7 Most Favorite Type of Transportation Used in Russia

Around the world there are many types of transportation that are often used and become a favorite of the citizens. Selection of the type of transportation always adjusts to the needs of its users. You certainly have the type of favorite transportation from your country of origin, right?

Do you have any plans to visit or vacation in Russia? If so, you definitely need to think about what transportation you should use while you are in Russia, right?

Among the many types of transportation in Russia, let’s look at the most favorite type of transportation used in Russia.

In Russia there are many types of transportation that can be chosen by both local residents and tourists. The choice of type of transportation can adjust to the needs of its users. For example, someone who wants to travel from one city to another, or for tourists who just want to get around Russia. Everyone often has their own choice of transportation.

Maybe many of you do not know about the types of transportation in Russia. Is it the same with most of the existing transportation in other countries or not? If not, what are the differences? Many are still wondering about this.

In addition to information for those of you who do not know about the type of transportation that is a favorite in Russia, in this article we will discuss the 7 most favorite types of transportation used in Russia.

  • Bus – Trolley Bus

Using bus transportation is usually a choice for many people to travel on vacation or other things. Buses are commonly used transportation. By using a bus, you can travel or get around to isolated and suburban areas in Russia. There are many bus routes in Russia that reach several corners of the city there. Buses in Russia have screens that show the next stop, although there are also some that don’t turn on at night.

Whereas the trolleybus is transportation in Russia which is a combination of bus and tram. The shape is similar to a bus but is run using electricity from overhead wires. The trolleybus network owned by Moscow is the largest in the world.

  • Train

If you visit Russia, you can use the train as your preferred transportation. In Russia, the train is also one of the favorite transportations for local residents and tourists visiting there. You can take the train at the airport when you have just arrived in Russia.

There are also trains that have high speed in Russia. The train was carrying passengers to go to the city center. This train is convenient, fast and ticket purchases are available online. For those of you who will use the train from the airport, you can follow a special sign at the airport that will guide you to the counter. But you can get cheaper train tickets if you buy them online.

  • Tram

Another favorite transportation that can be your choice is the tram. Trams are also the safest way and transportation to use to travel around Moscow. Trams become public transportation used in Moscow and several other major cities in Russia. Although there are several tram lines that began to be replaced by electric buses, there are also new tram lines at some points. There is also a new tram line for express trams which will certainly be much faster when compared to ordinary trams.

  • Metro

Metro is one of the public transportation that is often used in Moscow. Metro in Moscow can be the transportation that you rely on to travel. Although this is one of the fastest ways, it is also transportation that is quite expensive to travel. Metro station in Moscow became a popular tourist attraction that you can visit.

The Metro Station in Russia has around 177 stations. There are around 9.5 million passengers who use the metro for their activities every day. Usually the metro will start operating at 5.25 in the morning until 01.00 every day. The operating hours will be extended during holidays and public celebrations.

  • Airplane

Russia is famous for its flights. The largest airlines in the world are also in Russia. Call it Aeroflot. The vast territory of Russia makes most people prefer to go on vacation and travel by plane. There are many types of airplane from many airlines in Russia that you can choose according to your needs and destination while you are in Russia.

Usually people who tend to choose the plane as their favorite transportation because the journey they will travel is faster. Of course, the airplane provides its own convenience for its users. Ticket prices for airplane also vary, ranging from the lowest price to the highest price. All depends on which airline you use and also your destination.

  • Car – Private or Rental

Traveling by car, both private cars and rental cars are often the transportation options chosen by people. Many people think this way is the easiest way if they want to enjoy the streets in Russia. If you rent a car, of course the price given varies. From the cheapest to the most expensive.

Due to the density of the roads at several points in Russia, many people have begun to reduce the use of private cars or rental cars. They prefer to use public transportation to avoid traffic jams and can relax to their destination.

  • Taxi – Fixed-route taxi

The use of taxis that have fixed routes is often used as alternative transportation for traveling or vacationing. In today’s world, there are many online applications for booking taxis with fixed routes. This transportation is considered better because there are not many public taxi drivers who can speak foreign languages. Taxis provided by the online booking application is considered more affordable and very easy to use.

There are also taxis that can be ordered by telephone. But the taxi telephone operators often do not speak English. If you choose to use a taxi while in Russia, you can invite your friends from Russia to accompany you so that you avoid random drivers who often add to the cost of travel.

And maybe there are still some of most favorite types of transportation used in Russia that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out the most favorite types of transportation used in Russia.

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