Mysterious City of The Dead in Russia, Is Dargavs a Ghost Town?

There are so many unique cities in the world. Starting from a very beautiful and crowded city to a city called a ghost town. In some countries there is sometimes an empty city or region that is called a ghost town or a city of the dead.

Is there such a region or city in your country? What are the reasons that make the area or city emptied or have very few inhabitants (or maybe the city is completely empty)?

Of course, not just any city or region can be known as a ghost town or a city of the dead. There is a reason behind it. In Russia too, there is also a city called the ghost town. The city was named Dargavs. To add information to you, let’s look at the mysterious city of the dead in Russia, is Dargavs a ghost town?

When a city has a nickname, of course there is a reason that becomes the background of that name. Whether an event or perhaps for other reasons. It will sound impossible if a city has a nickname without a clear reason.

There are many cities in the world that have their own nicknames. Both interesting nicknames to creepy nicknames. One country that has a city with a scary nickname is Russia. In Russia, there is a city called Dargavs which is known as a ghost town. It’s scary, right?

Have you ever heard of the city of Dargavs? Or do you know about the story in the city of Dargavs?

I think there are still many of you who don’t know anything about this Dargavs city. You certainly curious and wondered why it could be known as a ghost town, is not it? To answer your curiosity, this article will discuss about… the mysterious city of the dead in Russia, is Dargavs a ghost town?

  • About Dargavs

Dargavs is a settlement located in the Progorodny District, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Russia. This is the center of the province of Tseturia in Ossetia. Local residents said this is one of the scariest places in Russia. That is why Dargavs is known as the “City of the Dead”. Literally, the nickname actually means the grave of a ghost town in Ancient Greece.

The route that must be taken to get to the city of Dargavs is quite difficult to reach. This is located right on the hillside overlooking the Fiagdon river valley. This Dargavs actually is an ancient cemetery. In Dargavs there are about 100 ancient stone crypts which are used by local residents as a place to bury their relatives.

  • Something in The City of Dargavs

As a city that has the nickname “Ghost Town”, of course there is an area that supports the nickname in Dargavs. There is a “necropolis” area. This is the burial area in Dargavs.

In the burial area there are tombs and crypts that are on the hill or mountain sides that are close together. Although there are also some crypts that are located rarely. Crypts in Dargavs have a curved roof that goes inside and then has a pointed peak. For the smaller size usually has a flat side.

The walls of these Crypts are made of stone blocks covered with chalk. There are also walls covered with clay limestone. This wall has a slit-like square-shaped vents used to insert the bodies into it. The height of this building can reach 2 to 4 floors.

  • The Reason Why Dargavs Is Considered A Ghost Town

A city that has a nickname always has its own reasons behind that name. Similarly, Dargavs city known as the “ghost town” or “city of the dead”.

Legend has it that local people said that there was an epidemic that plagued the city in the 18th century. Residents who had families who had contaminated the plague made a house, known as crypts, and isolated their families in it. This was done so that outbreaks of disease that existed in the bodies of their infected families did not spread to other people.

Those who live and quarantined in the crypts will remain fed by their families, but they are not given the freedom to move. Those who are contaminated with disease outbreaks can only wait until death kills their lives in the crypts. Days later, local residents began to leave Dargavs and moved to the plains. The town of Dargavs that was left behind became empty and was called a ghost town.

  • Myths and Legends in Dargavs

If a city or region is already known as a ghost town, of course there are myths and legends in the surrounding residents. Similarly, to what happened Dargavs. There are a lot of myths spread around the ghost town. One is about the myth that people who dare to walk on Dargavs will never get out of that place alive. That is what makes local residents continue to try to avoid the city of the dead.

In fact, almost no tourists come to visit Dargavs. This is not because of curses or myths that spread. That is because the location of Dargavs is very difficult to access. The journey that must be taken in order to get to the city of Dargavs is very long and difficult. You need an hour from Vladikavkaz, through the narrow streets and many hills there.

And maybe there are still some of all you need to know about Dargavs, the mysterious city of the dead in Russia that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about Dargavs, the mysterious city of the dead in Russia. So, is Dargavs a ghost town?

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