May 26, 1799 in Moscow, the Russian Empire. Alexander Pushkin is considered by many Russians as the founder of modern Russian literature as well as the greatest poet in Russia.

Alexander Pushkin published the first poem he wrote at the age of 15. Alexander Pushkin published the first long poem, written in 1820. The poem was titled Ruslan and Ludmila. The books written by Alexander Pushkin has become part of the national culture in Russia. There are many books of his works that have been adapted into films.

Some of the popular children’s fairy tales written by Alexander Pushkin are the Tale of Tsar Saltan, The Tale of the Fisherman, The Tale of the Priest and of His Workman Balda and the Fish and others.

  • Korney Chukovsky

Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky or better known by Korney Chukovsky, is one of the most popular authors in Russia. He was born on March 31, 1882 in St. Petersburg. Korney Chukovsky was born with the real name Nikolay Vasilyevich Korneychukov. The name he used in his work was the name of the pen he used while working as a journalist in 1901. Korney Chukovsky is also known as an influential literary critic and essayist in Russia.

Fairytale books and storybooks for children written by Korney Chukovsky have been published in very large numbers. Korney Chukovsky even became one of the most popular children’s book authors. Children in Russia love poetry and books written by Korney Chukovsky.

Some of the popular works written by Korney Chukovsky include The Crocodile, The Monster Cockroach, The Telephone and others. Works of Korney Chukovsky book has been adapted into a movie theater and animation. These works are also very popular among the children of emigrants.

  • Nikolay Nosov

Nikolai(y) Nikolaevich Nosov or known as Nikolay Nosov, is a children’s literature author. In addition to writing stories for children, he also wrote some funny short stories, school novels and also a fairytale trilogy that became popular (the adventures of Dunno and his friends). Nikolay Nosov was born on November 23, 1908 in Kiev, the Russian Empire. The name Nikolay Nosov is famous as a writer of children’s hero stories.

The early story of Nikolay Nosov being an author was by chance. At first Nikolay Nosov only began to tell his story to his son. From there he began to write his works. Nikolay Nosov began publishing his first story in 1938. The work he published was in the magazine for children Murzilka. Nikolay Nosov create a new hero character. The character is a brave child, naive, naughty and negligent. In this fairy tale there is satire and fantasy genre. This story titled Know-Nothing.

Some popular works written by Nikolay Nosov include Merry Family, The Kolya Sinitsyn’s Diary and others.

  • Agniya Barto

Agniya Lvovna Barto or better known as Agniya Barto, is a children’s book author who is also a poet in Russia. Agniya Barto was born with the name Gitel Leybovna Volova. Agniya Barto was born on February 17, 1906 in Moscow.

Agniya Barto very like poetry, so she began to write her own poetry. She read the poetry she wrote at the graduation ceremony from the ballet school. Agniya Barto first published her book in 1925. The book was titled Chinese boy Wan-Lin and Mishka the Petty Thief.

The name Agniya Barto became known when she published a miniature book of poems intended for toddlers entitled Toys in 1936. The book made Agniya Barto one of the most popular children’s book authors. The book by Agniya Barto has been published with millions of copies.

Some famous books by Agniya Barto include The First of May, Brothers, Translations from the Children’s Language and others.

And maybe there are still some of the greatest Russian authors for best children books that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out the 4 greatest Russian authors for best children books.

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