6 Weirdest Traditions Of The Celebration Of Russian Wedding

Marriage is something that lovers really want. Marriage is the union of two people who love each other to form a happy home for life. So that marriage is considered as something very sacred and respected. Marriage always has traditions in accordance with the culture of both parties. These traditions certainly have their own meaning […]

How to Marry a Russian Man in Two Months

Getting a Russian man can be more difficult compare to getting a Russian woman or girl. This is due to the fact that there are more women than men. Women occupies 53.7% of the total population in Russia, while men occupies the rest. There are about 10.5 million more women than men. The decline in […]

11 Beautiful and Unique Russian Wedding Traditions

Like many weddings throughout the world, Russian wedding is full of traditions. Prior to the wedding day, they should rent bridal dress and groom’s suit and buy several accessories. They also need to rent a vehicle which is usually a limo, book a restaurant where the celebration will take place and hire photographer and cameraman. […]

Wedding in Russian Style (The Symbol of Joy and Prosperity)

  There is tradition, ritual and style at wedding ceremony (read also the bread and salt in wedding tradition). Since the old time until today, the tradition at wedding has still practice, but some, there is changed in the practice due to modernization and mix and blend with other cultures. Every country has tradition in […]

The Meaning of Bread and Salt in Russian Wedding Tradition

Marriage is a sacred event when man and husband are bound in a holy agreement. The bride and groom are stated their promise to love and keep each other till the end of life. Every country has own wedding tradition, such as bread and salt in Russian wedding tradition. Bread and salt also become symbol […]

Wedding Tradition in Russian Orthodox Church

Everyone knows the word “marriage” has Slavic roots and means “to be with.” Married couples, that’s the name of a horse in a bundle, our distant ancestors. According to Orthodox law, after married couples join church marriages, they become “one flesh”. One is in their desires, pleasures and sufferings. The wedding ceremony is one of […]