Why Do Russian People Need Webasto to Drive in Winter?

When you are going to Russia, what do you think is going to happen first? Yes, you will feel the cold temperature right away on your skin. The weather in Russian in general consists of 2 types of temperature, low and high. It is described as the continental influenced climate where the summer can be very warm and even very hot. While winter can be very cold. It is not only hot but also accompanied by strong easterly winds (called Buran) and heavy snowball.

Most places in Russia are very cold during winter. Take Siberia as an example. This spot has an extreme climate, very cold winter and hot short summer. It can be very dangerous during the winter. Dangerous in the sense of your health because the temperature can get as low as -35 C. Winter is very dry weather with snows covered the ground from end October to mid-march. Can you imagine being in strong winds and snowstorms during in Russia?

If you still want to enjoy the cold weather of Russia but do not want to suffer from it, you can go to the northern part of Russia. There, the winter is shorter. The ones in the north and northeastern areas along the Black Sea have mild winters. On the other side, they have frequent rainfalls all over the year. The most important thing is you have to make sure that you wear heavyweight clothing. The winter can be freezing so you would want to wear the thickest clothing you have.

Besides wearing thick clothing, you need to find other ways to keep yourself warm. When you are going all over the city, riding in your car, for example, you are going to need an extra thing to keep you warm. This is why you need Webasto. What is it? Why do Russian people need Webasto to drive in winter? Here are the explanations.

Webasto For Driving In Winter

You can wear all the thick clothes and coats you have and have warm beverages. But when you are driving during winter, you would need a Webasto. So here is the answer to the question “why do Russian people need Webasto to drive in winter?”

  • Keep You Warm

Originally, Webasto is a company from Germany. Then Russia has a subsidiary called Webasto Rus. This company is focusing on providing air conditioners, and most importantly for the wintertime, air heater. This tool is provided for all kinds of cars and buses.

Air heater is indeed necessary during the cold weather. As the leading manufacturer if this particular tool, you will get an excellent service. Not only will they seel you the air heater, but also they will help to install it in your car. You do not need to worry if you need any help after the day of your purchasing. The staff is ready to give you the after service.

  • The World’s Coldest Town

There is a town in Russia called Oymyakon. This is a remote area, a part of the Russia region of Yakutia, a part of Siberia. Oymyakon is recognized as the world’s coldest inhabited town. Being named like that is not without any reason. During the wintertime last year, this town reached the temperature as low as -88 C. Can you imagine? It is even colder than the average temperature on Mars! How fascinating!

Sadly, this extreme winter has cause casualties. Two men were riding in a car which unfortunately broken down. They were forced to walk to ask for help but then could not make it because of the super cold weather.

It is common for students in this area to still go to school even when the temperature is as cold as -40 C. But after that incident and considering the weather, thankfully, the school was canceled all through the week. Households and all businesses are keeping their places warm with the work of the central heating. They all also have the backup power generators ready.

Now we know that air heater is an important thing during the cold weather. So when we are asked, why do Russian people need Webasto to drive in winter? Their extremely cold weather is the answer. We should never risk our health especially when the weather is being uncommon.

We are all aware that Russia has one of the coldest winters. As one of the tourists’ destinations, you might want to visit and spend some time in one of the cities. If you travel during winter and want to ride your car to get yourself and your family from one place to another, just remember to have the Webasto installed in your car.

The Unique Things of Winter Season Philosophy According to Russian View

When you go to the 4-season countries, you will have the experience of enjoying four different kinds of weather. In general, it is divided into two types of weather, cold and warm. Many people from those 4-season countries like warm or hot weather. That is why during winter, they usually will “move” to another place where they can get some sunshine on their skin. They usually complain about not being able to resist the biting freeze of the weather that makes it uneasy for them to survive their everyday’s life. Yes, they can stay inside the warmth of their house, lighting up the fireplace, and covering themselves with the blanket. But, they would miss going outside and do some outdoor activities.

We all know how cold the winter is in Russia. Most of the parts of the countries have long and cold winters while the summer is brief. The temperature between summer and winter is so widely different. In January, it can reach a temperature of 6 C while in May-September it can be around 23-25 C. In general, we can say that it is never really warm in Russia. In spite of that, if we ask Russians about their opinion of winter, they will have the same answer. They all love it! They have worse winter conditions in comparison with the other parts of the world but it is still their favorite time. Why? Here are the unique things of winter season philosophy according to the Russian view.

Russian’s Love Towards The Winter Season

While many people are struggling to enjoy winter, Russians are loving it! The unique things of winter season philosophy according to the Russian view will help us to understand their love of winter. We might also be inspired by it that it can help us to also love winter

  • The Joy Brought By The Snowflakes

You can go to any part of Russia during winter and feel the biting freeze of the weather on your skin. For example, go to Moscow and the bitterly cold winter accompanied by its quite dry temperature will make you realize that this is a unique experience of winter. Wearing your warmest, longest coat is a must, as well as your boots and hats.

Imagine that above condition and how Russians love it! For them, especially when the snow starts to fall, the snowflakes bring joy all over Russia. They state that even joy can bring life to the ground. They will happily climb mountains covered in snow just to visit their families and friends. For them, snow and winter are two beautiful things that they can enjoy and are happy to be around with. They cannot give you a specific reason. You will hear the same explanation that they love the winter because it is beautiful and that period is the most joyous time of the year.

  • The Historical Reason

Russians’ love towards winter also has a historical story in it. Allen F. Chew, an author that studies winter warfare in Russia, states that winter contributed significantly to the military invasion of Napoleon’s and Hitler’s army in Russia.

Winter warfare is the condition where snow, ice, or thawing conditions of both combinations affects military operations. This condition, after being studied more, is proved to be the decisive factor of the failure of some invasions. Some of the failures happened are the French Invasion of Russia in 1812, the Soviet invasion of Finland in 1939, and the German Invasion of the Soviet Union on World War II.

Chew noted that even before winter, Napoleon’s armies were already suffering from attrition. This got worse because of their supplies were getting short. They also got some diseases that caused more casualties during the war. You can only imagine how the condition got worse during the winter.

The same condition happened to Hitler’s united armed forces (Wehrmacht). Even before the winter was coming, they were short of 734.000 armies and running low of supplies. The cold weather caused them to get even shorter members of the army. The aftermath shows that the winter played a significant factor in making the failure of the invasion.

  • The Beautiful Sight

Walking around the city during winter will give you different kind of beautiful than the one you see in summer. If you are in Kazan, you can walk around from one historical building to others, such as the Kremlin Kazan and the church. This is one of the unique things of winter season philosophy according to the Russian view. They love it because what are the other perfect combinations besides enjoying the view of the historical and architectural buildings besides sightseeing during winter?

Russian Winter Funny Jokes; The Way of Russian Survival in Winter

During the wintertime, the cold weather might make you want to complain all the time. You might feel that the low temperature makes it difficult to do most of the things. If the snow is falling during winter, it will block the street and makes you have a hard time to access many places, or even to get out of your house.

Like many people, during winter you will try to do things to warm up your body. If you are inside your house and want to make the inside of your house warm, you can turn on the fireplace. Sit in front of the fireplace while covering your self with the blanket. It is comfortable, right?

Another way to keep yourself warm is by consuming warm food or drinks. The easiest one to make is hot chocolate. This is one of the most favorite beverages all over the world during winter. You can easily find some chocolate powder at the market and make it for yourself and your family in the comfort of your home.

Besides those things, there is another thing you can do to make it through the winter. This one is making Russian winter funny jokes. This is the way of Russian survival in winter. So what are some of the Russians’ winter jokes we can share among us? Here are some of it.

Russian’s Winter Jokes

Laughing is the best medicine for people who are feeling blue. But, for Russians, laughing together at their winter jokes is also the way to survive the wintertime. Buckle up! Here are some of Russia’s funny winter jokes, the way of Russian survival in winter.

  • No Sun For A Month

Murmansk, a part of Russia’s northernmost regions, has a worse winter than the other parts of Russia. Why? The people there have to survive the polar night during winter and they will not see the sun for more than a month. This is where this joke comes from

Q: What does the police in Murmansk say to a suspect?

A: “where were you on the night of September to March?”

  • Winter Never Ends

When you are in Russia, you feel like wintertime is a very long time. This is what inspires this joke:

Throughout the winter, Russians are looking forward to spring to come. When spring is there, Russians are looking forward to winter to end.

A Chukotka (a very cold region in the Far East of Russia) guy buys a fridge. His friend is in shock seeing him buy a fridge.

Q: Why do you need a fridge? The weather is already cold enough!

A: I did not buy it for the food. I bought it for myself! It is only -4 C inside the fridge while it is -40 C outside. I can warm myself up inside the fridge!

  • The Freezing Weather

The freezing climate in Russia is the reason no enemy is coming.

What a shame! How come there is no foreign enemy who wants to invade Moscow? All of these magnificent frosts are going to waste!

There is also a joke on how to keep yourself healthy during winter.

It is winter. There is a corporate meeting in one of the Russians’ office. But, 95% of the employees are not coming. The boss says:

Q: Mr. Ivanov, could you please share a tip to keep yourself healthy during the cold weather?

A: It is very simple. I never go outside for a cigarette. I just secretly smoke on the stairs.

What Happens All Over The World During Winter

20 oC Greeks put on their sweaters

15 oC Hawaiian are turning on the heaters (do they have it?)

10 oC Americans shivers. Russians are planting cucumbers.

5 oC Russians drive with their car’s windows down

O oC water freezes in America while it thickens in Russia

-5 oC cars in French cannot function

-10 oC people are going on vacation to Australia

-20 oC cars in America cannot function. People in Alaska wear long sleeves.

– 40 oC cars in Sweeden cannot function. Russians are enjoying hot tubs

– 60 oC polar bears are moving to the south

– 70 oC hell freezes

– 80 oC lawyers put their hands inside their pockets

– 114 oC alcohol starts to freeze

– 273 oC Russians wear boots

– 295 oC Russians win the world championship.

Those are the Russian winter funny jokes. This is the way of Russian survival in winter we can learn to keep ourselves warm in the cold weather.

Quiet Winter In Kazan, What Things To Do

Kazan is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Russia. The city with 1.243.500 people of the population is the 6th populous city in Russia. What makes this city has a beautiful view is it’s being located at the confluence of the Volga and Kazanka rivers.

You are going to have a fun experience of going around the city of Kazan. Since 2013, the bicycle sharing system was launched in Kazan. There are 100 bicycles provided with 7 self-service bicycle docking. It is very easy to access this transportation. The only requirement is you have to be at least 16 years old and sign up at www.velik.ru, then but a subscription to decide how long you are going to use the bike. The first 30 minutes of the rent is free, after that, you have to pay based on the charge applied.

Besides that, indeed there are many kinds of public transportation. If you prefer to use the bus where you can enjoy the view of the city, there are 91 routes provided. There is also an electric bus (trolleybus) that covers 14 routes. Tram and metro are also among the transportations you can ride on to go all over the city.

Going to Kazan for your vacation is indeed a great choice. If you want to go there during summer, you will find the warm and sunny weather very relaxing. You can also enjoy a quiet winter there. If you are going to spend a quiet winter in Kazan, here are what things to do there.

Quiet Winter In Kazan

What else can be so relaxing other than spending a quiet winter in Kazan? Although the weather is cold, it does not mean you would not be able to enjoy your holiday. Here are the things you can do in Kazan during the wintertime

  • Pneumocushion Boats

Because Kazan is located near the Volga and Kazanka rivers, this city has the benefit to build the waterways system. During the winter, you can enjoy the river sight while riding on the pneumocushion boats. This boat is usually used in raising and cruising but nowadays you can find the ones that used for recreational purposes. You can find the one-seater boat, as well as the ones that can carry up to four people. This is one of the best ways to spend a quiet winter in Kazan. What things to do in Kazan during the wintertime? Just ride on the boat with your families and friends, and be fascinated by the mesmerizing view of your surroundings.

  • The Kazan Kremlin

When you are thinking about winter weather and going on vacation during that time, what is the thing popping up in your mind first? Imagine you are in Kazan. You want to spend a quiet winter in Kazan, what things to do? To spend a relaxing time there, you can stroll around the city and observe the architecture of this area. One of the most visited ones is The Kazan Kremlin. This spot was named a World Heritage Site in 2000. This complex has many old buildings. Among those historical buildings, one of the most outstanding is the Soyembika Tower which is also recognized as the Khan’s mosque.

As one of the most familiar architectural symbol of Kazan, this tower was used to be the highest structure. Legend says that it only took a week to build this tower during the reign of Ivan The Terrible. Rumor has it that the Kazan queen Soyembika threw herself from the highest part of the tower. That is why the tower named the Soyembika Tower.

  • Baumana Street

When you want to spend a quiet winter in Kazan, one of the things to do is to stroll around the city. The best place to do so is to go to Baumana Street, a pedestrian street located in the heart of Kazan. The name “Baumana” is originally inspired by Nikolay Baumana, a Russian revolutionary. Thanks to its being located in the central part of the city, you will cover the foot of the Kremlin to Tukay Square, the central square of the city.

This street alone provides you with beautiful multicolored bricks. You will find many benches where you can sit and relax for a while. Two lines of lanterns are decorated along the street. What also makes the street pretty is the yellowish linden flowers planted on Baumana Street. Many kinds of fairs and festive presentations are found all over this pedestrian street.

Now you know that quiet winter in Kazan is something worth to spend for your vacations. Don’t forget to put those places to visit next time you are in Kazan!

What Makes Lake Seliger Is Being Enchantment To Visit In Winter?

When you are going to Russia for the winter holiday, there are many activities you can do. For example, since the weather is pretty cold, you can warm yourself up by visiting the banya (bathhouse and sauna). This is a way of keeping your body warm while at the same time experiencing Russians’ culture. Why? Because dating back to the pre-revolutionary days, the sauna was the place where people from all classes would mingle together. People would be sitting together, chatting, and enjoying the time together.

What also interesting to do during winter in Russia is riding in a troika. This traditional three-horse sleigh would take you traveling the formal garden of Catherine The Great’s palace. The area is very large. During the wintertime, the ground of the garden will be covered with snow. So you can enjoy looking around while riding on the troika while having yourself covered with a furry coat.

Besides those activities, there are still many things to do and places to visit during winter. Among those things, there is a place called Lake Seliger. This is another attraction popular among tourists. So what makes Lake Seliger is being enchantment to visit in winter? Let’s find out!

Wintertime At Lake Seliger

When you are thinking about going on holiday, you might be thinking that wintertime is not a great time to go. But, this thought should be forgotten. If you want to try going on vacation during the cold weather, you must put Lake Seliger is one of the options. Here are the reasons of what makes Lake Seliger is being enchanted to visit in winter.

  • Hiking In The Forest

Lake Seliger is located in the Ostashkovsky District of Tver Oblast. This 212-square-kilometer lake has many small islands. Besides that, it is also surrounded by forests where you can find various kinds of plants, such as pine woods, berries, and mushrooms. Now you can imagine how beautiful the Lake Seliger is for its being located within picturesque forests and hills.

With the forest and hill landscape, hiking in the area of the lake will be something challenging. It will not be too hard. You will also forget of being tired because, during the hiking, you will be distracted by the beautiful and various plants around. The wintertime will serve you with a low temperature of weather but since you are doing physical activity, you will keep your body warm.

  • Staying At Ostashkov

There is one town located on Lake Seliger named Ostashkov. This city is a very popular resort among other cities in Central Russia. Staying at this resort during the winter would give you the experience of enjoying the winter view. In this town, there are many buildings dated back years ago. Wooden cottages, Soviet-Era apartment blocks, and crumbling churches.

It is really easy to go around the city since there are railway system and buses. Besides that, there is access to the M10 highway, which is a federal highway in Russia, that connects this city with Moscow and Saint Petersburg. With the easy access to enjoy many sides of the city, it would be great for you to visit Ostashkov’s many cultural heritage monuments during your winter vacation. There are 125 monuments and 118 local culture and historical treasury. If you want to learn more about Ostashkov’s history, you can go to the Ostashkov District Museum where you can find out about not only local history but also ethnography.

  • Far From The City

For you city people, during your winter vacation, it will be great for you to go far away from the city, where you can get some relax time while enjoying nature. If you want to feel this experience, Lek Seliger is your next destination. This lake, which is one of the largest lakes in Russia, is located 400 kilometers from Moscow. It is formed by a glacier and has more than 500 kilometers long of coastline.

If you want to enjoy the feel of nature, instead of staying at a hotel, you can camp on the lakeside. For your adventurous soul, it is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. With the abundance of the gree forest surrounding you, you will breathe the freshest air during the wintertime. Yes, the weather will be cold but you can keep your body warms with your warm and comfortable coat. It will be also fun for you to camp and build a campfire. While sitting around it, you can have some meals. There are many stores and markets where you can find the local’s favorite, the smoked fish.

Now we know what makes Lake Seliger is being enchantment to visit in winter. So, spend your next winter there!

3 Most Attractive Landmarks In Adler For Tourism Purposes

When we are traveling to another city or country, we must want to see the landmarks of the area. The landmarks are what distinguished each places from the other. It will also give us a certain memory of the place we have visited. For example, when you are going to New York, just like other tourists, you are going to put the Statue of Liberty in your to-visit list. This landmark is a colossal neoclassical sculpture which is located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. This 93-meter statue has been one of New York’s most visited landmarks. You do not need to worry that you are not going to have enough time to visit this spot when you are in New York. This landmark opens every day from 8.30 am until 4 pm.

Just like New York, Tokyo also has its attractive landmarks. One of the famous ones is The Tokyo Imperial Palace. The main area of this site is closed for visitors because the royal family still lives there. But, the good news is, you can still visit the Imperial Palace East Garden. You do not need to pay to enter the garden. Just make sure that you come on the right day and time because it is closed on Mondays and Fridays. Other than that, you can come to visit between 9 am and 4.30 pm.

When you go to Russia, each city has its characteristics and histories showed by its landmarks. These places should be on the next destinations of your next vacation. So, here are 3 most attractive landmarks in Adler for tourism purposes.

Attractive Landmarks In Adler

As a tourist, you have to make sure that you go to the famous destinations of the city you are visiting. When you are in Adler, here are some of its most attractive landmarks in Adler for tourism purpose

  • Fisht Olympic Stadium

This stadium became popular when Russia became the host of the World Cup in 2018. Many people traveled to Adler so they could watch their favorite football teams playing here. Tourist gives great reviews about this place. It is very easy to get to the stadium. You can either take the train or the bus. When you get there and you find it difficult to find your seat, no need to worry! The staff is ready to help you. The modern and well-build landmark has a capacity of around 45.000 seats. Wherever you sit, you have a great view.

There are some facilities in the stadium. For example, there are food and drink stalls where you can buy some of your snacks at reasonable prices. The toilets are also well maintained. This stadium’s strategic location is proved by the city attractions you can find nearby. There are a park and a skiing area next to the stadium. So, after you are done watching your favorite match, you can easily move to your next destinations.

  • Ice Dome Bolshoi

Many people are traveling so that they can watch their favorite sports match. For example, if you like tennis and would like to watch the Grand Slams, you can go to Melbourne where the Australian Open is held annually at the beginning of the year. If you like hockey, going to Ice Dome Bolshoi is an excellent decision.

This arena, just like the Fisht Olympic Stadium, is very accessible.  You can easily find the entrance and exit doors. The excellent services provided by the stadium makes many tourists want to come back again. To make the next visit easier, some of the tourists choose to stay in a hotel near the Ice Dome Bolshoi. The closest one is the Omega Sirius Park, a hotel located less than 1 kilometer from the dome. You can also find some cafes in the same area. But, if you want to move to the next destinations right away, you can go to some of the nearby attractions, such as The Ice Dome Bolshoi, The Iceberg Skating Palace, or The Electrical Museum of Nikola Tesla.

  • Light and Music Fountain

There are indeed many sporting areas in Adler. But, besides that, there are also other places where you can spend your time relaxing, such as the Light and Music Fountain. As one of the most attractive landmarks in Adler for tourism purposes, you can watch the light show and the fountain playing in sync with the music. The music they are playing varies from popular to classical. The show starts at 6 pm. You can just sit on the bench there and enjoy your time listening to the music and seeing the beautiful lights.

What Makes Adler Very Interesting To Visit In Winter?

There are many places to visit in Russia. Moscow, its capital city, is where the tourists usually go. There, you can find some tourist attractions such as The Kremlin and the Red Square. For you who enjoy watching some art performances, you can also spend some time at the Ballet At The Bolshoi. In the evening, to spend the rest of the day peacefully while seeing the beautiful sight of Moscow, you can walk around Gorky Park.

Moscow is not the only holiday destination worth to visit in Russia. Some other cities can offer you many great experiences. One of them is Adler. Adler is one of the four city districts in Sochi, Russia. This city indeed has a fascinating view thanks to its being located along the Black Sea coast.

This city, with 76.534 people populated in it, was founded in 1837. At first, this area was not inhabited by Russians. Initially,  it was the Sadz Abkhazian village. Later, the Genoese merchants came and that was when a factory (which is now known as Layso) was constructed. During that time, the upland area of Adler was under the authority of the Sadz princess off Aredba. The name “Adler” was given by the Ottoman Turks who called now-Adler Artiar or Arti.

As one of the cities laying along the Black Sea coast, there must be plenty of interesting things to see and do in Adler. Especially when you travel there during the winter. So, what makes Adler very interesting to visit in winter? Let’s find out

Winter Holiday In Adler

It is true that just like other cities or countries, winter in Adler can be very cold and wet. It is also partly cloudy. But, that does not mean you cannot enjoy your time there. So, here is the reasons for what makes Adler very interesting to visit in winter.

  • Adler Market

What can you do to keep your body warm during winter? You can walk around the city and observe its characteristics. One of the places that are perfect to get this kind of experience is the Adler Market. Here, you will find a lot of local food, spices, and herbs. There are also vegetables and fruits. If you are looking for some snacks, you can also buy some nuts, bread, and cookies at the Adler Market. The prices are relatively cheap, even cheaper than the grocery stores. The merchants will indeed treat you nicely so that you can have a lovely time there.

  • Iceberg Skating Palace

What pops in your mind when you hear the word “winter”? Yes, ice skating. It must be very fun to watch people skating on ice, especially when professionals are the ones performing it. If you want to watch this, you should come to the Iceberg Skating Palace. Here, you can find many shows where you will be mesmerized by the performances of the Olympics athletes. Accompanied by the great light show, it is undoubtfully worth the money.

Besides the ice skating show, you will also find other events, such as concerts and musical shows. This tourist attraction is maintained very well so, during the shows, you will hear a high quality of sound. With the cleanliness of the area which is always maintained very well, comfortable seats, and a wide space of parking area, many tourists state that they will come back to this holiday destination again!

  • Sochi National Park Of The Adler Region

When you are on vacation, you must want to bring home some souvenirs as a reminder of the great memories you had. Souvenir shops are among many spots you can find in the Sochi National Park Of The Adler Region. As the Russians’ version of the Disney Land, this is the place you can spend with the whole family. The first thing you have to remember if you plan to come there is the time. it is best to visit in September. Yes, it is during the wintertime but it is nice and the park would not be too crowded. This means you do not have to spend much time standing in line, waiting for your turn to get into the rides.

The Sochi National Park Of The Adler Region provides you with options of two kinds of tickets, half-day or full-day. You can adjust your schedule with the type of ticket you buy. After buying the ticket, you can ride on as many attractions as you want. Since this is a family activity, you do not need to be worried because this park serves you with rides for wide variations of ages. If you are tired of getting on the ride and want to stroll around for a while, you can walk around the park while enjoying the beautiful light decoration and having some cotton candy.

Now, we know what makes Adler very interesting to visit in winter. Next winter, let’s go there!

Going by Train; Is It Possible to Explore Russia in This Winter Season? (Things to Prepare)

Fewer travelers, cold scenes, long conversations, and vodka shots; there are comfort and unity that makes going on Russia’s amazing train over winter extra-exceptional. For example, the journey you can take by the Trans-Siberian Railway, extending 9,288 kilometers from Moscow to Vladivostok, is at its best in wintertime.

The train ride is considerably more than an A – B trip. It is the opportunity to traverse the biggest nation on earth on a seven-day venture and also a chance to shift discernments about Russian people, who are by and large, and in opposition to mainstream thinking in the West, warm and amicable, not cold and distant. 

Watching a great many miles of snow-kissed woods fly past your window and landing in remote urban communities all over Russia, it is no big surprise that voyagers are dazzled by the service on Russian Railway. However, setting out on a train venture from Moscow to Vladivostok or Beijing requires big preparation. So, in order to help you out, we have rounded a convenient manual to assist you with things to prepare when exploring in Russia in this winter season by train. Let us check this out.

1. Pack Props 

Let us be honest: A standard train seat might be comfortable for a few, yet it will not suit travelers of each size and tallness. Got short legs? Consider bringing an inflatable stool so your feet are not dangling the entire travel. Experience the ill effects of lower back or tailbone issues? Pack an inflatable seat pad to ease the heat off your spine on long train rides, or a lumbar support cushion to counteract lower back torment after prolonged sitting. So, in case you are planning on attempting to rest in your seat, bring a comfortable microfiber cover and your travel pad of choice. 

2. Take a Backpack 

Some people might depend on luggage with wheels. Be that as it may, in case you will do loads of city strolling and jumping on and off of trains, you are in an ideal situation with a proper backpack. Pick a little travel backpack that has enough space for your essentials. The best travel backpacks have separable day packs. You can utilize these to store your resources at your seat. 

3. Bring Your Own Entertainment 

A tablet supplied with books, motion pictures, and music can be a lifeline on long train rides. However, you will require a plan for keeping it charged. A few trains have power ports at each seat; ensure you have the correct connector for your charger in case you are going in a foreign nation. On trains without electrical plugs, consider carrying a compact charger to keep your gadgets running longer. Consider bringing along some low-tech types of amusement, as well, similar to travel games or even a simple pack of cards. 

4. Basic Documents

The most significant things to pack are your basic documents. Ensure you bring your Rail Pass, identification and confirmation of any development seat reservations that you have made. A pen, for filling in your Global Pass, is additionally a good idea.

5. Wear Comfortable Clothes 

When choosing what to pack for train travel, comfortable garments ought to be at the highest priority on your rundown. This is not an ideal opportunity to pack your most impenetrable thin pants or your most noteworthy heels; rather, choose garments with a casual fit that are made with delicate, stretchy textures. Alternatives incorporate ultra-stretch chinos for men, high stockings for ladies, and shoes for those late-night trips to the washroom on an overnight train. It is always a smart move to wear layers on the off chance that the temperature on the train is excessively cold for your taste. 

6. Medication and Personal Care Items 

Make sure to bring any personal care items and medicine. You will have the option to get the most significant things in your city stops, yet for long train rides, it is imperative to be set up with fundamental things. Remember that you might not stop by a store or drug store for as long as ten hours, so pack fundamental things of contact lenses, painkillers, and some other over the counter medicine you may require. 

7. Bring Your Own Snacks 

Some upscale long-haul trains serve gourmet feasts on white tablecloths with genuine flatware, yet in the event that you will be taking a not really luxury train, your choices may be fundamentally less appealing (think about salty comfort foods and overrated snacks). That is the reason you should load up your own most-loved eats. 

Luckily, the aircraft’s’ 3-1-1 guidelines for fluids and gels do not make a difference on trains, so you can carry things like yogurt or veggies with hummus, put away in a little travel cooler. Scrumptious, solid alternatives that do not require refrigeration include nuts, granola bars, natural product, and trail mix. You can also prefill a reusable water container to set aside yourself cash on drinks.

8. Camera and Electronics

The train travels through Russia is probably the most breathtaking photograph openings available out there. In case you are hoping to snap photos of your travel, then always keep your camera close. Shooting photos from the train window can be precarious and an emotional vista can show up all of a sudden. 

So, that is the list of things to prepare when exploring in Russia in this winter season by train. The excellence of going through Russia by rail is that you are never far away from a store to get supplies. So despite the fact that it pays to be prepared, do not let yourself lose it with overpacking for all outcomes. After a couple of fast train connections, you will understand that all you truly need is a decent feeling of experience and your Rail Pass, and the rest will deal with itself.

7 Ways to Play with Snow in Moscow during Your Russian Trip

The snowfall in Moscow helps the vacationer in performing different exercises with the goal that they could feel content and superb. In the long stretch of winters, Moscow is nothing less than a fantasy as this city offers excellent spots to visit with the aim that individuals can appreciate the occasion properly. Indeed, even there are various stops and holy places where quantities of exercises are performed in the right way.

Searching for a touch of experience, you might want to consider making a trip to Moscow with your children in the winter. This year might up being the snowiest winter in the recent 20 years. It takes some arrangement, however, observing the onion-domed houses of prayer dolloped with snow is really an extraordinary thing to experience. Heading out to Moscow with kids, and doing as such in winter is testing yet fulfilling. What is more, going during this season will give you the bonus opportunity of attempting snow tubing and ice skating in the once-notorious Gorky Park.

Additionally, it is the bubbly season where every one of the individuals of Russia tags along and commends their joy. Snowfall in Moscow, Russia is cherished by the individuals who wish to perform ice skating. But do you know that there are 7 ways to play with snow in Moscow during your Russian Trip? Come check the article below for further answers.

1. Wallow in the Snow 

Why not start off with going to Kolomenskoe or Tzaritsino and giving yourself an opportunity to act like a child? It is so entertaining to fall on the delicate pad of shining snow or push your companion into the snowdrift all of sudden. Russians trust that winter will give them a fabulous time with their companions. Both shout and giggling are always welcomed.

2. Get Ready for Snow Fight

Customary winter fun in Russia is snow fights where snowballs are utilized as a weapon. Be deft and cautious about it. You ought to promptly shape hard snowball and hit it in the “foe”. However, make sure to keep away from the strike back. What is more, do not point at the face. Most likely you will have a fabulous time. Generally, the crews build snow posts before the fight and prepare the ordnance of snowballs. At last, you can make a snowman out of all the snow mess you have made around. 

3. Sled on the Snow

In reality, you do not actually need sleds. What you need is a slope. Also, the more extreme it is the better time you are ensured. You can discover sledding places in Gorky Park, Poklonnaya slope, and different parts of Moscow city. It will be a free and novel experience that you will recollect for an incredible remainder. This outdoor activity is firmly suggested for kids and their folks. 

4. Watch the Ice Show

Russia is known for figure skating so do not pass up on the chance to visit one of those stunning pixie ice performances with the support of worldwide popular figure skating stars who are exceptionally famous in the winter season. You will definitely be dazzled and entertained.

5. Try Ice-Skating 

The primary concern to do in winter when in Russia is to visit the outdoors skating arena. It will give you so much fun and vitality. You can discover heaps of skating arenas in capital’s parks like Sokolniki, Fili, Victory Park, Hermitage Garden, and obviously, Gorky Park, the biggest in Europe. This arena involves an area of 18,000 square meters. What is more, the main skating arena is arranged on the Red Square alongside Kremlin.

6. Do “Winter Only” Exercises 

As we referenced previously, Russia can offer numerous exercises that are just conceivable in winter. The rundown is not short at all and works out in a good way beyond mutts sledding and ice trekking on Baikal. During winter, you can, for instance, has an extraordinary journey on ice-breaker that can drift even through the frozen waters of Moscow River. You can likewise have a comfortable and warm day in Russian banya (sauna) to unwind after your strolls and outings. In Sochi, you can take a shot at skiing or skateboarding while at the same time remaining in the modern mountain winter resorts. You can skate on the Red Square close to the Kremlin wall or even stroll through the garden of ice figures.

7. Never Go Wrong with the Snow

While going to Russia in winter, you will see urban communities shrouded in chilly white layers of snowmaking, each view very uncommon and one of a kind. Streams and lakes are frozen with ice, streets and structures are confronting the fleecy snowflakes originating from the sky, and what is extremely significant, this mysterious show does not bring any burden or inconvenience while heading out all around or having different services done. In Russia, snow is normal and everybody is prepared for it even before the happening to the winter season.

Regardless of whether you have snow capes in your nation in winter, finding Russian wonders encompassed by snow is still mysterious. All sights and design marvels of Russia look dazzling under the snow, even if it is not quite the same as the late spring season. Under the heaps of snowflakes, each focal point or landmark appears as though it was frozen in time in the entirety of its greatness. Simply imagine the snow wrapping tenderly the towers of Moscow Kremlin or frozen statues on St. Petersburg’s building and you will get the possibility of Russian winter enchantment. 

Obviously, the unadulterated and natural air and dazzling bright views on the blanketed scenes are hypnotizing and totally free of charge. 

So, those are 7 ways to play with snow in Moscow during your Russian Trip. Making a trip to Moscow, Russia during the winter season can disentangle things you can never experience in summer. Do the exercises above and you will be able to change your simple winter trip into Russia’s life-changing adventure.

You Will Not Regret Trying Trans-Siberian Railway in Winter

Trains run throughout the entire year on the Trans-Siberian railroad; the Russians are not bothered by chilly; snow is normal and they are prepared for it even before the happening to the winter season. Other than in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, and Irkutsk, everybody glances marvelous in covers and ruddy cheeks.

Lodgings and trains are very much warmed and Russian food is intended to warm you up. What is more, there is no compelling reason to stall out inside. There are hound sledding, ice angling, and cross-country skiing to keep you engaged. For them, travel during this period is magical.

To Russians, the Trans-Siberian Railway, extending 5,772 miles from Moscow to Vladivostok (it takes over nine hours to fly), is only a passenger train. Businesspeople, understudies, and armies of officers use it, boarding and landing at remote stations to return home, visit family, and arrive at armed force bases. 

However, for some outsiders, it is the exemplification of romantic train ventures — the opportunity to traverse the biggest nation on Earth on an engrossing, discernment travel experience, one that shakes up assumptions about Russia and offers an understanding into the Russian mind. Like in Colin Thubron’s travel book, you are Among the Russians, particularly in winter when scarcely any sightseers use it. So, you will not regret trying Trans-Siberian Railway in winter.

Extravagant Outing

Going through five time zones from Moscow in Russia to Ulan Bator, the Mongolian capital, the Trans-Siberian Railway covers 6,305 kilometers via train. In winter, when the train is less loaded up with voyagers, that is a long, cold, and desolate distance. Yet, the individuals who pick the extravagance alternative can enhance their outing with lodging stays in urban areas, bus excursions, a vodka tasting, a steed drawn sleigh ride through winter timberland, sauna visits, and old-style music shows. 

At the point when the train stops in a station, the luxury carriages are unfastened, and afterward rehitched to another train for the outing’s next stage.

Trans-Siberian Railway in Winter

Climate is the principal subject of talk for the vast majority of remote visitors. On the overnight adventure to Irkutsk, the mercury drops to less than 31°C. On that day, nobody goes without a friend in the world longer than should be expected, not even to take comfortable journeys. That would be genuine Russia out there as you peer through the streaky train window.

An apparently unending stream of pine trees passes by the window, with incidental groups of houses breaking up the dreariness. Their branches twist under the heaviness of snow, covers the whole scene among Kivov and Yekaterinburg during a large portion of the year.

Favorite Route of Trans-Siberian Railway

Moscow is a kind of entertain bouche to the visit, particularly excellent at Christmas time and New Year’s, the point at which the roads shine. The beginning stage for the outing is the Yaroslavsky station. Regardless of whether in Moscow, Krasnoyarsk or Irkutsk, train stations are gems of Russian engineering, segment substantial melanges that fit somewhere close to the theater and royal residence.

In the ice-covered territory, the color white overpowers, and ice blossoms on the windows compensate for the absence of genuine blooms along the tracks. Lake Baikal, more like an inland ocean than a lake, is one of the most mysterious waterways on the planet, particularly in the winter. Icicles dangle from the extensions on the banks of Listvyanka. During a vessel visit, a severe breeze blows through the top deck into travelers’ appearances, while the bow keeps slicing through the water. 

A ski lift in the mountains near Listvyanka makes it conceivable to get a higher point of view. It is there that the sought after winter wonderland truly gets unmistakable, in a blanketed enchantment timberland and with stunning views over the lake below. 

The great Trans-Siberian course finishes in Ulan-Ude and is taken over by the Trans-Mongolian Railway. In Ulan Bator, the last station, smoke from coal and warming stoves hang over the city. Thoughts go to Genghis Khan. The Orthodox places of worship found crosswise over Russia have been supplanted by orders of llamas, Buddhist instructors, and youthful understudies. 

One final trip brings visitors into Gorkhi-Terelj National Park where they visit a traveling family that possesses several creatures, for the most part, Kashmir goats and sheep, and two huge yurts. They are allowed to attempt a fermented alcoholic milk drink, a warming bit of genuine Mongolia to end this long, chilly voyage.

Have a Picnic

Snow sparkles outside and is heaped so thick over dachas (summer houses) that the shaky rooftops look set to fall. A fleeting, sweet light washes in through the dirty windows before darkness rapidly falls. Brief days, long evenings. Inside the abandoned yet warm dining car, with its frilly shades and Formica tables, you can request potatoes and mushrooms with a dusting of dill and a ton of vegetable oil. You can also come arranged, setting up a table with thin vodka bottles, an oily chunk of salo (cured pork fat), and heavy dark bread. 

After that, when the train squeals to a stop at little railroad stations, you can jump out for lung-freezing gasps of outside air, fat snow falls on frosty stages, and tobacco smoke from twelve eagers for nicotine travelers fills the night air.

Trundle past log-choppers, ice-anglers, thick-tailed canines, taiga (snow timberland), and frozen marsh. A motorbike and sidecar clatter past, timber gingerbread houses puff smoke from stacks, and smooth white snow covers everything and everybody. It is excellent, dazzling; it is quintessentially ‘Russia’. 

Will it be cold? All things considered, truly, very! In any case, it is infrequently chilly that the correct garments cannot manage and the trains and inns are cozy and warm. The climate only very seldom holds up the train and generally in the period after New Year, the atmosphere is settled with clear skies. Winter travel will likewise get you closer to the Russians themselves as there are far fewer voyagers. You will not regret trying Trans-Siberian Railway in winter.