4 Amazing Facts Of Memorial Mosque in Poklonnaya Hill Russia

Russia is one of the countries with the most muslim population in Europe. The majority of Muslim-populated territories exist in the Northern Caucasus region. In these areas there are many Islamic heritage sites that are still a favorite historical destination.

Moscow Memorial Mosque, Memorial Museum Mosque, Moscow mosque Memorial, Memorial Mosque in Poklonnaya Hill, Memorial Mosque in Minkskaya Street or in the Russian language and script Мемориальная мечеть, all the names are referring to the same mosque, the mosque Which was built in Victory Park on the Poklonnaya Hill Hill, Moscow City, Russia. Poklonnaya in Russian means ‘ to pay homage ‘ or ‘ to bow to the Sembah ‘. This hill is the highest elevation area in the city of Moscow, home to one of the four mosques in the city of Moscow.

The Russian government deliberately built Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hillas a memorial to the Second World War. The hill was indeed loaded with a history of Russian victory over the invasion of Napoleon Bonaparte. According to the meaning of his name, on top of this hill was built places of worship of various religions.

The Memorial Mosque was built on this hill in 1997 by the Government and Council of the Russian Mufti. In the same area also stands the Jewish synagogue, the Holocaust Memorial Synagogue and the Russian Orthodoxian Church, St George the Victorious. Victory or Pobedy in Russian is deliberately pinned to this park and in it was built a place of worship for the 3 great religions in Russia, as a symbol of the Russian unity.

Among the many Islamic relics in the past in Russia, the Memorial mosque is one of the most famous. This mosque survived more than a thousand years ago and until now moored firmly and still used to worship the local community. Here are some of the amazing facts of memorial mosque in poklonnaya hill russia which enter the most beautiful mosque in russia.

1. Tribute to Russian Muslim troops

The mosque is known as oldest mosques in russia – historical and beautiful, starting with the history of Russia’s victory in the Second World War engraved on this hill when the year 1941-1945 Russia seeks to defend its homeland from Nazi Germany’s invasion. Russia managed to get out of the big battle defending the homeland thanks to the victory of Muslim troops, Masjid Memorial was built by the Russian government as a tribute to the service of the Muslim forces, for the Russian existence.

The development process began on March 11, 1995 and was completed in 1997 on the initiative of the Russian Government and the Directorate of Islamic Religion of the Russian European Section (SDMER). On the building inscription explained:

“To commemorate the Muslim patriots who were killed in a great patriotic war. The son and daughter of Mother Earth of multi nations. With this the Memorial Mosque began to be established on the initiative of the Moscow Government and the Directorate of Islamic Religious Affairs of the Russian section of Europe “was held on March 11, 1995.

At present the Moscow Memorial Mosque opens for visits from any party including non-Muslim visitors. The mosque is derived from various backgrounds both inside and outside of Russia. The official visit of group Group of tourists was well served by the caretaker.

Imam Masjid also periodically give public lecture (Ta’lim) for both the congregation and for non-Muslim visitors who are interested. The Memorial Mosque was inaugurated on September 6, 1997 along with the 850-year anniversary of Moscow city.

2. Moscow Memorial Mosque Design

This is the place that holds a lot of history of muslim culture in russia. This Memorial mosque in Moscow was designed by the famous Moscow architect, Iliyas Tajiev.  He designed this mosque quite uniquely by combining various architectural designs from the eastern Mosque in its exterior including the art of Tatar culture, Uzbek and Caucasus.

To make Memorial Masjid as one of the mosques with the most original architectural design of the mosque in Moscow. Community activities and Madrasah are also held at the Memorial Mosque. All supporting activities Besides worship activities are conducted on three floors under the mosque including the utility room, the residence of Imam Masjid, classrooms and Ta’lim.

Given the big gate in front of this mosque we will find similarities with the gate of Masjid in central Asia Central For example can be seen at the gate of Bukhara Mosque, Uzbekistan. The tower of the mosque with its square rod, the top of the diamond-shaped spire is typical of the Tatar mosque tower, such as the example can be seen in the tower of Eupatoria mosque, Crimea in Ukraine or in the Qulsharif Kazan mosque. The architecture of this building is a blend of the Memorial mosque face that has a strong charisma. So besides beautiful, this mosque is also known as most unique mosques in russia.

3. Masjid Memorial, Moscow’s activity

The Memorial Mosque is true and lively during the holy month of Ramadan. Every year the mosque organizes events titled  “Ramadan tent ” or “Ramadan tent “. This event is the same as Iftar together in the homeland. Only if in Indonesia Iftar together event in the mosque is usually held in the mosque, in this mosque is held in tents, such as dinner parties, which has just held at the right time. Of course that makes this mosque as best places in moscow for muslim traveler.

Interestingly again this event is completely open to anyone, of any religion can join enjoying Iftar meal. This Vibrant event has become one of the official agenda of the Moscow city government. As the official government event, organizers were also sponsored by the Moscow government. In the Muslim event of Bukber, the scholars, Muftiyat, pastor and caretaker of the mosque joined together the congregation to complete the event.

4. Four mosques for two million Muslims

Moscow is indeed a capital of a very shortage of mosques when compared to the increasing level of need. The imam of the Historical Moscow Mosque, Imam Shamil Khazrat Alyautdinov, commented on this, “Moscow is the only place in the world where more than a million Muslims are served only by four mosques. We lacked a place of worship. Muslims are allowed to pray in the Church of Russian Orthodox churches, but we chose not to carry out the suggestions too extreme”

Above are some of the amazing facts of memorial mosque in poklonnaya hill russia,, there are actually still many mosques that you need to know as most beautiful mosques in russia. Thank you for reading and hopefully can give you more knowledge about Russian culture

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