5 Popular Selfie Spots to Proof That You’ve Been in Russia

selfie in RussiaHave you been in Russia? or are you preparing to visit Russia on your next journey?

Russia, a world biggest country that always portrayed in media as the fabulous modern country which still maintain the historical heritage and also rich in cultural aspect. For the traveller enthusiast, it is the perfect place to explore, since the country has an array of travel experiences from Asian part of region to the European part. Not only the pleasure, but you would feel lots of surprise with the real beauty than what it’s written in media.

Moreover, as a prove that you have been visiting Russia, you shouldn’t have missed to capture photo at certain place you have visit. The photo should be taken in a landmark spots or the iconic place of the city, and it best to take selfie photo- , with this you can proudly share it to your social media account or save it later to show it to your family. Below are popular selfie spots to proof that you’ve been in Russia:

1. Moscow best city views

Getting highlight of Russian view as the proof that you have been in Russia is not that difficult, since they have one of the world’s famous tourist attraction in the city. The 1st tourist attraction, or you can say that that you have not been in Russia if you don’t visit Moscow. It offers numerous city views, and the unique special landmark which one can say that you are really been in Russian Moscow. As listed below:

  • Basil’s Cathedral – it’s probably the most emblematic structure Moscow ever has, with such a nice portrayed of building that hardly to find the other in entire world. This iconic historical place is a – must have item- on your selfie photo collection. Take a selfie in front of the building to proof that you have been in Russia. besides, this would show how trustworthy your journey is, as a word saying no pictures means hoaxs.
  • Moscow Metro station – at first time hearing, you might questioned what makes metro be the popular selfie spots? Don’t be tricked, because in real you will find its transportation system is not like ordinary metro, the Moscow metro station is an art. In this station, you will witness the breathtaking architectures and the design which is so aesthetically beautiful. Pose inside the Moscow Station for proofing that you have been visited Russia.

2. St. Petersburg city highlight

St Petersburg is the second tourist destination in Russia and a popular place to spend the nice city of European style. Some traveler comes to St. Petersburg to experience the cultural city which has been Russian capital before it was moved to the recent capital. While the others visit the city to proof that they have been in Russia’s two famous cities after Moscow. Below are the list of popular selfie spots :

  • Hermitage Museum and Savior on Blood Cathedral – these tourist attraction are the must visit spot in St. Petersburg, since this two famous landmark offers the culture and the stunning building for those who come. So, take a proof selfie in these spots are a must thing to do to make you feel like you are officially in Russia.
  • Collonades at St Isaac Cathedral – Saint Isaac’s Cathedral is one of the city’s most iconic buildings. The interiors are as grand as the exterior, and it is decorated with different types of marble, lapis lazuli and other rare stones. you can either see the interiors or climb up the 262-step stairs and get to the colonnade. There you will have the most amazing panoramic views over Saint Petersburg – one of the highlights of a visit to the city and a must spot to take selfie proof.

3. Golden Ring the traditional Russian village

This place might not be as famous as the second cities above, but it is a must have visit to capture your selfie proof of visiting Russia. Located about 225 km far away from the capital of Moscow, the panoramic view of ancient traditional combined with the well-preserved heritage would amaze your first visit here. The popular selfie spots in Golden Ring is in Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, the one solitary church with an onion shaped dome in the middle of green meadows which stretch all the way to the beautiful sky. There you can capture the beautiful nature as the background of your selfie. Try to show of the church because that is the one of the most recognized landmarks on the city and also popular for taking a proof selfie for the first time traveler.

4. Kizhi Pogost the Wooden architectural landmarks

This Russian wooden heritage is located on a small island in Lake Onega, about 700 kilometers from Moscow. The experience of visiting kind of a remote region in Russia, because Russia is the largest country in the World, so this must be on your list. This city offers the outdoor museum and wooden churches which also becomes a UNESCO heritage site. So don’t miss the chance to visit this place especially in summer season. Since there is a festival of peasant culture, you will witness locals wearing traditional costumes and their ring dances. It would turn out really great to include their culture and costumes, sounds convincing enough to proof that you have been in Russia.

5. Lake Baikal, Siberia

Visit Russia’s most popular site especially during winter: once in a year – approximately lasted for 7 or 8 months- where the Baikal Lake will be all covered with ice. Trust me, either in real life and in photos, that is amazing. Besides, in your first time visiting, you must be prepared for the freezing cold weather. Take a selfie spots with your ice covered place and you are officially been in Siberia, Russia.

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