7 Tips To Do Cheap Shopping In Russia That Will Save Your Money

cheap shopping in russiaTraveling to Russia will give you a special experience. We know that the country directly adjacent to the north pole has many interesting tourist attractions in Russia. Because of its vast territory, Russia has beautiful and diverse natural attractions. In addition, Russia which is closely related to eastern Europe has ancient European buildings that you should not miss in Russia.

When you travel, buying souvenirs in Russia is a must. Then what items can be bought in Russia. One of the famous Russian souvenirs is the Matrosyka doll. Some interesting facts Matrosyka dolls make this doll have a special meaning for Russian people. Here are 7 Tips To Do Cheap Shopping In Russia That Will Save Your Money :

1. Plan a budget

Buy souvenirs including expenses from your trip. It’s a good idea to plan your budget before buying souvenirs. After that, separate the money to buy souvenirs from the cost of your trip. Not only that, it’s a good idea to separate costs between souvenirs for collections and souvenirs for friends. This can be done by separating the two budgets in your wallet.

2. Small research

When the process of compiling the itinerary, take the time to find out about souvenirs typical of the city or country that you are going to visit. Ranging from food, accessories, to local handicrafts. There is nothing wrong with finding out which places offer cheap and complete prices. So, in one place you can shop at once and don’t need to go around again – saving time and energy. One thing is certain, avoid buying souvenirs at the airport because the price has increased dramatically.

3. Shop on the market

One of the favorite destinations for tourists when visiting Russia is the market. Starting from the traditional market to the night market, it is usually a mandatory agenda for travelers who want to shop cheaply. Many markets in Russia are shopping centers. For example: Izmailovo Market, Old Arbat Street, Svalka, and so on. These markets are famous for items that are complete, unique and inexpensive.

4. Bid the price of the item to be purchased

Bargaining is mandatory when shopping on the Russian market. Basically, the principle of bidding on markets in Russia is also the same as Indonesia. Bid 1/2 price from the price given by the seller because the seller usually opens a high initial price. If you buy in large quantities you can bid a more sloping price. Technique pretends to go if the price offered is not suitable. If you’re lucky, you can get the price of the item according to what you want. Well, the 3 tips above are just examples of bargaining tips that we often do especially mothers. To be more successful, remove all the bidding moves that you know of.

5. Avoid paying with high-value currencies

This is a mistake that many people often make. Indeed, carrying high-value currencies such as the US dollar has its own advantages when traveling in Russia. This is because it is usually accepted as a transaction tool in many places. But, you should pay in local currency when shopping in Russia. The problem is, you can lose if you find out that the exchange rate you paid doesn’t match the price of the actual item. So that paying in the country’s local currency is better. After all, other high-value currencies such as the US dollar are better made investments, right?

6. Don’t rush to buy things

Usually when finding eye catching items often make a lot of people want to directly buy the item even though the price offered is practically standard even some are expensive. In fact, if you are patient and go around in other kiosks you might find the same item at a cheaper price. So, the point is don’t be in a hurry when buying something.

7. Be friendly to the seller

It may sound strange, not the seller who should be friendly to the buyer? Yes, really right but there’s nothing wrong with it as the buyer is also friendly to the seller. Because you can only get attractive discounts and bonuses if you are friendly and friendly to the seller. Well, language is often an obstacle in interacting. But that is not a reason to be friendly right? A simple example of being friendly can be done by smiling. So, make sure your body language shows that you are a friendly traveler.

Thats all 7 Tips To Do Cheap Shopping In Russia That Will Save Your Money. These tips will be very useful for those of you who are traveling with backpacker capital. Besides shopping smartly, don’t forget to smartly arrange cheap tourist destinations in Russia.

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