Stavropol, Young and Beautiful Growing City in Russia

Russia may not be everyone’s favorite holiday destinations though it should be. Russia is one of the most wonderful countries in the world with an almost unrivaled depth of historical and cultural riches, and views that have inspired poets and artists for generations. For so long, Russia was known to be out of bounds under the Soviet Union system and a lot of people still think of it as inaccessible. However, this article will tell you otherwise.

From time to time, Russia has opened up gradually, and those who have had a chance to peek and traveled to Russia come back with an extraordinary treasure trove of memories whether it is the sparkling spires of St. Petersburg, the spectacular palaces of the Tsars or simply the haunting landscape of the steppes. That is why Russia is worth a visit.

For a starter for those who wish to travel, there is Stavropol, young and beautiful growing city in Russia that is interesting to explore and we are about to go into the depth of it right now. Are you ready?

Stavropol, Russia

Stavropol is a city located in the south of Russia. It is a business, cultural, and industrial center of the region and one of the largest cities in the North Caucasus. Stavropol’s main significance is in processing farm produced from its prolific hinterland, especially wine making, flour milling, and meat-packing. Machine building and the clothing and chemical industries are also important.

Stavropol is a beautiful city with tree-lined streets spread out on a grid pattern. Stavropol also has medical, linguistic, agricultural, and teacher-training institutes and a research institute for goat and sheep husbandry.

The climate is one of the best in Russia with cold winters, though not as cold as in the other parts of the country, and hot summers. If you are planning to visit Stavropol, I suggest you should book your trip for the summer months. The city has a lot of sights, museums, and historic places to enjoy.

The History of Stavropol

Stavropol and the surrounding area were inhabited since ancient times. The history of Stavropol dates back to 1777 when a military outpost was constructed on the site of the city. It was part of an Azov-Mozdok defensive line which was built for the development and protection of the southern borders of the Russian Empire.

Soon enough, the village turned into a city which immediately became the main Russian gates to the Caucasus. The formation of the city supported the successful development of the uninhabited territory on Russia’s southern borders, cultural and economic development of native peoples.

The city was crossed by Big Cherkassky plane that connects St. Petersburg and Moscow with the Caucasus, Big Salskaya road which is the access to the Volga River, the roads to Rostov, and Ekaterinodar.

What to Do in Stavropol

  • You can take a relaxing walk at Victory Park. The park is set in a forest and is a wonderful place to go for a walk. There are a lot of entertainment areas around the park such as a skating rink, lots of cafés, a dino park, and an aqua park. However, if you just want to enjoy your walk away from all other attractions, you still be able to run or walk in peace and quiet since the park provides a vast space to do so. At night, the park is filled with people and music and becomes a perfect place to enjoy the nightlife.
  • You can enjoy the city’s green side at Stavropol Botanical Garden. It is a lovely place to stroll around and relax your body and mind from the cacophony of everyday life. Make sure you take the most picturesque pictures of its natural beauty while you are at it because you will be surrounded by nature. The entrance fees to the garden are quite affordable.
  • You get to see the golden top at Kazan Cathedral. It is a stunning cathedral with a superb golden top that you can see from anywhere in the city. The golden top reflects the sun in a magical way and you will be drawn to stare at it for hours. Not only that, the interior of the cathedral is even more beautiful than the exterior with its polished marble and remarkable architecture.
  • You can get educated at Prozritelev and Prave State Museum of Local Lore. If you are interested in Russian, specifically the city’s history, this museum may be just it. It has unique exhibits of ethnography and taxidermy where you can learn more about the people and culture of the city. It offers three stories with exhibits on different subjects; one of them is about the national costumes. It is a very informative spot that will get you educated about the city you are visiting.
  • You can admire the works of an honored Russian artist at Art Gallery of Landscapes. If you love art, you really have to stop by this gallery. It is a gallery of works of art exhibiting the most beautiful landscapes of the city and of the entire Caucasus. Prime Minister Grechishkin is the start of the gallery, as one of the most popular artists in the city. You will have a chance to see his work and admire his creativity.
  • You can have a spiritual experience at the Temple of St. Seraphim of Sarov the Wonderworker. A temple is a spiritual place where you can sit down and enjoy the serenity around you. There are some services there and one of them is you can get some of the holy water from the spring in which you can also swim.

Written above is a brief look at Stavropol, young and beautiful growing city in Russia. It is not much of a very touristy city; not because it lacks charisma or personality but because it is still a well-kept secret in Russia and a city that is still growing and developing.

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