Here are 5 Non-Profit Organizations Based in Russia

SPENon-profit organization (NPO) is a non-money oriented organization focus on helping the society development or the corporate social responsibility. In operating their organizations, they managed to get some donations from the donors; this also means that they should really responsible to the donors by presenting the report.

Russia is consisting of wide range of regions where all of the people have different social background. While some of people are able to fulfill their economical state, there are still people who live in poverty. Thus, the billionaires or the philanthropist communities are aware and start making move by establishing non-profit organizations based in Russia. And the organizations purposes are dedicated for Russian people in particular and for worldwide society in general. Here are 5 non-profit organizations based in Russia:

1. Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

The society of petroleum engineers is a non-profit professional association based in Russia. It has more than 156.000 members in 154 countries in the world. The core activity of this organization is dealing with the exploration and the production of oil and gas. Besides, SPE has a mission to provide opportunities for young professionals to improve their technical and competencies. In detail, SPE is providing an important resource for enhance technical knowledge including publications, events, training courses and online training.

In the worldwide, Society of Petroleum Engineers is considered as the largest organizations which are founded since 1977. Since the establishment, the founder and the board commissioners of directors always tried their best to reach the organization goal, that is to support and increase the society program. They also claimed their organization as the largest individual-member organization which serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide in the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry. For more information, you can visit the main office : Russia and Caspian Office at Berezhkovskaya naberezhnaya, 6, 4th floor in Moscow, Russia or websites :

2. Russian International Olympic University. (RIOU)

Russian International Olympic University or known as RIOU is the autonomous non-profit organization founded in 2009, October 21st.It is the university that also become the world’s first university dedicated to sports business education, offering unique programmes infused with Olympic values and experiences. RIOU’s activities concentrate on training specialists in sports management for the Russian and international sports industry, and the Olympic and Paralympic Movements. The University’s educational programmes cover the main aspects of sports education: venue and infrastructure management, competitions, mass communications, diplomacy and administration, and career management.

The university was established under the Memorandum of Understanding between the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Sochi 2014 Organising Committee and the Russian Olympic Committee, and under a decree of the Russian Federation No 774. The founders of the University are the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation, the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) and Interros private investment company. For detail information about RIOU please visit : . The university is located in two famous cities in Russia:  Moscow (Novoslobodskaya Street) and and Sochi (Ordzhonikidze Street).

3. Charities Aid Foundation Russia (CAF)

Charities Aid Foundation is non-profit organization based in Russia which was established in 1974. It was actually built to help the society for a better life, it also help the community across the world. As in 1924, before being an independent charity, CAF has been take part in the work of the National Council for Voluntary Organizations in United of Kingdom as a part of their Charity Department. Then finally CAF could build their own organizations and it continue to grow as a worldwide foundation with a network of representative offices and branch organizations across the world.

As a consultant, CAF provides the core services to the Russian non-profit sector. In their programs, they has helped numerous companies and private foundations to increase the flow of domestic and international resources to fulfill their social investment management. They provide companies with practical approaches to corporate social responsibility by developing and implementing of corporate charity programs, providing consulting support to corporate social initiatives, consulting projects to develop local philanthropy, payroll giving programs for company employees, client donation programs, cause related marketing projects and involvement in successful CAF programs. For further information visit: Moscow, Myasnitskaya st., 24/7, bld.1, entrance 10, 4th floor, office 102 or contact : +7(495) 792—5929. Fax: +7(495) 792—5986.

4. Cultural Initiatives Foundation

Also known as The Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation, this non-profit organization belongs to the charitable foundation. It was named after the founder of Mikhail Prokhorov in 2004. The main focus of this program is about the culture awareness encouragement and the activity to enhance the creativeness of peoples and societies, as it is believed that enhancing culture can also affect people life.  For the first two years of its establishment, the Foundation operated in the Greater Norilsk area, but has since expanded its scope to include the whole of the Krasnoyarsk region.

The Foundation supports and helps develop varying types of cultural initiatives aimed at stimulating the local residents’ nascent creative resources, assists in furthering Norilsk’s cultural and social links, promoting the development of the environment and the self-image of Norilsk, and turning the city into a modern cultural center.  The office located in Moscow at 13 Tverskoy boulevards and the representative office at Krasnoyarsk. Contact for Moscwo Office at: Tel. +7 (495) 229-95-91 or visit:

5. Andrey Melnichenko Foundation

This is a charitable foundation founded by Russian businessman and industrialist Andrey Melnichenko. The Andrey Melnichenko Foundation is Russia’s first private foundation which supports eduvational infrastructure projects in the natural sciences. He has a mission to develop talent in all Russia’s regions.

The Foundation supports schoolchildren who live in Siberia, the regions in where EuroChem, SUEK and SGC operate. The program is designed to produce a talented child of Russian to be the world’s next generation of billioners like Mr. Melnichenko today. Address: office 202/7, building 5, 53 Ul. Dubininskaya, Moscow, 115054, Tel: +7 (495) 787-04-80 and E-mail:

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