3 Best Tour Companies and Trip Planner To Russia

travelling to russiaDaily activities are always tiring. And every person who already has a busy life, will definitely spend his free time with a vacation to a place he likes at least once a year. Because vacation is the best medicine for those who are tired of the routine. And there is no difficulty in going somewhere with the help of technology. So that many people spend their free time to go out of town even abroad.

For those of you who want to travel abroad, we recommend you to go to Russia. Because Russia is a country that really helps you remove all your fatigue. There are so many destinations that you can visit. Starting from natural destinations to artificial destinations. And the city which is quite famous among tourists is Moscow and St. Petersburg because of the beauty of the city and also the uniqueness of its history. And for those of you who are interested in going to Russia, then you can use the services of a tour company and trip planner. By using their services you only need to prepare money and all your equipment. For hotels, tourist attractions, transportation, or your meal they manage it. So you don’t bother.

In this article, we will provide advice on best tour companies and trip planners for you. And you can choose which tour and trip planner tour you choose as your travel companion to Russia. Here are 3 best tour companies and trip planners to Russia.

1. Baikal Majestic

The first tour company and trip that we recommend for you is Baikal Majestic. This tour company is very experienced in helping foreign and local tourists explore Russia. They offer many cool destinations in Russia at different prices.

They have had 10 years of experience. You will also get the best service from them. because it was experienced, this tour company and trip planner was very popular with tourists.

There are several top destinations that they recommend to you, namely:

  • Olkhon Pearl of Baikal. You will be invited to enjoy the beauty of Baikal, the deepest and oldest lake in the world and has the most fresh water on earth. Enjoying the Baikal lake by boat definitely soothes your mind while enjoying the cool breeze. If you are interested, for this trip they offer 3 days 2 nights with prices starting at 18,000 rubles.
  • Arshan. The second choice of destination they offer is arshan, which is a rural area in Russia. This rural area is still very beautiful, and you will be very impressed with the culture of the locals. In this area, you can also enjoy the purity and beauty of Russian nature. For this destination, they offer for 2 days with prices starting at 6,000 rubles.
  • Listvyanka. Another interesting destination that they offer next is Listvyanka. Listvyanka is a rural area in Russia. Absolutely amazing countryside! You can walk around this village and enjoy the beauty of the white sand beach that is there. The house form of the residents in Listvyanka is very unique. Really a typical Russian home. If you want to visit the countryside with a million of these charms, they offer a trip for 1 day. About 7 to 8 hours at a price of 3,500 rubles. You are interested?
  • Walks With Huskies or Dog Sledding. This is the most interesting trip, especially for you dog lovers and has an adventurous spirit. They offer trips by walking with huskies or dog sledding. They are typical animals from Russia, and are usually very exciting if you do this trip in the winter. And for those of you who are afraid of huskies or dog sledding, you don’t need to worry. Because they will watch over you and make sure the huskies and dog sledding are tame. If you are interested they offer this trip starting from 1 hour with prices starting at 2,500 rubles.

If you are interested in the top destinations they offer, you can directly open their website at www.baikalmajestic.com. You can immediately book a destination that you like and call the contact on the website.

2. Express To Russia

The second tour company and trip planner that we recommend to you is express to Russia. This travel company is very complete compared to the previous one. They offer many attractive facilities.

They provide hotel facilities, flights, food, trains or transportation for you. In addition they also offer a passport and visa arrangement for those of you who don’t have it. And all the facilities they offer are proven safe. This is a travel company located in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

You can also see the destinations they offer on their website. and the destination has various prices and various time periods. Among them are, Moscow travel and also St. Petersburg for 5 days 4 nights at a price of 834 dollars per person. Then, the trip they offer next is a journey of a lifetime. Ie trip from Moscow – Yekaterinburg – Krasnoyarsk – Irkutsk – Ulan Bator – Beijing. For this trip you have to pay 2947 dollars per person. And will travel for 16 days and 15 nights.

We strongly recommend this tour company for those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of the city of Russia and do not want to bother arranging visas, finding hotels or transportation. For more information, you can visit their website at www.expresstorussia.com.

3. All Russia Travel

And the next tour company and trip to Russia is All Russia Travel. This tour company provides tours for small groups and private tours. They also provide transportation for you and provide several trip plans in Russia.

This comoany tour also works with ETOA, and won the World Travel Awards. So you don’t need to doubt, they always satisfy their customers and make them happy. The amazing facilities they offer are high-speed trains. Unlike other tour companies, which use luxury buses and spend 4 to 5 hours. In addition, you will also be accompanied by a tour guide that they have tested before, and will make you comfortable. And they will also facilitate you with good hotels in Russia. If you want to see their offer more complete, you can visit their website at www. Travelallrussia.com.

That’s the 3 best tour companies and trip planners to Russia, for those of you who want to spend your time in Russia. You can open their website one by one and choose which one interests you the most. The 3 tour companies and trip planners that we recommend are definitely safe and will not make you disappointed. You only need to choose which one suits your needs. Hopefully this article helps you find the best friend of your trip.

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