The Level of Friendship for Russian People

Friendship is more than a pleasant company or closeness of interests. Friendship is a deep, sincere relationship that includes a whole range of emotions. Friendship is characterized by deep mutual understanding of people. This means the ability to communicate with each other almost without words, using gestures and facial expressions, to perceive and accurately understand […]

Raw Vegan Cake Shop in Moscow; Is It Possible to Find?

Vegetarianism is a way of diet that only includes nutrition of vegetable and dairy foods with the rejection of meat of animal origin (including poultry, fish and seafood). Some vegetarian options may exclude eggs and dairy products. Veganism is the most severe form of vegetarianism, excluding the consumption of all sorts of animal products. Vegan […]

How Much Time Do You Need to Bake Tvorozhnik?

Syrniki are what commonly known as fritters; fried cakes of cottage cheese mixed with flour or semolina and eggs. In Russia, this delicacy is also known as tvorozhnik. Syrniki are usually fried in vegetable oil, but some recipes require baking them in the oven. The recipe’s peculiarity is that the cottage cheese must be carefully […]

Why Leningradsky Cake is called the Russian Royal Cake?

In the USSR, the period of the mid-50s was marked by the heyday of the confectionery industry. The main assortment at that time was represented by biscuit products, which quickly became scarce goods. Other confectionery options were available in limited quantities, despite the growing demand and popularity of such products. A pleasant surprise for consumers […]

Why Russian Women Prefer to Wear Stilettos?

Everyone knows that Russian women are beautiful and take fashion very seriously. It is not unusual that they dress up as if they were going to a gala dinner in the Kremlin, but in fact they just decided to drop by the shops. High heels are a clear favorite, so Russian women can be seen […]

Smoking Rules That Newcomers in Russia Should Know

Smoking has always been one of the issues in the society, in many countries. There are common rules about smoking that is applied equally everywhere around the world such as prohibition to smoke in several public places, such as health facilities. The universal “no smoking” sign is also helpful for people who are foreign to […]

The Relations between Russia and North Korea

Diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea were established in 1948. They have a common border with a length of 39.4 km, including 17.3 km of the river along the Tumannaya River and 22.1 km of the sea (Sea of ​​Japan), through which the transport and telecommunication links between […]

Spetsnaz Selection Procedure; What Makes it Tough?

Spetsnaz is a Russian term for Special Forces prepared according to a special program for the formation of ground forces, aviation and navy, as well as border agencies, police, gendarmerie, internal troops, and troops of the National Guard designed to conduct special operations using special tactics and means. Considering the load of the duty, the […]

Historical Cathedrals in Pereslavl-Zalessky

Pereslavl-Zalessky is an old Russian city in the Yaroslavl region, 140 kilometers away from Moscow. It is located on the banks of the Trubezh River, in the place where it flows into Lake Pleshcheevo. Pereslavl is included in the popular tourist route “Golden Ring” and is famous for its well-preserved monuments of ancient Russian architecture […]

Have You Visited Arkhangela Gavrilla? Don’t Miss It when you’re in Pereslavl-Zalessky

Russia is the country of thousands churches. Most of them are very old and historical. Some of the churches in the country have the same name, usually after a saint. Arkhangela Gavrilla (Archangel Gabriel) is one of the saints whose name is taken for temple. There are about 52 Arkhangela Gavrilla Churches around Russia, including […]