5 Modern Sarafan Design to Get Stylish Look in Russia

If we talk about traditional clothes, of course many of you think that these traditional clothes are old-fashioned and outdated. There are still people who consider and give strange views to people who still wear traditional clothing in modern times like today. In fact, traditional clothing can also be a modern look by doing a little modification.

Now began to emerge designers who make modifications to traditional clothing so that it can look fashionable when worn today. Slowly traditional clothing that was originally starting to be abandoned, has now become a new trend. This kind of trend is happening in all countries including Russia.

In Russia, there is one of the traditional dress known as the Sarafan. This is the traditional clothing used by peasants in Russia. Do you already know about Sarafan and about this modern version of Sarafan?

I think there are still many of you who don’t know about this. For that, let’s take a look at modern Sarafan design to get stylish look in Russia.

As we know, there are many types of traditional clothing scattered throughout the world. Traditional clothing in each country has different designs and motifs. That will show the identity of where the traditional clothes come from. So, when you see it, you will immediately recognize which country has such traditional clothing.

Neither with Russia. There are many types of traditional clothing both worn by men and women. Usually these traditional clothes are worn along with the accessories. The combination will make you look more attractive.

But, until now there are still many people who still have the thought that wearing traditional clothing is old fashioned and outdated. Those people might think so because the motive or the design of the traditional clothes. Even though when it is only slightly modified, the traditional clothes will become new clothes that are modern and suitable for the present.

Also included Sarafan dress which comes from Russia. When it gets some modifications, this dress can also be a fashionable dress. Do you know about the modern designs of Sarafan dresses that exist today? Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know it yet. Therefore, this article will discuss about 5 modern Sarafan design to get stylish look in Russia.

  • About Sarafan

Before knowing about the modern designs that are on the Sarafan dress. So, let’s get to know first what Sarafan dress is.

Sarafan is a traditional dress that has a long jumper dress design. The clothes worn by girls and women are the traditional folk costumes from Russia. This Sarafan dress began to be known in the 18th century.

Sarafan Dress has a form of dress that is almost like a kaftan that is commonly worn by men and women in Russia. This traditional clothing has become popular in the North and Central Russia region, as well as several regions in Central Europe.

  • Modern Casual Dress That Adapts Sarafan

As more modern as it is today, many designers are trying to make innovations about casual dresses that are simple but still look beautiful and elegant. One of the inspirations to create a modern casual dress is from Sarafan dresses. Currently there are many designers who make modifications from Sarafan dresses so that they can be worn by girls or women in Russia. This modern version of Sarafan dress is also suitable to be used as a dress to go to campus by doing a mix and match with the accessories you have.

  • Sarafan Dress for Summer Dresses

Sarafan dress is actually a dress consisting of inner long sleeves and long outter shaped dresses. It has a corset waist models. Long dresses that also have long sleeves will cause a sense of discomfort if used in the summer.

Now the designers are starting to make modifications by creating dresses that are suitable for use during the summer. This designer makes dresses similar to Sarafan dresses, but it does not use long-sleeved inner wear. You just simply wear an outter long dress or you can also make the length of the dress just touch your knees.

  • Evening Dress That Adapts Sarafan

In addition to modifying Sarafan traditional clothing into a summer dress, designers also created evening dresses. Evening dresses that are inspired by traditional clothes are slightly altered in motifs and colors, so they won’t look and seem ridiculous when used as evening dresses. Modified evening gowns from Sarafan gowns are no less beautiful than the modern evening gowns that exist today. By combining it with some of your accessories, you will be able to get an elegant look and luxurious impression. So, if you have a Sarafan dress that was used by your family, you can save it and make a few modifications to make it look modern and fashionable.

  • Office Look Dress That Adapts Sarafan

Currently there are also designers who make modifications by changing the Sarafan dress into a dress for the office look. By choosing the right type, design and motif, you will be able to wear a dress that looks modern and fashionable even though it is a modification of traditional clothing. It could be, people would not have thought if your beautiful dress is actually a traditional dress that might have been worn by your grandmother or mother. With a touch of creativity, traditional clothes can be transformed into modern, fashionable and outdated clothes.

And maybe there are still some of modern Sarafan design to get stylish look in Russia that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about 5 modern Sarafan design to get stylish look in Russia. So, are you getting interested and have chosen your own modern version of your Sarafan dress? Decide which one you choose and be fashionable with your traditional clothes.

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