Visiting Russia A Lot, How Much Do We Know about the Villager’s Life?

Many people think that it is a terrible idea to live in some under-developed village while modern city life can give a person with almost everything that one could imagine. However, such intense and rushing way of life is not for everyone. There are many people who do not pursue a crazy luxury and success and just want their life to be plain and simple. In this case, a village is the right place to spend your life if you are in search of serenity.

People living in the village have everything for their minimum needs of life. They are just happy with the needs of their living. They are always sufficed with fresh vegetables, fruits, water, fish, and clear air. It is the simplicity, tranquility, and natural beauty that make the village life unique and special. Villages also play an important role to preserve the national traditions. People living in the village usually hold a lot of festivals and fairs where they reflect the wealth of their culture.

Life in Russia’s Villages

Russia’s rural area is perfect for active holidays, cooking and living amidst nature, though it is much tougher for people who live there. In Russia’s villages, women sow, reap, and do everything else, too. They dig the vegetable patch, look after the house, bring up the children, are able to stop a runaway horse, and then go into a burning wooden peasant hut called izba. No one refers them to women for they are all known as peasant woman or baba.

The rural area is typically small but it is still a nice place to live with several large wooden houses located in the distance. The villagers tend to spend more time in their houses than in other places. Houses in the village are usually larger than those in the city and have private garden lots. The routine of life in Russia’s villages has scarcely changed over generations. The main concerns continue to be the weather, the livestock, and the condition of their crops.

We might have been visiting Russia a lot, how much do we know about the villager’s life? It is time to check out.

Prosperous and Quiet Life

The life in Russia’s villages is very beautiful. Unlike in the ancient time, the villages today are now prosperous since farming is back in action. If you live in a rural area, your neighbors will be ready to help you because they all need human support in all activities. These villages are former regional centers and have probably lost many inhabitants. However, fret not, many areas like the regional centers already have public buildings such as public school and hospital, small grocery, and restaurants.

During the winter, life will be very quiet. Farming operations are halted through the livestock is still managed. In some villages, the temperature during January – February may drop down to minus 30 degree Celsius. In this case, the animals must be warmed and fed. People in a flat or dwelling will gather around a Russian samovar and would spend a lot of time talking and enjoying the tea and snacks.

During dinner, they will serve the soup as the dish and everyone may take a long time to finish eating. Periodically, people would go to the bathhouse to take a steam bath and enjoy their time in such a facility.

Even though nature is harsh and there are not enough jobs, on the flip side, you get to have pristine forests and great rivers, a feeling of freedom, and a strong sense of community between the villagers. Many young people move to developed cities looking for a job and a better life, but they always carry their small villages in their hearts.

What to Do in the Countryside

  • You can go fishing. You do not need to plan fishing trips months in advance like when you are in the city. In the countryside, it is possible to stroll along the local river, pond, or stream with a rod and spend a few hours to get a meditative solitude.
  • You can pick some berries and mushrooms. Both products may be hard to come by in the city. Groceries sell them but there are not many other places to afford. In the countryside, you can simply wander around the nearest woods, hedgerow or forest edge, and Mother Nature will serve you with a fully stocked stillroom of foods. Foraging is an adventure as well as appetite pleaser. Finding berries and a big mushroom is just as exciting as fishing.
  • You can have a BBQ time anytime and anywhere. If you are in the city, in order to have a BBQ time, you have to find a place where you can barbecue legally, all the while bringing a load of equipment around. At the village house, you can simply walk out the back door into the private garden and roast the meat while basking in the sun. You do not need to go anywhere and your neighbors will not be angry about the smell or the fire because, in all likelihood, they will probably be doing exactly the same.
  • You can work in the garden. In the summer, try to reach for empty pots to plant up. You can either go with daffodils or tulips. Or you can try a hedge of roses like the old English country house. Either way, your garden is a blank canvas and you can always get creative in it.

Village Day Celebration

Village Day is the festival of Russia’s rural towns or villages. It is a combination of traditional ceremonies, modern trends, and legacy Soviet rituals. It is celebrated on August 2. The villagers celebrate it by laying the tables, preparing funny performances, inviting local musicians, and dancing all night long in the Palaces of Culture. They also bring back the old rural traditions such as the best pie awards and the competition between mowers.

Visiting Russia a lot, how much do we know about the villager’s life? Now, the answer is we do know.

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