All You Need to Know About Santo George in Moscow Film Festival

For all of you who love movies, do you also watch awards programs for films?

Around the world there are many awards programs for films. The awards program for films was made to appreciate the films in a country and the people who are behind the success of the film. The award was not just for the films but there is also an award for those involved in the production of the film. The films that were nominated were not only those from countries that held awards events but also films from other countries.

Similarly, in Russia. In that country there are various types of awards programs for films. One of them is the Moscow Film Festival. At the Moscow Film Festival, there is a “Santo George”.

Actually, what is “Santo George”? For you to know more about Santo George, let’s see what all you need to know about Santo George in Moscow Film Festival.

Before discussing about Santo George at the Moscow Film Festival, I will discuss a little about the Moscow Film Festival.

Moscow Film Festival or also known as the Moscow International Film Festival is a film festival in Moscow. This film festival was first held in 1935. The festival is starting to become a regular event in 1959, but it became a new annual event since 1995.

In the beginning, in 1959, the Moscow Film Festival was not held every year but every two years in July. The holding of this film festival alternates with the Karlovy Vary Festival.

The main trophy of the Moscow Film Festival is a trophy of Santo George. This Santo George Trophy is given for certain categories. In order to further augment your information about trophy of Santo George at the Moscow Film Festival, in this article, I will discuss about all you need to know about Santo George in Moscow Film Festival.

  • What Is Santo George At the Moscow Film Festival?

For people who don’t know about Santo George, they must be wondering what it is, right? There are some people who are even confused about why Santo George is at the Moscow Film Festival. Here’s the answer …

Santo George at the Moscow Film Festival is actually a trophy given to winners at the film festival. Santo George’s Trophy is divided into two namely Santo George Gold Trophy and Saint George Silver Trophy. The Santo George Gold Trophy was awarded to the winners in the nominations “For Outstanding Contribution to The World Cinema” and the nomination “The Best Film”. While the Santo George Silver trophy is given to winners in seven other nominations.

Santo George is also a symbol of the Moscow International Film Festival. More precisely is the symbol of Santo George who sits on a horse that kills a dragon using a spear. This Santo George Trophy was designed by Chopard. The trophy is made using precious metals.

  • Designer of The Santo George Trophy at The Moscow Film Festival

The designer of the Santo George trophy at the Moscow Film Festival is Chopard. Chopard is one of the oldest Swiss brands. This brand is known for the production of luxurious jewelry and premium watches. This Swiss brand also contributed to the world of cinema.

Chopard began to become a partner at the Moscow Film Festival in 2016. Not only that, Chopard also became the official jewelry used in the Moscow Film Festival. This brand presents a new design for the award trophy that will be awarded to winners in certain nominations at the film festival. And the new design is the Santo George Trophy. In addition, Chopard also produced their own awards in special nominations at the Moscow Film Festival.

Chopard’s contribution to the Moscow Film Festival made the film festival not only an event for films, but also become an interesting social activity. Famous actors and actresses will further accentuate the style and accentuate their handsome and beautiful faces with jewelry from Chopard that looks very elegant when they walk on the red carpet.

In addition to making two kinds of Santo George’s trophies, Chopard actually also made 13 awards that will be given based on the talents and skills of young actors in films, directors and producers.

  • A Little Story About Santo George

Maybe there are some of you who are still confused about who Santo George really is. And about what Santo George had done so he became the inspiration for making the Santo George trophy at the Moscow Film Festival. Here’s the answer …

Santo George’s character was a soldier in the legend of Santo George and the Dragon. He is a figure of a saint who has tamed and killed a dragon who demanded human sacrifice by riding a horse. This legend is known in many versions. Because of the many versions, some say that the horse ridden by Santo George is black and some call it white. The legend of Santo George and the dragon was first reached Europe in the 12th century.

According to legend, a ferocious dragon appeared and caused panic in the city of Silene, Libya. The ferocious dragon appeared when Santo George arrived in the city. In order for the dragon not to torment and destroy the people in the city, the people of the city give two sheep every day to the dragon. But if the sheep were not enough, the people of the town were forced to sacrifice humans.

Humans sacrificed to dragons were chosen by the people of the city. At that time the King’s daughter was chosen to be sacrificed. And unfortunately, no one wants to replace the princess. Until finally Saint George saved the life of the princess by killing the dragon using a spear.

I hope this article can really help you to find out the all you need to know about Santo George in Moscow Film Festival.

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