Russian Day in Novgorod; What Makes it So Impressive?

When a country celebrates its anniversary or independence, there will usually be a lot of things done or done in almost all cities in the country. Everyone will rejoice in the celebration because it is often a national holiday. Everyone has their own way to celebrate the national holiday in the framework of the anniversary or the independence of the country.

Every country in the world has their own way to celebrate the country’s anniversary or Independence Day. Sometimes, between one city to another city in the same country have different traditions of celebration. It is usually based on custom, tradition or religious who dominate in the region.

Such celebrations are also held in Russia. There, each city has a version of the Russian anniversary celebration, also known as Russian Day. One of them is in Novgorod. Do you know the celebration in Novgorod?

Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know the Russian Day celebration in Novgorod and why the celebration there is called memorable. For that, let’s look at Russian Day in Novgorod; what makes it so impressive?

The Anniversary or Independence Day of a country is an important moment that must be remembered by all citizens. Usually, to commemorate and celebrate it, the country makes that date a national holiday. All schools and offices will be closed, and public places will have a short opening time. That day is a happy day for all citizens.

As we know, each country certainly has their own way to celebrate a day that is very important for that country. In fact, every city in the same country has their own version of the celebration. Although the essence of the celebration is still the same. Only the way to celebrate it is different.

The country’s Anniversary or Independence Day celebrations will give a different impression. That is because there are those who celebrate it in a modern way and some are still using traditional methods. Similarly, with Russia. As the largest country in the world, there are various forms of celebrations that are held in celebrating Russian day.

One of the regions in Russia that has something impressive in celebrating Russian Day is Novgorod. Do you know about the reason why Russian Day in Novgorod is impressive? I think, there are still many of you who don’t know about it. To add information to you, this article will discuss about Russian Day in Novgorod; what makes it so impressive?

  • About Russian Day

Before discussing Russian Day in Novgorod, I will give a little information about Russian Day. About what Russian Day is and when it will take place.

Russian Day or before 2002 known as the Day of the adoption of the declaration of state sovereignty of the RSFSR was a declaration of Russian sovereignty. It is also the national holiday of the Russian Federation. Russian Day is celebrated on 12 June every year since 1992.

Russian Day also reflects the new political reality in Russia as well as about the national flag, national anthem and symbol of the country. Since it became a national holiday, schools and offices will be closed. If June 12 falls at the end of the week, then the holiday will be transferred on Monday.

  • Novgorod Is Russia’s Birthplace

When we talk about Russia, the cities that you often hear are Moscow and St. Petersburg. Whereas in Russia, there is a city called Russia’s birthplace. The city is Novgorod. It is a city between Moscow and St. Petersburg. Precisely at about 524 km northwest of Moscow and about 180 km southeast St. Petersburg.

Novgorod was the only and first republic in Russia. That is why Novgorod is said to be the birthplace of Russia. There is a lot of history that records about this city. It’s just that there are still many people or tourists who are not familiar with Novgorod. Maybe this can be one of the destinations you choose when you visit Russia on Russian Day.

  • Celebrate Russian Day by Enjoying Historic Views in Novgorod

Novgorod is known as a city that has a lot of places or historical sites. This is a city that was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992 as well as being the oldest city in Russia. When you come to Russia on Russian Day and want to enjoy the views of historical sites or sites there, you can visit Novgorod.

You can choose Novgorod as an alternative city for your visit other than Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities in Russia. It’s also a popular city destination on weekends. Novgorod is a suitable city for those of you who want to make another impression while celebrating Russian Day in Russia.

  • You Can Celebrate Russian Day More Calmly

When the Russian Day, major cities in Russia will celebrate the day with many activities. For example, parades, concerts, sports events and many others. The celebration will be held on a large scale and feels crowded. But unfortunately, not everyone likes the crowd atmosphere like that.

For those of you who don’t like the atmosphere that is too crowded on Russian Day, you can choose to come to Novgorod. There you can enjoy Russian Day with quieter. Well, even though there were still celebrations, it was much calmer compared to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

And maybe there are still some of Russian Day in Novgorod; what makes it so impressive that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about Russian Day in Novgorod; what makes it so impressive. What do you think about Russian Day in Novgorod? Impressive, right? Interested to come there?

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