13 Popular Menus For Foreigners In Russia

KhinkaliRussia is popular for its cuisine. They have all about dairy product, beef dish, and also alcohol drink. This country also has many visitors from all around the world. There are healthiest staple foods of Russian Cuisine such as Borsch and stroganoff.

For some visitors, they don’t know the dish that they have to eat, because there are many kinds of dish in the Russian Cuisine. All of the dishes are traditional dishes that are serves in modern way or still in the original taste. For your information when you are having trip in Russia, here are popular Menus for foreigner in Russia that you can try:

1. Borsch

This dish is always become the most popular dish. It feels incomplete if you come to Russia without trying this dish. Borsch is a meat and red – beet soup with creamy texture. It usually serves with potatoes, cabbage and sour cream. It also becomes a late night snack that popular in Russia. So you will easily get this dish such as ordering from a 24 hours food delivery in Russia.

2. Beef Stroganoff

Next dish is a dish made of beef meat and completed with herb, potatoes and sour cream. Stroganoff is considered as Old Russian Cuisine as part of their cuisine. This dish is suitable for eat when the weather is cold. It has a tender meat beef with creamy sauce made of sour cream with some kinds of herbs. It usually serves alongside potatoes or pasta. This dish is popular and you will find this dish in every restaurant and café in Russia.

3. Sweet and Sour Cabbage

Cabbage is a vegetable that common to use in Russia. Almost all menus have cabbage as the ingredients. This dish is made primary from cabbages that are cooked in red wine vinegar, applesauce, butter and onions and also Diced apples, sugar, bay leaves and cloves added on top. It taste sour and sweet in the same time that completed by the crunch cabbages. This dishes also one of the healthiest stale foods of Russian Cuisine, so you have to try this dish.

4. Solyanka Soup

This dish actually originated from Georgia. But in Russia it became a popular dish because it has a hearty taste. This dish is a hearty soup of beef or pork cooked with garlic, tomatoes, peppers, and carrots in a low flame for hours. You will feel at home when you try this dish because it just likes the traditional home of Russian cuisine. This soup also a good soup for overcomes your hangover.

5. Golubtsy

You may consider this dish as a snack since this dish is a shredded or minced beef wrapped in cabbage. These dishes usually boil or steamed until it cooked. It usually serves with sour cream on the top of the wrapped. This Golubstsy is a refreshes dish that will make you want more.  You may find this dish everywhere in the country including in the 24 hours food delivery in Russia.

6. Olivie

Even this dish looks so simple and has nothing special, but this dish is popular among Russian. This dish contains of potatoes, pickles, bologna, eggs and carrots mixed up in a bowl of Mayonnaise. This dish is always popular in Russia and as a foreigner visiting Russia you have to try this dish.

7. Blini

This is also one of the most popular dishes in Russia. Almost all visitors are eating this dish. Blini is a cake like crepe that made from unleavened dough that topped with many kinds of topping. The topping are not limited on sour or sweet topping. We can get caviar topping, apple topping or even vegetables topping. This dish usually eats for breakfast. You can get this dish everywhere even in a local restaurant.

8. Potato Okroshka

This dish is one of the favorite foods in Russia during summer. Blini is a cold soup made from buttermilk, potatoes and onions usually garnish with dill. The key of its delicious soup is the quality of the buttermilk and potatoes. And Russian potatoes are always the best for making Okroshka.

9. Knish

Knish is looks like a pastry. It made of mashed potatoes, ground beef, onion and cheese filled inside the thick dough pastry. What makes this different is you can find vary of topping and filling of this pastry from fish to olives. So while you are in Russia, it would be better if you taste this Knish.

10. Khinkali

It is a dumpling of ground beef and cilantro. It is similar to Chinese dumpling, but the filling inside are not cooked before wrapped with the dough. The filling, ground beef and cilantro are still raw when it boiled. That way, the juices are still trap inside so the taste is more delicious. You can find this dish in the most of Russian restaurant.

11. Khacapuri

Khacapuri is thick and crusty bread shaped like boat and filled with several of malted cheese. It usually fresh baked serve and have an egg to the topping. It tastes so delicious with much of cheese and egg. If you love o enjoy bread, you must try this dish while you are in Russia.

12. Zharkoye

This is a stew with sour cream. The stew are contains beef, potatoes, carrots, celery, parsley, and spiced with garlic, cloves and dill. This is one of the comfort food in Russia that you must to taste. This dish makes you feel live in a traditional Russian household. So, just try this dish to complete your trip.

13. Pelmeni

Visiting Russia is means eating Pelmeni. Pelmeni is one of the most popular dishes in Russia. Pelmeni is a kind of Russian Dumpling that popular among the bachelor, because it needs a low budget and flexible in the filling and ingredients. Originally, these dumplings are filled with meat, mushrooms and onion.

Those are some 13 popular menus for foreigner in Russia. If you visiting Russia, make sure to try those menus, and other menu that are not mention in this article such as Sashlik or Tula Gingerbread and many more.

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