8 Most Popular Job in Russia with High Salary

jobs in russiaWork, work, work. Nowadays, adults life is basically all about work. Well, not just adult, though. In few places where the economic state isn’t in a good conditions, children also do the work. Work itself  means activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. There are a lot of jobs that people can do based on their skills and interests.

From people who work to make sure others feel good–those in the hospitality industry, to those who work to produce something such as soap, shampoo, and so much more. However, among all of those jobs, there are something called as the  most popular job in Russia, or to put it simple, job that people fight for the most.

Russia’s Most Popular Job

Talking about popular job, how popular for a job to be categorized as popular, actually? Does it mean that job will make you known by everyone? Well, that might be the case at some times. Usually, getting popular jobs will give you high salary and take your pride up high in the same time. Those are the jobs that are in the most wanted list, which can be different from one country to another. Sometimes, those are also the job that many people do, despite how many salary can be received. Well, if you’re curious, these list might also be the job opportunities for foreigners in Russia that you can apply. What are those jobs, then?

1. Risk Manager

This job is, in fact, rated in the 7th place for the high paying job in Russia. If you’re still unfamiliar with this job, it’s actually a job where people take care of any risks. They’re identifying any risks, including both the assets and the threats. This evaluation will be used by organizations to avoid such risk to happen. The further treatment will be managing the risk and finally, reducing the risks. It’s quite an important job that make sure the life of the organizations.

2. Dentist

Well, perhaps all of the yummy Russian sweets during holiday and most famous chocolate in Russia are those that cause the high demand for this job. However, there are a lot of Russian woman who studies in medical fields.  Being a dentist is one of the job that they’re aiming for. Dentist are those who take care of people’s teeth, checking if there is any problems that need special care. For most children, they might be scary, but they’re actually so helpful.

3. Ship captain

If you ever dream of working not in an office, yet, on top of the water, then this might be the right job for you. The job of a ship captain is to navigate the vessels and to make sure of the vessels’ safety. The levels of oxygen, air pressure, hydraulic fluid, are all the part of their responsibility. A ship captain should also be able to read the weather so that they can also make sure everything is right.

4. IT staff

Lately, technology keep improving, developing new and whole modern technology that people can’t even imagine way before. By this, every industry would need someone who knows about IT a lot. It’s nearly impossible for a company to manage their job smoothly without the power of the IT, right? This is why, a job as an IT staff is quite popular and the demands are also high. Well, you can say it’s one of the most popular job in Russia. If you like anything that are related to computer and technology, then this is the right job that you might be looking for all these time.

5. Accountant

Every single company, industry, proprietorship, café , restaurant, all need accounting. They need to know the financial state of their business, and this is why accountant are always needed. However, the thing is, there are a lot of people who study accounting in the university. This means, the competition to get this job is quite hard and strict.

6. Doctors

In this era, technology almost beat humanity. A lot of occupations are no longer needed, because of the machine that can replace them. However, there are few jobs that can never be replaced by machine. Can robots replace the role of doctors? Well, that’s quite impossible at least for now. This is why the demand for this job is quite high. If you’re a big fan of science and medical things, you don’t have to worry, though. Doctor is not the only occupations you can do. There are a lots of popular jobs in Russia for science graduate.

7. Electrical engineering

In Russia, a job as an electrical engineering is quite popular. What is electrical engineer? They’re those person who are in charge of designing the electrical equipment. They also develop and supervise those equipment that they design. This is quite important for most company. Another point is, that they can not be replaced by any robots of machine in the world up till now. Want to get this job? You should be someone who think critically and always find for efficiency and safety.

8. Programmer

Nowadays, everything involve applications. There are tons of applications that are used for various uses. Beside, a lot of website that help company, shop, etc. are getting bigger. This means, programmers are needed. They’re needed to develop new ideas, innovative inventions that can be helpful for the humanity. Game programmers can also be one of the example on point of this popular job. Of course you need to be creative, innovative, can think out of the box, and of course, know about programming matters.

Well, to be honest, what important in having job is how your heart feel towards that job. It’s not about how popular the job is. It’s also not about getting the highest paying jobs in Russia in 2018. Even if you get one of the most popular job in Russia, well, of  course that would be great. But, it’s still can not be compared by getting a job that you love. Doing what you love will make you feel grateful about your job. This means, you can do your best and give all you have sincerely.

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