7 Popular and Tasty russian Beverages for Children

morsWhen you ask for a recommendation on a Russian drink, almost everyone would recommend you Vodka. It’s totally understandable, there’s no other drinks associated with Russia better than vodka.

However, vodka is certainly not what you’re looking for if you search something for little ones. Vodka, or any alcoholic beverage of any kind, is certainly not for children.

Luckily Russia has more variety of drinks other than just Vodka. And many of them are non-alcoholic beverages. They are easy to find and delicious, children would love it. You can also make them by yourself at home. 7 popular and tasty Russian beverages for children are Mors, the baked milk Ryazhenka, kompot, and the most popular among all, Kvass.

1. Mors

Mors, the red beverage is made from berries and sugar boiled together. Russians use raspberries, cranberries, blueberries to make mors. Depending on the berries used, the resulting beverage can have the color of rosy red to deep wine. And you can also control the thickness too.

Russian serve mors in many ways. You can dilute it with water to make a juice, or add carbonated water to make a tasty soda. Served with ice, Mors will make a perfect drink during a hot summer. The sweet taste of Mors will surely make children fall in love. Mors will surely make a tasty russian beverages for children.

2. Kompot

Kompot is almost like Mors, only you can use more variety of fruits, not only limited to berries. Russians use apples, peaches, apricots, and many more to create Kompot. There’s no fixed recipe. The underlying method is similar, regardless of the fruits used. You boil them with water until you get a concentrated flavor of them. Unlike mors, you don’t add sugar when making Kompot.

People can get creative with their Kompot. There are hundreds of recipes when it comes to Kompot. It’s the specialty of Russian babuskhas. They are known to make delicious kompot, in delight to all the grandchildren. Kompot is one of 7 popular and tasty Russian beverages for children. To make it sweet, sugar or honey can be added later during serving.

3. Ryazhenka

In short, Ryazhenka is fermented baked milk. Like its name, milk was baked for hours until it thickens. Afterward, a culture is added for the fermentation process. The resulting drink is concentrated milk with caramel flavor. Its texture is like yogurt, but it tastes sweet instead of sour. Children love Ryazhenka for its creamy texture and sweet addicting flavor. Ryazhenka is considered as children drink in Russia, but really, it’s a delicious treat for all ages.

There’s many ways to serve Ryazhenka. Ryazhenka is usually served during snack time, along with bread or cookies. You can use Ryazhenka as a healthy fruit salad dressing too, or you can eat it plain in a bowl like a porridge. Russians these days buy their Ryazhenka at supermarkets for convenience. Note this when you visit Russia. You might also want to visit a supermarket to get one.

4. Kvas

Kvass is considered a Russian national drink alongside the popular vodka. It is also considered an ancient beer in Russia. Before Vodka, Kvass was the most popular Russian alcoholic beverage. It is made from rye bread and fermented with yeast. It’s also considered a healthy drink.

Slightly like beer, however, nowadays Kvass has a low alcoholic concentration, around 0,7 to 2,2 %. Russians consider Kvass a non-alcoholic beverage. For children, Kvass has a limitation. It is not recommended for kids under 3 years old. And when you drink kvass in Russia, you should not drive because you will get trouble with the police.

5. Russian ice cream

Universally loved by children, we believe that ice cream should make the list of 7 popular and tasty Russian beverages for children. Russian ice cream especially, they would make a delicious treat when you visit Russia with your family. Russian ice cream has a long history dated back to the USSR era. Only natural ingredients are allowed, hence how Russian ice creams acquire its unique milky taste.

Nowadays, Russian cream is still a popular dessert among Russians of all ages. To get an authentic Russian ice cream, tourists like to visit an ice cream shop at GUM department store at Moscow. Here, prepare for a long queue because this shop is very popular among tourists and locals alike.

6. Sbiten

Sbiten is a Russian traditional drink made from honey, herbs, and spices. It is especially popular during winter. In the old days, street stalls selling sbiten can be found in street corners with a bunch of customers queuing. Sbiten has been a Russian favorite wintertime drink since the 12th century. It has since replaced by tea and coffees, but Sbiten still has a special place in Russians’ heart.

To make a simple Sbiten, mix sugar, honey, ginger, and a cinnamon stick. Boil them in a saucepan with water. After, strain the mixture and let it cool before reheating again. There are many ways to make Sbiten, and you can get creative with ingredients. A cup of Sbiten is usually served hot.

7. Birch Juice

The sweet liquid is harvested from a birch tree, as indicated from the name. They taste slightly sweet. These days, you can buy Birch Juice at any supermarket in Russia. Since the sugar in Birch juice is natural, you don’t need to worry about its health effect to children.
Birch juice makes a refreshing drink during summer, especially when served cold.

So those are drinks in Russia that are suitable and tasty for children. Their non-alcoholic characteristic is perfect for dining with your family. During your travel to Russia, better research beforehand some authentic restaurants that serve traditional drinks. A thorough preparation will help you enjoy the most of Russia.

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