4 Facts About National Unity Day in Russia

The Unity Day is celebrated in Russia every November 4th. It is also a general public holiday which means on that day every school, office, and business will be closed so that everyone can come together and celebrate this important day together. It is said that the holiday is relatively new because it has only […]

All You Should Know About the Afisha Picnic Outdoor Festival

This is another festival you should definitely catch in the summer when you’re in Russia. Just by the name of it, Afisha Picnic, you can already tell that it is held outdoor with nice picnic-y summery feels to it. This event is one of the biggest in Russia and popular internationally too. The highlight of […]

Worth to Know Facts about Nashestvie Rock Festival in Russia

Music has always been a great thing to bring people together. They say it’s a universal language that can be understood even when one doesn’t speak the native tongue of the lyrics. Then, just like a great tree, music branches itself to accommodate different tastes by dividing the genre that then bind together people who […]

Brief Guide You Should Know Before Going to Russian Nashestvie Festival

Summer in Russia doesn’t last really long, and that’s why it’s always packed with outdoor events while it lasts. One of the most famous is this Russian rock festival known as Nashestvie Festival. The event is usually held around July or August for two to three days. Dubbed as the “Russian Woodstock”, Nashestvie calls for […]