5 Russian Contemporary Foods You Must Try When In Russia

Russia is really a paradise of cuisine. This country has various cuisines that are different from other country. As we know, Russia is one of the countries that are famous for its dishes especially anything with dairy product in it. Russia is also famous for its contemporary foods that are worth to try. What is […]

6 Russian Healthy Meals You Can Try For Losing Weight

Russia always has its interesting side to talk about. There are so many interesting sides to explore from this country. Start from its tradition, its culture, its cuisine, the nature beauty and many more. Russia also known for a lot of Russian supermodels with a beautiful body shape which show that this country should have […]

Everything You Wanted To Know About Dairy Products Made In Russia

Russia is one of the popular country people want to know about. It has its own charm, also has so much sector we can learn about. Russia is also famous for its cuisine. Russia has a lot of special food with Russian touch, such as Pelmeni, Blini, Borscht, and dairy product also known as the […]