5 Things New Comers Must Do to Realize the Russian Heritage

Are you going to move in the near future? Are you moving to another city or maybe to another country?

As a newcomer in the future, you have to make preparations in advance before moving on. One of them is to learn about how life will be in the place where you will move later.

Including if you will become a newcomer to Russia. There are many things that must be learned and understood before you move to Russia. One of them is learning and knowing about Russian heritage. In order to add to your information about Russian heritage, let’s look at things new comers must do to realize the Russian heritage.

As a newcomer to a country or in a city, sometimes we have to adapt first. This is done so that our life in a new place will be much easier and we can immediately mingle with local residents. One way to do this is by studying the existing heritage in the country or in town.

The heritage that exists in a country or in a city is usually related to cultural heritage, historical heritage, tradition, and many others. If we know and learn about it before our move, it will certainly make it easier for us to mingle with local residents as soon as we move, right?

Similarly, if we become newcomers to Russia. In Russia there are many traditions of heritage, history, beliefs, cultural sites and other things that we can learn first before moving there. As newcomers, we also have to take part in realizing the heritage that exists in Russia.

For this reason, in this article I will discuss about 5 things new comers must do to realize the Russian heritage.

  • Trying to Learn the Traditions and Culture in Russia

Every country certainly has its own traditions and culture that are still applied in the daily lives of its citizens. Even every city in one country often has different traditions and cultures. Likewise, with Russia.

Russia is the largest country on earth. Because of that, of course Russia has a lot of traditions and culture. Russians still apply it even though today is the modern era. There are several regions in Russia that are still very thick in tradition and culture.

As newcomers, we should know and understand about the traditions and culture in Russia. Especially those around where you live later. By knowing and following the traditions and culture in Russia, you will easily mingle with local people even though you are a newcomer to the region. You also took part in the realization of Russian heritage there.

  • Trying to Learn the Russian Language and The Russian Alphabet Letters

Almost all the names of public places and directions in Russian written by the Russian alphabet called Cyrillic alphabet. As a newcomer, of course we will find it difficult if we want to get around Russia. The best way to do is to study the Russian language and the Cyrillic alphabet.

In the big cities in Russia only a few Russian people who can understand and speak English. By preparing ourselves to learn the Cyrillic alphabet and the Russian language, it is easier for you when being a newcomer there. People in Russia will really appreciate your efforts for learning their language and culture.

By understanding little by little about the Russian language and the Cyrillic alphabet, you will be able to easily adapt in Russia. You can also easily communicate and get around Russia. If you can understand Russian language and Cyrillic alphabet even a little, it can reduce your risk of being exposed to additional costs beyond the original costs when taking a taxi there.

  • Start and Try to Read Russian Literature

In Russia there are a lot of famous literature. For example, a book written by Tolstoy. Even the price of books in Russia is very cheap. Therefore, there are a lot of Russians are talking about well-known literature that exist in their country.

As a newcomer in Russia, if you talk with the Russians, often they will discuss about the famous literature there. At least, make sure you have read one or more books written by famous authors in Russia. It would be better if you read the best book that ever existed in Russia. That way, you will be able to amaze your Russian friends or maybe the neighbors who live around where you live.

  • Knowing About the Historical Heritage in Russia

In Russia there are a lot of historic sites or cultural sites. You will be satisfied traveling around cities in Russia and enjoying the natural scenery there. In Russia there are also some religions that are believed by local residents. As a newcomer, it is easier for yourself to learn more about Russia by culture and history in the country.

In Russia there are also some histories that affect the daily lives of its citizens. Starting from the customs to the clothes they wear. By preparing to learn these things, you will easily mingle with Russian citizens. Of course, you also take part in realizing and maintaining Russian heritage.

  • Knowing About the Arts in Russia

Apart from cultural sites and historical sites, in Russia there are also many unique handicrafts that you should know. As a newcomer, you might consider using unique handicrafts of Russia as the decoration of the place you live in Russia. You can also use the typical Russian handicrafts as souvenirs or gifts. That way you can still participate in realizing the inheritance that exists in Russia.

And maybe there are still some of things new comers must do to realize the Russian heritage that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out the 5 things new comers must do to realize the Russian heritage.

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