Let’s Be Familiar with Russian Brushstrokes Cake: A Kind of Modern Russian Bakery

Are you among those who like to make desserts? If so, maybe you are love to make creations on the dessert that you make. Including making creations to decorate your cake to make it even more interesting. It will give satisfaction when the cake we make is beautiful, right?

Did you know that Russia has a unique way but also a beautiful way to decorate their cakes? The cake decoration looks very artistic. It is known as the Russian brushstrokes Cake.

Do you know about Russian Brushstrokes Cake? I think there are still many of you who don’t know that yet. For that, let’s be familiar with Russian Brushstrokes Cake: a kind of modern Russian bakery.

When decorating something, you certainly want to make it more attractive and more beautiful, right? Likewise, when you want to decorate the cake you made. You will certainly make the cake as beautiful as possible so that other people who see your cake will be impressed with your work.

There are many ways that you can do to make a cake that you make becomes more beautiful. Usually they will use various types of ingredients to make interesting cake toppings. Blending a variety of colors and techniques that each country has their own way.

Similarly, with Russia. There is one way to make your cake more beautiful. That method is called Russian Brushstrokes Cake. Did you ever know about Russian Brushstrokes Cake? Then how do you apply Russian Brushstrokes Cake to a cake that we have made?

I think there are still many of you who don’t know about Russian Brushstrokes Cake. In fact, this might seem unfamiliar to those of you who don’t know anything about any way to decorate a cake. Therefore, in this article we will discuss about … let’s be familiar with Russian Brushstrokes Cake: a kind of modern Russian bakery.

  • About Russian Brushstrokes Cake

Russian Brushstrokes Cake is actually a technique for designing a cake. This is a technique by giving decoration that resembles a 3D brush strokes. Russian Brushstrokes Cake comes from a cake shop in Moscow, Russia called Kalabasa. From this store, Russian Brushstrokes Cake was created.

Russian Brushstrokes Cake is also known as “brushstroke cake” and “feather cake”. This cake decorating technique gives a modern 3D impression. Some even add effects like paint splashes when applying this design. Only by using Russian Brushstrokes Cake can make your cake more attractive and more beautiful.

Russian Brushstrokes Cake is applied on a plain cake, both on one or more level cake. It really will make your cake decoration became more artistic and modern. You can add color gradations so that the cake you have made is more colorful.

  • The Ingredients Used to Make Russian Brushstrokes Cake

Russian Brushstrokes Cake can be made using chocolate or melted candy. Making Russian Brushstrokes Cake is actually not that difficult. You only need to slowly and neatly paint the melted chocolate or melting candy that you use. The ingredients to make it are easy to get at stores that sell cake making ingredients.

To be able to make Russian Brushstrokes Cake, there are many ways that you can find on the internet. There are many Russian Brushstrokes Cake creations that you can apply to your cake. Starting from the simplest to the most complicated. This is an ingredient for making simple Russian Brushstrokes Cake:

  1. Melted candy or white chocolate (you can choose it according to your taste)
  2. Food coloring (to give color if you use white chocolate)
  3. Food brush
  4. Parchment paper
  5. Cookie sheet

If you want to make a more complicated Russian Brushstrokes Cake decoration, you can add pieces of fruit, rose garnishes or other ingredients.

  • How To Make Russian Brushstrokes Cake

After knowing the ingredients, you need to make Russian Brushstrokes Cake, these are the steps you must take to make it:

  1. Choose several types of candy colors (if you use melted candy) or choose food coloring (if you use white chocolate) according to your taste.
  2. Put the ingredients in a different bowl. Put the ingredients in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes. If you use white chocolate, you can first melt the white chocolate before giving it color.
  3. Line sheet of cake with parchment paper. Then using a brush, brush the melted chocolate or candy on parchment paper. Do it repeatedly until it reaches a certain thickness.
  4. Put into the refrigerator until the brush strokes from chocolate or melted candy had hardened.
  5. Remove the brush strokes that have hardened slowly so as not to break.

Your Russian Brushstrokes Cake is ready to be used to decorate your cake. Regarding how you put it, you can adjust it as you wish.

  • How To Decorate Russian Brushstrokes Cake

Russian Brushstrokes Cake that you have made you can immediately use to decorate. You can attach the Russian Brushstrokes Cake with the help of cream to make it stick with the cake. You can arrange it in such a way both in terms of color gradations and places to make it look more artistic and look attractive.

Russian Brushstrokes Cake placed on top of the cake will make the decorations on the cake look like 3D. You can also add effects such as paint splashes on your cake after pasting Russian Brushstrokes Cake. Or you can also add pieces of fruit, fake flowers or others.

And maybe there are still some of all you need to know about the Russian Brushstrokes Cake that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all about … let’s be familiar with Russian Brushstrokes Cake: a kind of modern Russian bakery. Interested in making it yourself at home for your Russian cake?

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