Top 9 Russia Packing List Items For Weekend Trip

Russia is one of the countries with amazing tourist destinations. This country is famous for its beautiful historic buildings and Russia has unique architect. In addition, Russia is famous for its natural and snow tours that never disappear. If you want to see beautiful snow, Russia is the right choice. You can visit Russia during winter, so you can see the amazing snow scenery in Russia. Also, you can enjoy favorite foods during winter in Russia. The world knows Russia with orthodox religious tourism destinations. Because in this country one of the orthodox Christian centers. In January, they even have a festive celebration for Christmas and New Year. Before you go to Russia, what needs to be prepared when you plan to visit Russia on a weekend? Here are top 9 Russia packing list items for weekend trip.

1. Money and documents

You should not forget to bring money and important documents wherever you go. Such as travel completeness itinerary and passport. As you know, if you forget to bring a passport, you can’t even get on the plane. Passports can also be used for “tickets” to enter places such as clubs or bars. In addition, you also have to carry more cash because in December, not only the big stores that will give discounts but also the same small shop. Then don’t rely too much on credit cards because not all places accept credit card payments.

2. Travel bag for all equipment

Indeed, everyone who is on vacation will definitely bring a suitcase or bag to store clothes and other equipment. Make sure you choose the right bag for your vacation.  If your vacation involves more than one area, you better use a backpack. If you are going to bring a lot of large equipment like a camera, a duffel bag is the right choice. But, if you want a beautiful vacation that requires a lot of clothes and so on, you better use a wheeled suitcase. Whatever the bag, you should choose a bag with bright colors so that the bag is easy to recognize in baggage collection.

3. Camera to capture beautiful moments

Not only photographer who need camera. Everyone need this thing when on vacation. Especially if you visit beautiful places. In addition to the camera, you should carry a tripod. Tripods are very useful when you are traveling alone. You don’t need to bother other people to take pictures of you.

4. Toiletries

Sanitation tools such as anti-germ soap, toothbrushes, facial wash soaps, hand gels, or combs must definitely be your priority when you are packing. Why? Because tourists who are on vacation often get diarrhea because they do not match local hygiene. The disadvantage is that if you get a disease while on vacation, you are forced to spend more money to buy medicine. It is still better than if you have to be hospitalized in a foreign place because you don’t clean up. Instead of wasting time and money on medicine, you better avoid using sanitary equipment.

5. Sunglasses, to keep cool in the hot weather

Now, this is the equipment you need to carry anywhere without distinguishing the weather. Indeed, sunglasses can protect you from the glare of the sun. But do you know that even the snow reflects 80% of the ultraviolet light that can damage your eyes? Not only that, you can use sunglasses to protect you from dust when you are driving. You can also prevent headaches and migraines with sunglasses if the weather is hot. So, bring sunglasses everywhere you go.

6. Headset

This is one of the equipment must carry when you are on a plane, especially if you are on a long flight. Instead of getting bored for hours, it’s better to fill your time by listening to songs on the plane. In addition, headset helps you when you have to call. You don’t need to hold your mobile when talking in telpo. So that you can continue your trip comfortably.

7. Comfortable sandals or shoes

Wherever the vacation is, make sure you don’t forget to bring sandals or comfortable shoes. Especially if the place you visit involves a lot of sand, rocks, or protected forests. Having comfortable footwear is the most important part of traveling. Don’t because you want to look attractive you have to wear uncomfortable footwear. Wearing things that are uncomfortable will only disturb your mind when traveling. You will only think about how to quickly return to the hotel or buy slippers.

8. Travel charger, because plugs are not always universal

This is probably the first equipment you remember when you are packing. How is it not? If there is no travel charger, you will not be able to use your cellphone freely. Moreover, sometimes hotels have types of plugs that are not universal. Therefore, you must always carry this tool when you are on vacation, wherever it is. Although it is certain to remember to bring a travel charger, you usually forget to bring the travel charger with the USB plug. As a result, the travel charger that you have brought doesn’t work, and you have to buy a new charger that has a USB end.

9. Emergency medicine

Emergency equipment may be used to treat diseases due to lack of hygiene. But in fact, emergency equipment is aimed more at first aid. First aid must always be carried because you don’t know when an accident will occur. So you don’t need to panic because you are already have the medicine. 

Thats all top 9 Russia packing list items for weekend trip. Make sure your visa for Russia trip is done. Make a plan for your weekend trip in Russia. Russia is a vast country so it takes a long time if you want to visit several cities. For your weekend trip, it is advisable to visit Moscow or St. Petersburg only. You can spend time in one of those cities. Because these two cities are tourist destinations. There are many reasons why you should visit St. Petersburg. Moscow also offers many festivals in the summer. If you want to visit Russia as a whole, plan to take longer work leave. Because just a week won’t be enough for a vacation in Russia.

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