The Best Zhostovo Painting Techniques Over the Russia

If you talk about the art of painting that exists in the whole world there will certainly be a lot. The painting has the characteristics of each country. To create a painting, it often takes a special technique that makes the painting more beautiful and artistic. The technique of making this painting is sometimes divided into traditional techniques and modern techniques.

There are other options if you want to collect paintings that are different from general paintings. This unique painting is Zhostovo painting. You can get this craft in Russia.

To add information about Zhostovo painting and the technique of making the paintings, let’s look at the best Zhostovo painting technique over the Russia.

Have you ever heard of Zhostovo paintings before? There may be many of you who still feel unfamiliar with Zhostovo painting.

Zhostovo painting is actually handicrafts of local Russians. The name Zhostovo is taken from the name of the area in Russia. It is located in the suburbs of Moscow. This painting became known since the 19th century. This painting was made on metal tray media.

The motifs or images that are usually found in Zhostovo paintings are still related to nature, such as wild flowers, flowers, clay grass, scenery and others. Zhostovo craftsmen improvised a lot so this painting has a characteristic compared to similar handicrafts.

In making Zhostovo painting, craftsmen made the paintings not with pre-existing patterns. This painting makes its own style by adapting and developing similar existing crafts. This makes Zhostovo painting so identical. Zhostovo style of painting also seems free even though the art value in the painting still exists.

The process of making Zhostovo paintings still applies traditional methods. To make Zhostovo paintings there are several techniques that are done so that the painting looks very beautiful. At present, Zhostovo paintings are no longer used in daily life. This is more used as a decoration or collection object.

To add information to you about the best techniques used in making Zhostovo paintings in Russia, this article will discuss the best Zhostovo painting technique over the Russia.

  • The First Step Called Zamalevka

To make Zhostovo paintings, craftsmen need painting techniques that are layered on metal trays to be painted. This is so that Zhostovo paintings look more alive and beautiful. The first layer or the first step in the process of making Zhostovo paintings is called Zamalevka.

Zamalevka is a process of sketching the composition of the object to be painted. For example, flowers, leaves or others using white paint. All components or objects to be painted must complement each other according to the shape of the tray used.

  • The Second Step Called Tenezhka

The second step or the second layer in making Zhostovo paintings is called Tenezhka. This step is done after the sketch of the composition of the object drawn in the first step has dried. This is done so that the previous sketch is not damaged or mixed with the next step.

Tenezhka is a technique for darkening dark areas around flowers, leaves or other objects in sketches. To make the dark effect, Zhostovo craftsmen used transparent oil. By doing this step, the sketch that was made beforehand will appear clearer.

  • The Third Step Called Prokladka

The third layer or third step in making Zhostovo paintings is called Prokladka. This step is done to further emphasize the area of the object being painted and also further highlight the desired object. This will create special effects in objects painted by craftsmen in Zhostovo paintings.

Prokladka is a painting technique in which Zhostovo painting artisans will thicken certain areas of the previous sketch using thick paint. Thickening will reinforce the shape of objects such as flowers, leaves, weeds or others in Zhostovo paintings.

  • The Fourth Step Called Blikovka

The fourth layer or fourth step in making Zhostovo paintings is called Blikovka. This step is done to give a dazzling effect from the sketch that was made before. This will sketch the objects in Zhostovo paintings increasingly prominent.

Blikovka is a painting technique where craftsmen will add glare from previously made sketches with soft strokes and little touches there. Every craftsman has their own way to do this step. Zhostovo painting craftsmen can improvise when doing this technique. That is why Zhostovo painting is very unique.

  • The Fifth Step Called Chertezhka

The fifth layer or the fifth step of making Zhostovo paintings is called Chertezhka. This step is done to reinforce the details so that the objects in the sketch are clearer and more visible. This step will make a previously made sketch look more beautiful and more alive.

Chertezhka is a painting technique where the craftsmen of Zhostovo painting will emphasize the details in the sketches of Zhostovo paintings. For example, when a craftsman sketches flowers, the craftsmen will make details of the center of flowers, buds, leaves and more. Making a picture of a pistil or stamens is also made in this step.

  • The Final Step Called Privyazka

The last step in the process of making Zhostovo paintings is called Privyazka. In this step the details that are felt lacking in the previous step will be more complete. This is done so that Zhostovo painting can be finished well.

Privyazka is a painting technique in which Zhostovo painting craftsmen will provide additional details to fill in the blanks between the elements in the sketch made. Usually it will be given a binding component that integrates with the primary object. After Zhostovo painting is finished, the tray will be dried. If it is dry, then add the boundary details around the tray.

And maybe there are still some of the best Zhostovo painting technique over the Russia that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out about the best Zhostovo painting technique over the Russia.

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