Russian Mafias Use These 7 Cars, Perhaps You Want One

Organized crime like mafia group has been around ever since the beginning of civilization. However, their rides have only ever been effectively used as statement pieces during the early Mafia days back in 1920s. Fortunately, times have changed and today’s gangsters now have access to afford a plethora of exotic machinery in various shades of black.

There were a lot of cars over the course of the 1920s – 1990s that caught people’s eyes, but they wanted to zone in on the most popular cars that were used by some of the most notorious mafias of the last century. It ranged from getaway cars to movie cars to elite cars that were seen during the Great Depression. You may also check Russian most favorite transportations.

You may want to sit tight, buckle up, and be ready to pull off as I am planning to take you cruising back through time and introduce you to the life of Russian mafias who worked in every part of the country and how they maintained their mobility. Have you ever heard about Russian mafias before anyway?

Russian Mafias’ Cars

Back in 1980s, as the structures and values of Soviet life fell and crumbled, organized crime was rising from the ruins, no longer compliant to the black-market millionaires and the corrupt Communist party bosses. You may also check commonly used transportations in Soviet Union.

As it rose, it was garnering a new generation of recruits, including disillusioned and damaged veterans of the (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic) USSR’s last war. Some were bodyguards, some were leg-breakers, some were runners, and some were killers.

The spoils of criminal lives in Russia include the Mercedes, the heavy gold chain, and the designer suit when the average wage that time was close to a dollar a day and it was stupendously tacky.

When you roamed around the street, you could spot them right away by the cars they rode. In this article, I will show you what kind of car they rode during the rise of organized crime in Russia. Russian mafias use these 7 cars, perhaps you want one.

  1. VAZ-2109

VAZ-2109 is the only Russian car on this list. It was fast and relatively reliable so it was not a surprise to know that it was used as a workhorse for Russian mafias in the 1990s.  It was categorized as an inexpensive car and very popular among common people. It was even glorified in popular music during 1990s. You may also check popular Russian bands.

The car had been produced from 1987 to 2004 with only front wheel drive. It was available with six petrol engines and manual gearbox. The average fuel consumption of this car in combined cycle was from 6.8 to 10 liters per 100 km, making it the most economical car in Russia during those times.

  1. BMW 525i

Despite VAZ’s immense popularity back in the days, Russian people were gradually tired of the domestic automobile industry. They craved the new foreign cars which dominated the automobile markets after the fall of the Soviet Union.

The BMW 525i started to become a symbol of the wild 1990s. This speedy German car was perfect when some Russian mafia had to outrun the police and fled the crime scene. Those who were then still riding comparatively slow Soviet cars began to invest their money in foreign cars.

  1. Lincoln Town Car

Lincoln Town Car was produced in America. Back in the days, American cars were very popular among the criminals of Moscow. Despite being huge and unwieldy, the Lincoln Town Car really verified an owner’s social status which was only the real Russian mafia boss could afford to have one.

Lincoln was the Ford Motor Company’s answer to the Cadillac. It marketed among the top most luxurious brands in the United States. Over time, it has competed closely against Cadillac for nearly its whole existence. It has the distinctive features of personal luxury car segment with the entrance of the Lincoln Continental into mass production back in 1940.

  1. Volvo 940

Huge Lincoln Town Car might not be able to fit through the small, narrow streets of Russia’s northern capital St. Petersburg. In St, Petersburg, the Russian mafias working there preferred Volvo 940 from neighboring countries like Sweden and Finland which readily exported the spare parts as well.

This car also introduced a series of new safety features, for example, an adjustable head restraint in the middle of the rear seat and a three-point inertia-reel seat belt that was fitted as standard even up until now. It also introduced an integrated child seat on the rear seat’s middle armrest.

  1. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Luxury cars were not always a wise choice especially for Russian mafias who often drove on the bad roads in rural area. There, Russian mafias preferred off-roaders such as Jeep Grand Cherokee. Even though the vehicle needed more fuel than average vehicles, it was not much of a problem. It all thanks to low gas prices in Russia during those years.

  1. Mercedes S 600

It was the dream car of every Russian mafia. However, just like Lincoln Town Car, only top Russian mafia bosses could afford to have a Mercedes S 600. The car was cozy and comfortable and the boar, as the car was nicknamed, gave its owner high prestige even if there was no guarantee of safety when riding this car. Mercedes were shot at, torched, and blown up just as much as any other Russian mafia’s car in the wild 1990s.

  1. Chevrolet Tahoe

Chevrolet Tahoe was meant to be a family car. That is why American people were much surprised to find out that in Russia, this monstrous 9-seater was used to carry the entire mafia gang units out on gangland hits.

So, as stated above, Russian mafias use these 7 cars, perhaps you want one. If you were to be a Russian boss mafia, which car would you like to drive to carry out a mission? You may also check facts about Russian drivers.

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