10 Most Favorite Wooden Toys From Russia That You Would Love

russian fluteWho says toys are only for children. Adults can have a toy too, especially an exotic Russian toy. If you’re visiting Russia and looking for souvenirs, Russian wooden toys can be a perfect choice. There are many you can choose, and you’ll also help the environment since wooden toys, unlike plastic ones, are recyclable.

Wooden toys in Russia have been a folk art since centuries ago. It starts with Russians looking for an activity to do while going through the cold winter. For years, Russian wooden toys develop distinct design, characteristic, and mechanics. One of the uniqueness of Russian wooden toys is they can move given a motion. They remain intriguing toys even in the era when you can find countless games on your phone.

1. Matryoshka

The nesting dolls Matryoshka is known all over the world as a Russian souvenir. You might have planned to buy this doll on your visit to Russia. Matryoshka is more than a souvenir, It’s an artistic work and for this, you have to know how to find the most authentic matryoshka. Because there is too many low-quality Matryoshka being sold everywhere. The intrinsic painting of Matryoshka makes it an exotic decoration for your home. As indicated in the name, the nesting dolls consist of one big doll and several smaller dolls inside.

2. Russian Flute

Unleash your musical side with a Russian wooden flute. Russian wooden flute will be a souvenir you buy that actually useful and can serve more than a decoration. Like Matryoshka, Russian flute is painted with decorative patterns that will bring back memories of your travel to Russia.

3. Contemporary wooden toys

Over the years, wooden toys in Russia has evolved more than their original design. Although many still take Russian theme as the basic idea, modern Russian toys are presented in a more modern and contemporary design. They come with a minimalistic design. For example, simple wooden building blocks with minimalistic cuts and pastel colors. When your children are not playing it, it can sit on your shelves nicely as a decoration.

4. Semenovo dolls

Before Matryoshka dolls, there were Semenovo dolls. Semenovo is part of the history of Matryoshka. believed as the earliest version of Matryoshka, Semenovo dolls come from the village of Semenovo. The locals there have been making dolls for a century. The difference between Matryoshka and Semenovo lies in their size. Semenovo dolls are smaller. Only three inches in height, Semenovo dolls won’t take much space in your luggage. You can buy a lot and give it to your loved ones when home.

5. Wooden figurine dolls

You would also love wooden figurine dolls from Russia. They make cute little companion as well as an exotic decoration for your home. The popular figure includes Father Frost, the Santa of Russia, and his sidekick as well as his granddaughter, the snow princess. Other figure includes village girls wearing traditional clothes, princesses from Russian folktales, and also animals.

6. Pecking hens wooden toys

Young and old, people of all ages love Russian pecking hens wooden toys because watching these little wooden chickens pecking never gets old. Pecking Hens is one of the Russian wooden toys that can move with the help of strings and circular movement. The chickens are also decorated with Russian folk pattern.

7. Bear wooden toys

Bear is the favorite animal for Russians. So no wonder when there are plenty of bear toys there. Wooden toys included. In fact, it’s probably the most popular type of wooden toys in Russia. There are wooden toys where the bear is chopping woods, hammering an anvil, playing musical instruments, and typing in front of a computer.

8. Blacksmith wooden toys

Back in the day, wooden Blacksmith is a popular toy for Russian children. The blacksmith is depicted working, hammering swords or knives on an anvil. Sometimes they get help from a bear. It’s one of the traditional toys in Russia. If you’re a fan of antiquities, you should get these toys which are getting rare nowadays.

9. Wooden miniatures

Miniatures toys is a favorite all around the world. For the Russians version, find miniatures resembling what you like from the country. It can be a miniature of St. Basil Cathedral, for example. Or it can be a small Russian grocery shop, complete with the shopkeeper and the aisle of fruits and vegetables.

10. Wooden magnets

For wooden toys that can hang nicely on your fridge door, consider wooden magnets. Easy to find across the country, they are usually cheap too. Buy one in each city, and stick them proudly to your fridge. A reminder of a nice trip in each city, the wooden magnets could inspire you to come back again one day.

You can find all these toys either at a toy store or a souvenir store. If you prefer budget shopping, check out some street markets in St. Petersburg to begin your shopping experience while in Russia. Shopping malls in Russia are the pricier option, however, you can find better quality toys there. Dedicated toy store can also be another option for your toy-shopping.

Toys are not only souvenirs you can get in Russia. If you’re want to get creative and crave something unusual aside from the typical Matryoshka, not to worry. There are no short of options when it comes to souvenir. If you like a memento you can eat, consider Russian chocolate or caviar. If you like fashion, Orenburg shawl or fur boots are what you need to buy. Like cosmetics? Find organic cosmetic brands which lately gain popularity in Russia.

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