Family Phrases in Russian Language

In this lesson we gonna talk about Family words and phrases in Russian. By learning words and phrases about family you will allow yourself to talk about family, which is a popular topic of daily conversation in Russia. To give you a glimpse on what kind of conversation you can make to talk about family, you […]

Telling Time in Russian Language

1. From the full hour to half past If you want to answer the time between the full hour and half past, you don’t say ‘fifteen past twelve’, but you say ‘It is fifteen minutes of the first’. The hour from twelve to one is called первый час (‘the first hour’); from one to two is […]

The List Of Russian Verbs of Motion With Prefixes

After learn about List of Russian verbs of motion with prefixes, now in this article we are going to give you more knowledge about The List of Russian Verbs of Motion With Prefixes. First thing first, you must understand that verbs of motion without prefixes are imperfective, meanwhile verbs of motion with prefixes are perfective. You can look through here […]

The difference between Идти and Ходить as Russian Verbs of Motion

Verbs that show motion are called Verbs of Motion. We suggest you to find list of Russian motion verbs also. In between the list of verbs of motion, you will find the number one list words are Идти and Ходить. Both Идти and Ходить have a same meaning which are go/walk by foot. What makes them […]