What Makes Lake Seliger Is Being Enchantment To Visit In Winter?

When you are going to Russia for the winter holiday, there are many activities you can do. For example, since the weather is pretty cold, you can warm yourself up by visiting the banya (bathhouse and sauna). This is a way of keeping your body warm while at the same time experiencing Russians’ culture. Why? Because dating back to the pre-revolutionary days, the sauna was the place where people from all classes would mingle together. People would be sitting together, chatting, and enjoying the time together.

What also interesting to do during winter in Russia is riding in a troika. This traditional three-horse sleigh would take you traveling the formal garden of Catherine The Great’s palace. The area is very large. During the wintertime, the ground of the garden will be covered with snow. So you can enjoy looking around while riding on the troika while having yourself covered with a furry coat.

Besides those activities, there are still many things to do and places to visit during winter. Among those things, there is a place called Lake Seliger. This is another attraction popular among tourists. So what makes Lake Seliger is being enchantment to visit in winter? Let’s find out!

Wintertime At Lake Seliger

When you are thinking about going on holiday, you might be thinking that wintertime is not a great time to go. But, this thought should be forgotten. If you want to try going on vacation during the cold weather, you must put Lake Seliger is one of the options. Here are the reasons of what makes Lake Seliger is being enchanted to visit in winter.

  • Hiking In The Forest

Lake Seliger is located in the Ostashkovsky District of Tver Oblast. This 212-square-kilometer lake has many small islands. Besides that, it is also surrounded by forests where you can find various kinds of plants, such as pine woods, berries, and mushrooms. Now you can imagine how beautiful the Lake Seliger is for its being located within picturesque forests and hills.

With the forest and hill landscape, hiking in the area of the lake will be something challenging. It will not be too hard. You will also forget of being tired because, during the hiking, you will be distracted by the beautiful and various plants around. The wintertime will serve you with a low temperature of weather but since you are doing physical activity, you will keep your body warm.

  • Staying At Ostashkov

There is one town located on Lake Seliger named Ostashkov. This city is a very popular resort among other cities in Central Russia. Staying at this resort during the winter would give you the experience of enjoying the winter view. In this town, there are many buildings dated back years ago. Wooden cottages, Soviet-Era apartment blocks, and crumbling churches.

It is really easy to go around the city since there are railway system and buses. Besides that, there is access to the M10 highway, which is a federal highway in Russia, that connects this city with Moscow and Saint Petersburg. With the easy access to enjoy many sides of the city, it would be great for you to visit Ostashkov’s many cultural heritage monuments during your winter vacation. There are 125 monuments and 118 local culture and historical treasury. If you want to learn more about Ostashkov’s history, you can go to the Ostashkov District Museum where you can find out about not only local history but also ethnography.

  • Far From The City

For you city people, during your winter vacation, it will be great for you to go far away from the city, where you can get some relax time while enjoying nature. If you want to feel this experience, Lek Seliger is your next destination. This lake, which is one of the largest lakes in Russia, is located 400 kilometers from Moscow. It is formed by a glacier and has more than 500 kilometers long of coastline.

If you want to enjoy the feel of nature, instead of staying at a hotel, you can camp on the lakeside. For your adventurous soul, it is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. With the abundance of the gree forest surrounding you, you will breathe the freshest air during the wintertime. Yes, the weather will be cold but you can keep your body warms with your warm and comfortable coat. It will be also fun for you to camp and build a campfire. While sitting around it, you can have some meals. There are many stores and markets where you can find the local’s favorite, the smoked fish.

Now we know what makes Lake Seliger is being enchantment to visit in winter. So, spend your next winter there!

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