7 Top must – watch modern Russian Movie

Russian arkEvery country has its own unique way to represents their culture and conditions to the people worldwide. Through implicit or explicit kind of exposing, they wants the people feel the essence of its culture, so that the message can be delivered well. Thus, Russian directors believe if they can produce good movie, try hard to potray their epic characters, visualize with good cinematography effects, then the outstanding result will be known internationally.

In the late years, the existence of Russian movie has enchanted the worldwide movie devotees with an epic film scene. Their film industry is able to present the positive energy with an innovative way, so that the people really feel the essence of the movie itself. There are lots of movie genres produced by both of art house films and independent documenters; start from family genre, gangster, romance, war, fantasy, thriller, drama, science fiction, etc. The world recognition is proven by acquiring awards for Best film category. It is clear enough to state that Russian movie is such a masterpiece, here are lists of top must watch modern Russian movie:          

1. Russian Ark (2002)

This belong to the top list of must watch modern Russian movie. The movie itself is directed by the famous and ambitious director named Alexander Sokurov. The genre is about Russian history, which includes the richness of its culture. Exclusively taken place in Winter Palace of St. Petersburg, the story explore the real beauty of castle inside.

There are some reasons why you should watch this movie; 1. The interesting story lines which told about the Russian’s performing arts, 2. The extravagant filming locations which make you feel like enjoying the Palace tour, 3. The succeeds of condensing three centuries of history into a 90 minutes and its all exciting and 4. Last is the cinematic effect of Russian Ark which would really amaze you.  One of historical kind of movie genre you should watch.

2. The Return (2003)

Bringing a psychological thriller genre to his artworks, Andrey Zvyagintsev has done his best in the movie entitled the Return. This masterpiece was released at 2003 in Russia, then it released internationally at 2004. The movie tells a story about two brothers who lived with their only mothers for a years, then a man who was actually their father return home after an exactly 12 years absence.

The beginning plot of the story is slow, it was the process of their adaptation with a stranger which actually their father (discipline, cold, awkward and quiet person), then it comes a time when father took them into fishing vacation to make them close to each other. But the problem arise soon they depart into an isolated island; they experience fear, dark, stressed out and much more psychological emotion. It was filmed in Lake Ladoga and Gulf of Finland. The score for this movie is 9 out of 10. You absolutely must watch this movie.

3. Night Watch (2004)

Another popular must watch modern movie is Night Watch. This brings the fantasy thriller supernatural as its genre, so it’s really suitable for thriller addicts. Directed by Timur Bekmambetov, the shoot is a set of abandoned warehouse, subways stations and city backstreets. The movie is adapted from the novel entitled Night watch by Sergei Lukyanenko. It tells about the vampires which challenged the human heroes and threatened them with horror experience. What make it worth to watch is the astonishing CGI visuals of dark and light side, and the real sensation of thriller which haunt your nice dreams.

4. The Island (2006)

The most successful Russian movie to end the 2006 is The Island. Directed by Pavel Lungin, the movie which take a set in the city of Krem, Karelia, has won the award in Venice Film Festival as the Best Russian film in 2006. The spectacular achievement deals with the epic portrayal of Russian Orthodox monastery that lives in the rural Northern Russia on the shores of the White Sea. The story mainly focuses on the character spiritual monk named Father Anatoly. He has the power of healing and telling the prophecy. The plot mainly tells the development of her spiritual journey, from one to another rural place, also the story of people around him who feels doubt and frightens by his power.

5. How I Ended This Summer (2010)

Being one of the most watched movies in 2010, this offer you with the thrilling adventure of a senior meteorologist named Sergei and a young intern named Pavel who is spending the summer in a desolate island in the Arctic Ocean. Belong to the psychological thriller, in which the director indirectly represents the Old and New Russia by its character. The contradiction between them is portrayed very well. As your knowledge, the movie was filmed on the northernmost tip of Chukotka in extreme northeastern Siberia. What makes so thrilling is the extreme temperature on desolate island when two metrologies should battle and defends their ego. This masterpiece is one of the Alexei popogrebsky’s works. It is really an art.

6. Short Stories (2012)

Another popular movie, short story gains many recognition in Russia and internationally. The director of this movie is Mikhail Segal, which brings a comedy genre about a modern Russia, the picture of people living in Russia, their feelings, ambitions and ideas. The plot of the story is unpredictable and contains humor which can made your day better.

7. Legend No. 17 (2013)

Different from the list movie above, legend No. 17 is a sports drama genre. This is produced by director Nikolay Lebedev. He is able to bring such a genre which is rarely be seen in any Russian movie, the positive point which makes the viewer curious. The story tells about Soviet hockey Valeri Kharlamov’s career, the fame he get along the match and also ended with a severe injured that he got after a car accident. A simple everyday life of an athlete and the crisis he should overcome, a nice choice for accompany your day.  

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