Before Giving Birth, Check Out These Popular Russian Baby Names

Name is important. It recounts to an account of our identity, what we will be, and turn into. As parents, when naming our children, we should think in all respects cautiously before naming them because it will affect our children as they grow up, particularly in this world of imbalance. Names which are negative and have negative meanings will not rouse a child to grow decidedly or have a decent result throughout everyday life.

We use language to classify, identify, and connect. Words are also used to define, label, and compare as we constantly use them to describe ourselves and the people surrounding us. You may also check Russian names for your cats.

Have you ever stopped for a moment and given a thorough idea how the words we use to describe others might affect how we treat them on a daily basis or how they feel about themselves? Children are like little sponges. They will soak up what they hear about themselves without filtering beforehand. They automatically pick up each and every word people throw out to describe them.

Russian Baby Names

Choosing a Russian baby name can be challenging, considering the number of options available. Even though most of the Russian baby names originally came from Russia, some names are derived from the Greek language, especially those from the Eastern Orthodox tradition.

Sometimes, some parents even try to get creative by combining two names to form a unique name for their babies. All these names have interesting meanings and a rich tonal quality. You may also check the reason why Russian name is specific and familiar.

So, are you thinking about giving your bundle of joy an exotic Russian name? In this article, I have put together a list of the most popular Russian baby names, both baby boy names and baby girl names. You can be sure that these names are all unique. So before giving birth, check out these popular Russian baby names.

  1. Tanya (Baby Girl)

Tanya actually has a vague meaning though some suggest praiseworthy. It is a popular pet name for Tatiana in Russia, the feminine form of the Roman family clan name, and has no problem standing on its own as an independent name.

International Variations: Tania

Famous Namesakes: Musician Tanya Tucker

  1. Zach (Baby Boy)

Parents whose childhood happened in the 80s will most likely associate this name with Saved By the Bell‘s mischievous and charismatic character, Zach Morris. Zach is the laid-back little brother of somber Zachariah which also means that he is definitely having more fun.

International Variations: –

Famous Namesakes: Actor Zach Galifianakis, Actor Zach Braff, and Actor Zach Levi

  1. Alena (Baby Girl)

Alena could work as a modern change to the classic name of Helen or as a short form or nickname of the exotic name of Malena. It is pretty sounding and its meaning in Greek is bright, shining one. The meaning makes it a great name for the soon-to-be bundle of joy in your life.

International Variations: Ailia, Ailey, and Aili

Famous Namesakes: Model Alena Shishkova

  1. Anastasia (Baby Girl)

Anastasia is now getting a makeover. Once it has been deemed a harsh-sounding Russian baby name associated with the deceased daughter of Czar Nicholas II who fled during the wake of Russian Revolution and subsequently, there was a Disney film titled Anastasia in 1997 telling a story about her. The name is now perceived as an elegant and regal name choice for baby girls and has gained popularity in the United States.

International Variations: Anastasha, Stacy, Tazia, Stacie, Nastia, Stacey, Asya, Anastacia, and Ana

Famous Namesakes: Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochova, Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin, and Grand Duchess of Russia Anastasia Romanova

  1. Anna (Baby Girl)

Anna has come up as the Golden Girl of the Ann family. Even though the more old-fashioned Ann, Anne, and Annie have slipped in popularity over time, Anna remains widely used and popular among Russian parents. From Italian to Swedish, to Russian, and even Native American, it is a name that has crossed a lot of cultural boundaries and would make a great name for your baby girl.

International Variations: Anya, Annie

Famous Namesakes: Tennis player Anna Kournikova, Actress Anna Kendrick, Actress Anna Faris, Actress Anna Paquin, and Editor Anna Wintour

  1. Eva (Baby Girl)

Even though Eva is just one letter away from the popular Ava, it somehow missed the train to baby girl name superstardom. However, it is not to say that it is not popular. In fact, this name which is a Spanish variation of Eve meaning life has skyrocketed in the United States and is firmly listed in the top 100 popular baby girl names.

International Variations: Eila

Famous Namesakes: Actress Eva Longoria, Actress Eva Garbor, Actress Eva Mendes, and Eva (Evita) Peron

  1. Ivan (Baby Boy)

Ivan has since shaken off its bad reputation as Ivan the Terrible to arise as one of the few Russian crossover hits of its era. It is like the Russian version of John in other Western countries. Ivan offers a fresh alternative to parents who are fans of classic but oft-overused name.

International Variations: Johnny, Jax, Johnnie, Jacky,  Jack, Jackie, and Gino

Famous Namesakes: Hockey Hall of Famer Ivan Johnson, Actor Ivan Desny, and Tennis player Ivan Lendl

  1. Kira (Baby Girl)

Kira is a multicultural name that has a lot of different meanings. It means ruler in Russian; it means glitter in Japanese; and it is the female version of Kiran which means beam of light in Hindi. Whatever meaning you like, you cannot go wrong with this lyrical and beautiful name.

International Variations: –

Famous Namesakes: Fashion designer Kira Plastinina and Actress Kira Kener

  1. Mikhail (Baby Boy)

It is a Russian variation of Michael which was popular due to the prominence of former Soviet Union statesmen named Mikhail Gorbachev and a ballet dancer as well as an actor named Mikhail Baryshnikov. The name was leading up to the fall of Communist Russia and it was also the name of two Russian Tsars so it is heavily tied to its homeland.

International Variations: Mishenka, Miikka, and Mickey

Famous Namesakes: Soviet Union statemen Mikhail Gorbachev, Tsar Mikhail Kalashnikov, and Tsar Mikhail Romanov

So, that is the list of names for your bundle of joy. Before giving birth, check out these popular Russian baby names. You may also check the structure of Russian names.

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