Enjoy Your Night Date by Crossing the Volga in Tver 

The Volga, at 3,530 kilometres long, is not just the longest river in Russia. It also plays an outsized role in Russian history. It was the main channel for Moscow’s drive southward, throughout the hundreds of years, to the Caspian Sea.  It gave the backdrop to Tsar Ivan the Terrible’s epic triumph over the Khanates of Kazan, […]

Catherine the Great; A Historic Site in Tver 

On the Volga, 150 kilometres northwest of Moscow, Tver goes back to the twelfth century. After a fire levelled the vast majority of the town in 1763, the engineer Pyotr Nikitin replanned Tver’s centre on a three-ray framework and assembled his patron, Catherine the Great, a historic site in Tver a.k.a. a ‘street royal residence’ to lay in on ventures between the then-Russian capital […]