Catherine the Great; A Historic Site in Tver 

On the Volga, 150 kilometres northwest of Moscow, Tver goes back to the twelfth century. After a fire levelled the vast majority of the town in 1763, the engineer Pyotr Nikitin replanned Tver’s centre on a three-ray framework and assembled his patron, Catherine the Great, a historic site in Tver a.k.a. a ‘street royal residence’ to lay in on ventures between the then-Russian capital […]

These 3 Catherine The Great Quotes Shall Guide Our Life Principles

Among many emperor and empress reigned Russia, Catherine The Great is the very famous one. She became known as Catherine The Great, not for no reasons. She reached many achievements during 34 years of her reign, which also made her the longest-ruling woman leader in Russia. Due to her many achievements, her period of the […]