Why is Bolshiye Koty Called as Gold Diggers Home? 

As of late, Bolshiye Koty has gotten one of the most helpful and well-known tourist places. It is found near Irkutsk and Listvyanka Settlement, yet far enough to safeguard the excellence of a scene. On the off chance that you need to visit all vacation destinations, two days will be sufficient. You can either remain in a tent or book a convenience at the guesthouse. 

However, before planning a travel, are you aware that people almost always refer the place to “Home for Gold Diggers”? What exactly does that mean? Most importantly, why is Bolshiye Koty called as “Gold Diggers Home”? Let us find out the answer down below. 

Home for Gold Diggers

On the western Baikal lakeside, there is a little peaceful town with an amusing name Bolshiye Koty. The name alludes to the settlement worked in 1842 to suit the gold discoverers (called free diggers). Gold mining those days was extremely troublesome and perilous, so it primarily connected with the convicts, who in chilly climate used to wear wooden shoes, the ones — the “koty” (or “kotki“), articulated with the principal syllable focused. 

It was assessed that more than 160 kilograms of valuable metal have been separated during the entire time of gold mining did in Bolshiye Koty. Until 1968 the nation’s foreign trade hold was recharged by unadulterated gold from the Baikal mines, including that of Bolshiye Koty. Notwithstanding, nobody has embraced to tally the quantity of lives given for that gold. 

Alternative Theory 

Coincidentally, there are some other, less bleak theories about the beginning of the Bolshiye Koty name. For instance, as per the V.I. Dal’s word reference, “koty” is only customary fish traps installed at the mouths of waterways. What is more, the semblable word “kottsy” in Siberia was utilized to call a wattle fence extended over the stream to discover cisco coming in the waterway to bring forth. 

Beautiful and Thrilling Place

To date, Bolshiye Koty is one of the most helpful and most visited towns of Lake Baikal, because of its closeness to Irkutsk and Listvyanka, and furthermore to its proximity to permit conserving the locale pleasant countryside. 

The quantity of inhabitant populace of Koty is right around one hundred individuals. In summer, Listvyanka and Irkutsk can be visited by motor ship running once per day on weekdays and two times per day on Saturdays and Sundays. There is likewise a mobile course along a beach front way from Listvyanka to Koty. However, it is viewed as perilous and appropriate only for experienced voyagers. In winter, Bolshiye Koty can be visited by vehicle or by a transitory motor road laid on the ice of solidified Lake Baikal. 

Actually, you can also go by walking. “The Great Baikal Trail” along the course Listvyanka – Bolshiye Koty – Bolshoye Goloustnoe is one of the most famous destinations for both amateurs and experienced visitors, climbers, and stalkers of delightful shots. The trail has been worked by a gathering of volunteers so as to advance ecotourism and cautious attitude to nature. 

The trail going along the pleasant shoreline of the lake is regularly wide and advantageous, yet there are additionally hazardous segments where one needs to stroll along the edge of a bluff. Along these lines, its degree of intricacy is medium, not straightforward. So as to get from Listvyanka to Bolshiye Koty, you should walk around 25 kilometres by walking. 

Bolshiye Koty along with its outskirts is a part of Baikal National Park. The Koty domain is encompassed by genuine Siberian taiga, remarkable for mushrooms and berries, herbs and different uncommon types of wild flowers. A wide range of recreations accessible in the town, somehow, are associated with strolling and enthusiastic contemplation of nature, seeing that Bolshiye Koty teems with a wide range of stunning delights: you can go angling, horseback riding by unique horse courses, and so on. 

Most Popular Tourist Spots in Bolshiye Koty

In case you have set a plan to visit Bolshiye Koty during holiday, you might as well take a look at this list of most popular tourist spots in Bolshiye Koty. 

  • Listvyanka: It is the best spot to become acquainted with the unique sort of Baikal. This settlement is a beginning stage for some — Baikal courses including the Circum-Baikal Railway.  
  • The Circum-Baikal Railway: It is really the fundamental Baikal man-made milestone. This remarkable accomplishment in design and building is an area of the Trans-Siberian Railway and one of the most delightful spots of Lake Baikal.  
  • Olkhon Island: One of the most excellent and puzzling spots of the Baikal, rich with brilliant nature sights.  
  • Chivyrkuysky Bay: One of the most stunning and daintily populated regions of Lake Baikal.  
  • Barguzinsky Bay: The biggest bay of the Baikal. The Baikal’s longest sand sea shore extends up to 20 kilometres along the bay. 

Heads up: The town itself is small. You can circumvent it in a few hours and you ought not anticipate a lot of solace: nearby lodgings and inns are extremely basic, and yet practically every one of the rooms are constantly involved, so you should deal with settlement ahead of time. 

Generally speaking, there are a few simple wooden houses on a huge land plot. The houses contain rooms and buildings for a family such as kitchens with open sheds, toilets, nurseries, chimneys, and, obviously, Russian showers. Everything is extremely basic. 

The big deal to ace this travel is to buy foods ahead of time. The main store in the town will shock you with costs: all items are two or even multiple times more costly than in the closest Listvyanka or Irkutsk. It is reasonable, in light of the fact that getting there is not easy. Take just money with you because the store does not have any sort of instalment terminal. There is a versatile bank administration, yet do not seek after a decent portable system. 

Here is the end of the explanation. So, have you now understood as to why Bolshiye Koty is called as “Gold Diggers Home”? 

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