10 Most Favorite Lipstick Brands of Russian Women

When it comes to beautiful women, there is no doubt that Russia is famous with them. The nation has become the motherland to world-class supermodels and beauty icons that the women around the globe curious about the beauty secrets of. Like the saying goes, some were born with the beauty, some put the makeup on. Russian women love makeup, but that doesn’t mean they always put too much of them. Some are even known for their “no makeup” natural makeup look.

Among the makeup items that Russian women love, lipstick has always been on another level. Most of them love bold colors although now the trend has changed a bit where French and Korean subtle makeup looks have taken quite a place in the nation. Did you know that July 29th is the International Lipstick Day? On that day women would wear red lipsticks as a symbol that is more than just beauty but also their rights to speak up and be heard. Winston Churchill even thought that lipstick brough a positive trend to the morale. If you love having your lips made, you would want to check out these 10 most favorite lipstick brands of Russian women.

1. MAC

This brand has been grabbing the top ranks in Russia since 2014. The beauty line even launched Russian Red shade that has become a worldwide darling. The color is bright, brave and will definitely give a statement for your face. Russian women love this brand because MAC lipsticks are moist, rich, pigmented, and offer a wide range of shades and consistency.

2. Maybelline

According to a market survey, the Hydra Extreme is the variation from Maybelline lipsticks that get quite a high demand in Russia. The most favorite shades are the nude and natural ones. From the name you can tell that the Hydra Extreme is very moist and hydrate the lips. Thinking of how cold and dry Russia’s weather is most of the time, no wonder the women there love this lipstick. Maybelline is originally from America and it has been in the beauty industry for a very long time.

3. Bourjois

Rouge Velvet from this brand is the one that most of the women in Russia love. The matt finish gives off a fresh look and the long-lasting formula make this lipstick from Bourjois Paris suitable for them with tight schedule; it doesn’t need to be touched-up every so often and won’t leave stains on cups or napkins.

4. Pupa

This brand from Milan, Italy has been one of Russian women’s favorites since the first time their products made their way to the nation. Pupa offers quite a wide range of selections from matt, liquid to metallic. Like Bourjois, the formula is also kiss-proof, moisturizing and long lasting. Two kinds that make good sales in the Russian market are the Pupa Volume and Pupa Classic. The first one helps to add to the lips’ volume rapidly after application while the latter one is nice and suitable for daily use.

5. L’Oreal

Irina Shayk, one of the Russian supermodels, is the spokesperson for this brand. So, it’s not a wonder that it is popular among the Russian women. Coming all the way from France, L’Oreal has been empowering women all over the world for a very long time. It always tries to make women feel more confident not just by helping them look better but also by boosting the confidence from the inside. Color Riche is the lipstick variant that has been noted as a top-seller in Russia.

6. Vivienne Sabo

Most of the beauty lip products that Russian women love to wear are the one that come in stick, the lipstick itself, but for this one brand the best seller comes in cream form called Matte Constance. It is comfortable, light, highly hydrating that gives off velvety, satin finish that will last throughout the day. This brand might only be popular in several countries in the world because of the limited regions they export the products to.

7. Bell

This cute brand comes from Poland, and just like Vivienne Sabo, the countries it reaches out to are not as many as other bigger brands. But, Russian women love Bell! They use the Classic Bell Lipstick with basic shades for daily activities and sometimes formal events.

8. Max Factor

A fun fact about the founder of this brand, Mr. Max Factor, is that he was born in Russia. He immigrated to America in 1914 to work in the movie industry. His expertise in doing makeup for the actors and actresses got popular quickly and the rest is history. Women in Russia enjoy wearing the lipstick formula from this brand because it’s well established and tested over time; rich colors, perfect coverage, moisturizing, and long lasting.

9. Chanel

Being the high-end brand, Chanel has always been a statement for the socialites. The same rule applies in Russia and its women. But, of course, it is more than just name selling but also the quality. The vibrant red shades are the best-selling ones from this brand in Russia.

10. Art Visage

This is a local Russian brand that has been around since 1998 and quite popular too. It knows what the women in the country need and therefore they made two kinds of lipsticks; Hydrating and Velvet Touch – Color and Care. Like what mentioned before, Russia is cold and dry most of the time so the women love lipsticks that can add moisture to their lips.

From the list of 10 most favorite lipstick brands of Russian women above, you must be familiar with one, two or more. Maybe you even have been using one of the brands for quite some time and can agree as to why women love it. You can go and check the lipstick shades out and maybe some will make you feel like trying them out for your next day out.

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