5 Specific Arts Of Halal Russian Restaurant

5 specific arts of halal Russian restaurantRussia is one country that is very famous for its delicious food. What types of food can you find there. Starting from meat, vegetables, bread, cookies and soup. But Russia is not a country with one hundred percent Muslim population. Christianity is a religion with majority followers in Russia, and Islam is the second. This makes Muslim tourists worry about the food sold in Russia.

Being a Muslim must pay attention to what you eat. Because Islam limits people to eating certain types of food. Like pork or dog meat. This certainly makes Muslim tourists very careful about choosing food when visiting a country with a majority of Christians. But, you don’t need to worry. because lots of delicious Russian food made from halal ingredients and you deserve to eat. And halal restaurants are growing in Russia, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg. These restaurants are usually nuanced in Turkey or the Middle East region. They serve halal foods and are of course very tasty.

Halal restaurants in Russia will make you amazed. They not only care about the appearance and quality of the food they serve. They are also very concerned about the interior design of restaurants and eating utensils. Halal restaurants in Russia are very unique, and you will be very easy to recognize. They use art that makes the restaurant look very distinctive and beautiful. Not only is your stomach full and your tongue satisfied. But your eyes will also be amazed by the art they use in Russian halal restaurants. The following are 5 specific arts of halal russian restaurant.

1. The Room Is Dominated By Brown Color

Halal restaurants in Russia are scattered throughout the city and are very developed. And almost all Russian halal restaurants use brown as the color that dominates their restaurant space. Brown gives a warm and very soothing impression. Of course this is different from other restaurants. Most contemporary restaurants use bright light in their restaurant rooms. However, choosing brown as the dominant color is the right choice. If you feel stressed and tired, going to a halal restaurant in Russia is a very good choice. Not only will your stomach be full, but your mood will also improve. The atmosphere that is so calm and makes your eyes relax will make you forget all the fatigue.

Halal restaurants in Russia that use brown as the dominant colors are Cafe Bardak, Chaikhana Shurpa, Gandhara, Farsi, and Nofar. The restaurant uses brown paint or ornaments dominated by brown color. Bardak is a Turkish cafe and is the best Halal restaurant in Russia. bardak is located in Maroseyka St. House 6/8 Bldg. 1, Moscow 101000, Russia. Bardak is open from 12 p.m. to 23 p.m. a cafe that provides Turkish, Middle Eastern and Russian food. Bardak is a restaurant for you who are a vegan. The room of this Turkish cafe is dominated by brown. They used a wooden table and rattan wicker chairs with dark brown and light brown color, brown chandelier, and some brown middle-eastern fabrics affixed to the wall. When you enter this cafe, you will feel very comfortable.

2. Use Carved Plates And Carved Spoons

Carving art is one of the arts that is used by halal restaurants in Russia to add to the beauty of their restaurants. They use carved plates and carved spoons for certain foods. They also have regular white plates. However, carved plates dominate more. Carved plates and spoons will add to the beauty of the food. Not only carving, some restaurants also use painting for their plates, teapots and spoons. And this makes you feel like eating in the dining room of the Middle East kingdom. Very typical. Bardak, Chaihona Number 1, and Chaikhana Shurpa are halal restaurants that use Monday carving and painting.

3. The Painted Ceiling Is Very Beautiful

Not only plates and spoons, halal restaurants in Russia also painted the ceiling of their restaurant makes you feel like you are in the room of the kingdom of India or Turkey. This certainly adds to the distinctiveness of halal restaurants in Russia. They often add nuances of the Middle East or India. Not only on the ceiling, they also painted parts of the walls and some ornaments in the restaurant.

One of the Russian halal restaurants that use ceiling painting for restaurants is Farsi restaurant. Farsi is a Persian restaurant that serves halal food. Farsi is a luxury restaurant in Russia. Farsi is located at the Radisson Royal Hotel, 3 Floor, Moscow. If you stare at the ceiling of this restaurant you will be very amazed. The paintings on the ceiling are truly beautiful with a combination of gold, brown and blue. Making this restaurant look very luxurious and classic. They also use brown carpet on the floor. Middle Eastern nuances are very visible in Farsi.

4. Using Teapot

Modern restaurants usually use cocktails as a place to drink. But this is different from halal restaurants in Russia. They use teapot more often as a container for tea or coffee. The teapot they use gives a deeper Middle East feel. Looks like an aladdin magic lamp. And this is unique from Restorna halal in Russia. not very often use teapot as a place for tea or coffee. And customers feel this is the specialty of the restaurant.

5. Pillows On The Chair

Of course this is very different from ordinary restaurants. Halal restaurants in Russia put pillows on chairs. The pillow is used as a backrest. The pillow used is patterned painting typical of the Middle East. Almost all halal restaurants use this style. This style of restaurant is very classic. However, the combination of this style with the brownish color of the room really feels very comfortable.

Russian halal restaurants that use this style are nofar and farsi. Farsi is a Persian luxury restaurant. They provide matching red pillows with curtains in the room. Very classy! In addition, Nofar Restaurant also uses this style. Colorful patterned pillows are placed on wooden chairs. And Nofar is a restaurant that has many plants. Lots of flowers they put on the wall. This restaurant really makes anyone who comes to be calm and at ease.

A restaurant will not be interesting if it only serves delicious food. The art used by a restaurant will be extra value. And halal restaurants in Russia are very familiar with that. They really apply art in their restaurant space. Make all customers feel at home and always want to come again. For all Muslim tourists, you don’t need to worry about not finding halal food in Russia. Because halal restaurants are very rapidly developing in Russia. In fact, halal restaurants in Russia are also visited by many non-Muslims because it is very interesting. Not only delicious food, you will also get the best service and room that makes your eyes and heart happy. Those are 5 specific arts of halal Russian restaurant. Hopefully this article adds to your interest in Russia which is very beautiful.

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