10 Most Ravishing Cities in Russia to Visit at the End of 2019

New Year and the end of another decade are just around the corner. People are starting to make plans on where to go and what to do to celebrate this special event that only happens every ten years. There are more than 1000 cities in Russia, and in each of them, chimes beat on the night of January 1. But there are places where it is even more pleasant to celebrate the New Year. At this time, they are more like a fairy tale in which miracles are possible. Russia offers all forms of entertainments one can imagine, and these are the 10 most ravishing cities in Russia to visit at the end of 2019.

1. Kazan

Residents of the capital of Tatarstan are very glad to new guests and we assure you that the time spent here will be remembered for a long time. We have beautiful mosques, churches, the Kremlin, museums, a water park, a ski complex and much, much more. And do not forget to try the famous Tatar cuisine!

2. St. Petersburg

If you still have not visited the Northern capital or have not seen St. Petersburg in the winter, then the New Year holidays is a great time to check this off the bucket list. The majestic Kazan Cathedral, Vasilievsky Island and the beautiful Singer House are already waiting for you.

3. Great Ustyug

Veliky Ustyug is not just the birthplace of Santa Claus, but also one of the oldest cities in the Russian North, where magnificent temples and monasteries, merchant houses of the 19th century have been preserved in their original form. It is necessary to visit the St. Nicholas Church, the stone church of the Ascension, the church of the Myrrh-bearing women and the temple of Simeon the Stolpnik.

4. Moscow

New Year on Red Square is one of the most striking events that can be remembered for a long time. Thousands of people gather annually in the very center of Russia to see the country’s main fireworks.

5. Smolensk

The first 11 days of January is also a great opportunity to see the Smolensk fortress wall and the Holy Assumption Cathedral. In addition, in the vicinity of Smolensk there are many temples and cultural monuments such as the estate of the composer Mikhail Glinka.

6. Kostroma

Santa Claus lives in Veliky Ustyug, but where can one meet his granddaughter Snegurochka? In Kostroma! Here is her fabulous tower: here the Snow Maiden lives and receives guests. In addition to it, you should definitely see the Ipatiev Monastery and the Church of the Resurrection on Debra.

7. Sochi

In the New Year holidays there is a wonderful opportunity to see Sochi without Olympic hype. You can visit the stadiums built for the competition, the famous Sochi Aquarium, the largest arboretum, skiing, and just walk along the promenades.

8. Vladimir

Crystal clear air, morning frost and glitter of snow in the morning – what could be more beautiful? Vladimir on New Year’s Day plunges into a special, festive atmosphere. Here you can not only have a good rest, but also look at the ancient Russian monasteries and churches.

9. Kaliningrad

To celebrate New Year in Kaliningrad is to visit the most European city in Russia. You do not need to get a visa to walk along these cozy cobbled streets, visit colorful Christmas markets and just have a great time in the holiday atmosphere!

10. Velikiy Novgorod

Veliky Novgorod is one of the most beautiful places for those who want to plunge into the atmosphere of a fabulous Russian winter. People come here to look at the famous Novgorod Kremlin, the monument “Millennium of Russia” and visit the Museum of Folk Wooden Architecture.

It does not matter where you decide to celebrate your New Year – in the circle of friends and relatives at home, sipping a cool refreshing cocktail under the bright sun at a resort or on a trip to the ravishing cities of Russia, most importantly, meet the New Year with pleasure and in a pleasant company. May another round of decade bring you and your loved ones the best of luck.

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