7 Most Popular Cake To Celebrate Thanksgiving In Russia

The day of saying thanks and be thankful for all the things that exist in life and all the blessing around the family table. There are some Amazing Facts Of Thanksgiving In Russia that people may have not too familiar with.

Russia adopts the American tradition eagerly, especially due to the large number or American immigrant that come, stay for generations and take Russian as their root also. So, the Thanksgiving tradition in Russian or also known as “RusGiving” is a combination of American ideas of sitting around in the dinner table and by the Russian twist on how to spend Thanksgiving.

They take it over the top, by applying Thanksgiving with New Years celebration which means it does not end until the next day. Some even go above and beyond by doing pre and post-thanksgiving. It is the ultimate celebrations with lavish food with exquisite Popular Menus During Thanksgiving In Russia You Can Try. That is the more reason to celebrate Thanksgiving longer. Here are some popular Russian Cakes in the Thanksgiving dinner table.

  1. Poncho Cake

Russian Thanksgiving is also famous for having not one or two cake at the dinner table. You are most like to see a set of four to five Mouthwatering Cake That You Can Only Find In Russia. The attack of sweetness can be very overwhelming.

Poncho Cake has a unique volcanic shape with a white chocolate base and dark chocolate running down like larvas. This cake is more current from the Russian confectionery company. It has all the sweetness from chocolate under layers of vanilla sponge cake with vanilla filling with various nuts and cherries.


A must-have dessert in any Thanksgiving dinner always has Baklava in their table. This famous dessert is also quite famous during Eid Al Fitr In Russia. The famous dessert comes in a very sweet and rich flavor with layers of pastry. The filling is a combination of various nuts, honey, and fruity jams.

3. Russian Tea Cake

It is a snowball looking cake with a bite-size figure fits for finger food. It has a crumbling and rich ration of cookies and pastries. The crunchy texture comes from the nutty balance of various nuts such as cashew, macadamia, pecan, hazelnut, and even black walnuts. Some called it the Mexican wedding cake, the universal shapes may have other names in different countries. They are to die for, particularly after toasted and refine. it is the perfect companion for tea and a big hit as an addition to the Thanksgiving dessert table.

4.Korolevsky Cake

The King’s Cake is the most popular cake that judging from the name itself people expect a very extravagant cake in the dinner table. It is highly famous among Russian and Ukrainian people for its buttercream icing and some serious tall tier of the cake.

5. Medovik Cake

Honey Cake is the all-time favorite in Russian thanksgiving table. The not so sweet honey base get a hit of perfection combined with buttercream, nuts, and fresh fruits. Have You Ever Heard Of Russian Medovik Cake Lets Find Out here?

First and or most it is a very popular cake. It is especially a hit during autumn where all the ingredient is available in season. The cake is delicious with tons of moist butter creamy and well balance burst of savory sweet, nutty flavor. Secondly, the cake takes some time to bake with a layer of delicious bites, it is all worth. Lastly, Russian are famous for making variation so you are going to some twist here and there, but all equally tasty.

6. Pumpkin Cake

The idea behind thanksgiving celebration is being thankful for the abundance of harvest. So, no surprise if people cook big and extravagant during that time. There would not be a Thanksgiving without the usual menu of turkey, mashed potatoes, some pies and of course pumpkin cheesecake.

If someone asked How To celebrate Thanksgiving With Russian Style it definitely means having many foods on the table. Most likely you will have two kind of cakes and one small bit size dessert that goes along with the theme. The pumpkin cheesecake is a big hit during Thanksgiving to its mild base but with various additional buttercream, cookie crust, and caramelize sauce, it becomes perfectly sweet.

7. Apple Pecan Cake

The two most complementing each other ingredient in a cake. The ‘Maple Pecan Apple Pie Cake’ just come in all the right mixture and fall come down to one amazing cake! The cake has a strong apple pie aroma with a hint of savory from the pecan nuts under the vanilla cake. It has all the right ingredient for a feast, and particularly for Thanksgiving dinner.

The winner of this cake is the apple cinnamon filling which gives that extra kick to make the perfect cake. It can be a pie with the heavy crust but the decorative sweetness is along with the idea of the perfect cake. Baking this cake in the house will make the house full of apple and cinnamon aroma which just heaven.

Russian celebrate Thanksgiving in a big and extravagant way. There are the typical turkey and potatoes, although Russia would probably do thing a little differently and most likely elevate thing to the max. Just take a look at their dessert collection that never ends with the only kind of cake. Moreover, if you are having a Thanksgiving party with the large family. There are bound some family member that come bringing an extra cake for the host table.

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